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  1. mocko666

    Kosovo Youth Rating

    In the database using claassens database Kosovo have a Youth Rating of 0. Does this assign them a random Youth Rating for each save as player attributes would do? If so is there anyway of seeing what it is? Or editing it in a current save?
  2. I will be joining in spirit only this year. Struggled to get into 2013 so gave it a miss on a long term save. Why in spirit only you ask? I like to have more than just the one nation loaded as I like to follow the progress of the various leagues and my laptop doesn't suffer in performance. So I won't be posting my 'achievements' regularly due to rules of the challenge. But I will be following very closely. Just in the opening stages of my 3rd season in Croatia. This is the season I am hoping to gain some success and is also the first season I am not predicted to finish bottom.
  3. I have players on youth contracts who have provisionally agreed to sign a part time contract, at the age of 16. However they are still currently on their youth contracts. I have had several of these youth players "poached"/ offered contracts by other French teams. My thought's were (and I have checked non French teams and they cannot be 'approached to signed), that once the player had agreed to sign a contract they could not be offered contracts by other teams for compensation. I have checked French teams an non of them seem to have provisionally signed their youth's to contracts. I just wanted clarification of this rule, as because I have a good youth setup but a poor rep. Then most of my youths get taken for poor compensation.
  4. Well done on that awesome result Dexter_Morgan. Unfortunately this is the first year I will be reverting to a previous version of Football Manager. I just cannot get into this years game, I really don't feel like it has any improvements on last years game, I find the game looks worse and the match engine just does not look attractive especially with all the mistakes. So I will be playing this challenge on FM12. Hopefully it will be okay if I can update my progress in this thread as the FM12 thread won't be very active and I will be keeping up with everyone elses progress. On a plus note I didn't get into FM12 till the January patch so I will definately be back.
  5. End of Season Update 2013/14 This will be a short one. Couldn't really get a good team together to push for anything so there is nothing to note player wise. Really did not enjoy the season as I just couldn't get the team going. Really looking forward to getting rid of the deadwood and bringing some better players in and finding a tactic to work on. On a plus just managed to survive. Start of season update will come with more joy and cheer, one can hope. The board have decided to build a new 5000 seater stadium, why I just do not know, but hey at least they have faith.
  6. Thanks johnnyquest409 Just realised that due to the restructure in Croatia there is only one newly promoted team to chose from, and I forgot to save before the reset date. Also Gundo don't know if it has been confirmed yet but Croatia's reset date is the 20th of June. Okay so I have started with Croatian Second Division Team NK Crikvenica they are a semi Professional team with a 2000 Seater Stadium and basic facilities in every way. The average ticket price for a game at the Gradski Stadion is £3. They are based on the coast of Croatia just off the Ardiatic Sea, they were founded in 1919 and are worth just £100k. Here is my Profile
  7. Well it has been some time since I have embarked on Gundo's challenge. I have been really struggling for motivation for a career game on FM13. Lack of time due to a new house and work have cut my game time down. Have started in Croatia where I have just finished the holiday season, just need to pick the team I will start with and then I will be ready to go.
  8. I was just checking this. And yes both the players you mentioned Fletcher and Carrick are better than the players you compared them too Current and Potential Ability wise at least. Admittedly though I think Fletcher should be even better, but that is another example of the subjectivity of the attributes and Current and potential ability. Even though potential ability of some players i will never agree with.
  9. Quick point, I have no idea what the capacity officially is. But its not someone being anal at all, its about being accurate. P.S I think the researchers are generally pretty accurate considering attributes of players are extremely subjective and will always be up for debate.
  10. In every game I have started I generally do at least as well as expected. A rarely do bad and generally achieve success. Therefore this question is not because I am annoyed because I can never achieve success. However another occurence in every game I have started is amazing performances up until december. My players do not become soo tired that they forget what a football looks like nor do I have injuries affecting the team so much that I cannot put out a quality first team. I quite easily have a better first team and squad than the rest of the divison except from one team whom I am not playing during this, usual, bad spell. My question is exactly what can I do to stop this bad spell as it is completely ridiculous. I do not expect to go the whole season unbeaten. I previously went 10 games unbeaten before losing away to the team whom may have similar quality to me. Then went 10 games unbeaten again..... why? Simply because I am better than them, however as soon as I hit this certain point in the season I cannot beat the same teams I was dominating previously. I would expect to lose a game in this period but what I do not expect is that I cannot beat the teams I have been beating previously. How often do you see a team whom is the best in the league go 5 matches without beating teams they were previously beating. Im not talking about a team who were overachieving im talking about a team who is probably the best in the league. If you think this is 'supposed' to happen, although I disagree, then thats fair enough. But can you therefore give me some sort of an answer as to how the hell you compete against such a slump year in year out regardless of how good your team is? And I would not expect to have to change my formation to adapt to teams so much worse than me.
  11. I think the easiest way to do the drafting would be manually. By creating the competition in another league which is currently unused. Now it is just whether to use club or international teams. I was thinking it would be a good idea to allow you to create your club. What do you think after going through the MLS a season it seems a much less complicated way of doing it, and allows many more good players to draft. Thoughts?
  12. I have an idea of a sign up using elements of NFL, and the draft system. Using the new editor I would create a new international cup consisting of at least 16 team international teams. (4 groups of 4). The top team of each group would go through to the knockout rounds etc... and compete to win the 'superbowl'. Now at the end of the season and reset date of the league (which will be the latest of the top leagues to allow regens to come through). There will be the draft, where rookies (regens) will enter the draft for you to choose. There would be two rounds of drafts so each team will get three draft picks. Using FMRTE I will find which regens to choose to go into the draft. Some will be immense and some will be poor, some will have good CA some will have low CA etc... And using FMRTE I will change their nation to the nation that drafted them. The draft will be ordered in the same way as NFL, the worst team being given first draft pick and the winner of the superbowl being given last pick. The only issue I see here is that the rookies may lack the initial CA to have any impact on your international teams initially. I would like suggestions as to how to combat this, I could either use lowly ranked nations throughout the tournament meaning that the players would probably fit in quite easily or give them a CA boost to around the level of your squad, however this would really defeat the object of having picked a poor player. At the end of the season we will vote for best rookie of the season, MVP and coach of the year. Also during the group stage of the tournament you would be allowed to trade players for draft picks other players or pretty much anything you wanted. Any ideas or interest welcome.
  13. Progress is the name of the game CoachFlu well done on getting fourth. Unlucky on not getting playoffs. I hate the stages personally which is why I stay away from any leagues with weird rules such as that. Promotion next season? Good luck. In other news I am taking a very short break from the game due to university work beginning to pile up and in my spare time at the laptop I am exploring the depths of the editor. But I repeat it should be a short break of another day or so.
  14. mocko666

    International Cup

    Quick Question. I have just created an international cup in the way which was explained in a previous thread and everything worked fine and I was able to play it etc... However when picking their squads some of the teams (mainly larger nations) only select around 5 players filling the rest of the squad with grey players. What I am planning on doing is finding a nation making their leagues, placing them into this large international cup then eventually the international squad will be filled up with regens from the new leagues. Any ideas why they don't select their squads properly. Ive used someone else's in a similar format, and the squads are picked perfectly. Thanks in advance.
  15. Walcotts Wonderkids a quick question regarding the editing side of things. I hada go at creating the cup in my own database just to get to grips with the editor before I go on a further mission of editing. However when I did it some of the nations didn't call up players and played with grey players. For example Spain only called up four players. Did you find anything like this and if so how did you get around it. Or can you think of a reason why this has happened.