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  1. In the database using claassens database Kosovo have a Youth Rating of 0. Does this assign them a random Youth Rating for each save as player attributes would do? If so is there anyway of seeing what it is? Or editing it in a current save?
  2. I will be joining in spirit only this year. Struggled to get into 2013 so gave it a miss on a long term save. Why in spirit only you ask? I like to have more than just the one nation loaded as I like to follow the progress of the various leagues and my laptop doesn't suffer in performance. So I won't be posting my 'achievements' regularly due to rules of the challenge. But I will be following very closely. Just in the opening stages of my 3rd season in Croatia. This is the season I am hoping to gain some success and is also the first season I am not predicted to finish bottom.
  3. I have players on youth contracts who have provisionally agreed to sign a part time contract, at the age of 16. However they are still currently on their youth contracts. I have had several of these youth players "poached"/ offered contracts by other French teams. My thought's were (and I have checked non French teams and they cannot be 'approached to signed), that once the player had agreed to sign a contract they could not be offered contracts by other teams for compensation. I have checked French teams an non of them seem to have provisionally signed their youth's to contracts. I just wanted clarification of this rule, as because I have a good youth setup but a poor rep. Then most of my youths get taken for poor compensation.
  4. Well done on that awesome result Dexter_Morgan. Unfortunately this is the first year I will be reverting to a previous version of Football Manager. I just cannot get into this years game, I really don't feel like it has any improvements on last years game, I find the game looks worse and the match engine just does not look attractive especially with all the mistakes. So I will be playing this challenge on FM12. Hopefully it will be okay if I can update my progress in this thread as the FM12 thread won't be very active and I will be keeping up with everyone elses progress. On a plus note I didn't get into FM12 till the January patch so I will definately be back.
  5. End of Season Update 2013/14 This will be a short one. Couldn't really get a good team together to push for anything so there is nothing to note player wise. Really did not enjoy the season as I just couldn't get the team going. Really looking forward to getting rid of the deadwood and bringing some better players in and finding a tactic to work on. On a plus just managed to survive. Start of season update will come with more joy and cheer, one can hope. The board have decided to build a new 5000 seater stadium, why I just do not know, but hey at least they have faith.
  6. Thanks johnnyquest409 Just realised that due to the restructure in Croatia there is only one newly promoted team to chose from, and I forgot to save before the reset date. Also Gundo don't know if it has been confirmed yet but Croatia's reset date is the 20th of June. Okay so I have started with Croatian Second Division Team NK Crikvenica they are a semi Professional team with a 2000 Seater Stadium and basic facilities in every way. The average ticket price for a game at the Gradski Stadion is £3. They are based on the coast of Croatia just off the Ardiatic Sea, they were founded in 1919 and are worth just £100k. Here is my Profile
  7. Well it has been some time since I have embarked on Gundo's challenge. I have been really struggling for motivation for a career game on FM13. Lack of time due to a new house and work have cut my game time down. Have started in Croatia where I have just finished the holiday season, just need to pick the team I will start with and then I will be ready to go.
  8. I think the easiest way to do the drafting would be manually. By creating the competition in another league which is currently unused. Now it is just whether to use club or international teams. I was thinking it would be a good idea to allow you to create your club. What do you think after going through the MLS a season it seems a much less complicated way of doing it, and allows many more good players to draft. Thoughts?
  9. Ok i'll be working on it right away. Ive never been into the USA leagues, and doing it that way I wouldn't really want it to turn into a giant online MLS game i'd like to use the editor with its new capabilities to add a spin to it. But as long as the idea gets interest I would be definately run it. What I am going to do is have a look at the MLS rules and run a quick holiday game i the MLS and see how it works. Ill hope to have conclusive ideas by Sunday. Watching the NFL games tonight so won't have time but if I can forget about work for abit.
  10. I have an idea of a sign up using elements of NFL, and the draft system. Using the new editor I would create a new international cup consisting of at least 16 team international teams. (4 groups of 4). The top team of each group would go through to the knockout rounds etc... and compete to win the 'superbowl'. Now at the end of the season and reset date of the league (which will be the latest of the top leagues to allow regens to come through). There will be the draft, where rookies (regens) will enter the draft for you to choose. There would be two rounds of drafts so each team will get three draft picks. Using FMRTE I will find which regens to choose to go into the draft. Some will be immense and some will be poor, some will have good CA some will have low CA etc... And using FMRTE I will change their nation to the nation that drafted them. The draft will be ordered in the same way as NFL, the worst team being given first draft pick and the winner of the superbowl being given last pick. The only issue I see here is that the rookies may lack the initial CA to have any impact on your international teams initially. I would like suggestions as to how to combat this, I could either use lowly ranked nations throughout the tournament meaning that the players would probably fit in quite easily or give them a CA boost to around the level of your squad, however this would really defeat the object of having picked a poor player. At the end of the season we will vote for best rookie of the season, MVP and coach of the year. Also during the group stage of the tournament you would be allowed to trade players for draft picks other players or pretty much anything you wanted. Any ideas or interest welcome.
  11. How far in the red do you have to be to go into administration then? 30 million seem alot. Ive gone 1 millions pounds under on my save in Gundo's and I was worried.
  12. Dafuge I was just wondering are you 7 million in the red or 7 million in debts to be paid of monthly. Because if you are 7 million pounds in the red then you really needed that Javier sale to help out your finances becuase they must have been seriously low before the initial 10 million pounds came in. Also this must be the worst thing ever to say about a player for another club, but for your sake you really need him to score 27 more goals for them. Wouldn't it be great if after his 30th goal they go into administration and you managed to get Javier back a whole lot cheaper.
  13. Whittaker, Gaskin and Lewis look pretty good and importantly are young. I was in your situation in Gundo's challenge in Austria where every single player I scouted were just poor and nobody would come it is frustrating.
  14. Seems strange that you havn't managed to find any in the chamionship or at least league one. I usually find at least half a dozen but then again I don't know how low Hastings reputation is. For example a lot of people managed to get Eikrem who if i recall correctly is a Man Utd youngster. Correct me if I am wrong I don't have the game up atm.
  15. Greyed out Man when I start off I usually check the premiership, then championship then league one transfer history for players they release, your bound to find some quality players and youngsters who would cut it at probably league two level. At the very least blue square. Good luck.
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