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  1. I think you may close this thread, guys! I was finally able to start my first FM20 career Deleting that folder Kyle mentioned and reinstalling from scratch solved the issue, which at this point I believe it was caused by setting up the game for the first time with too many add-ons and graphical issue at the same time, I dunno. Cheers!
  2. Ok, it seems like deleting the 'Sports Interactive' folder inside AppData\Local solved the issue However, I still cannot figure what cause that weird issue. If it was a .fmf addon that I had downloaded, why deleting it from the "editor data" folder didn't solve the issue? Does anyone have any idea? I'll be running some tests with a couple of addons that I want to use in my first FM20 career, please don't close this thread yet, cheers!
  3. Thanks Kyle, I'll try that tonight and post a couple of screens here. Stay tuned please
  4. Hey there FrazT, many thanks for your quick reply :) At first I had, yes, just as I do every year with no issues: I had installed a transfer update .fmf file and some graphics packs, among other things. After I found this issue though, I tried experimenting with deleting/deactivating some of the addons, to see if I could find the cause, with no luck. Finally, I uninstalled the game and erased EVERYTHING from my hard drive. Then I performed a clean install, but the exact same issue reappeared again, this time with a completely vanilla game. What else can I try? Would you like me to attach a couple of screenshots, or you guys already have a clear picture in mind of what's happending? Thanks again!
  5. Hello, I have purchased the games yesterday and I wasn't able to do even one day (game time) yet, as it's literally impossible to start a career. No matter what I do or how I start the game, whenever I start a new career most of the leagues that I load are greyed out and I cannot select the team I want to manage. For example, Serie A, EPL, Spanish Liga are unplayable, but for some reason Bundesliga and Serie B are, among others. This is super weird, never happened to me and I have been playing FM since when it was still called Championship Manager. What could be the problem? I have already tried reinstalling multiple times. Thanks in advance.
  6. YES! YES! YES! OH YESSS!!! I am so happy I wanna cry! The funny thing is that this year I'm not even doing that well in the League, despite having a world class team.
  7. Thank you @kr10 I appreciate the support and the willingness to help me I think this tactic it's best suited for fresh starts, when you can build the team around it. My players are navigated veterans, I cannot impose them a completely new style of play by now by removing/adding new PPMs etc. Maybe I'll consider giving it another try in my next career
  8. Ok, 10 official games in, and I must say I'm not happy at all. 11 actually, as I just drew 0-0 in a horrible CL group stage game against AS Monaco at home. As you can see, I already lost 3 games, including two shocking home defeats against a relegation team (Brescia) and title rivals of juventus. Last season I lost 4 games in total. In general, most goals don't even come from the tactic itself unfortunately, but rather from individual piece of skills by my world-class players, like set pieces. I struggle a lot to create chances, and my defense is super vulnerable against long and through balls. 90% of the games I always concede to my opponent at least 2-3 one on ones against my keeper, which is really bad. I have really good players so I don't honestly understand how you could possibly only concede one goal in an entire season. Richarlison, my wide playmaker, is playing ok-ish. But nothing compared to last 2 seasons, when he was one of my team's superstars with many goals and a ton of assists. Chiesa, on the other flank, is alright I guess but I would expect more from one of the best wingers in the game. Amine Gouri, my support forward, is one of the best performers with 7 goals, but his attacking partner Mauro Icardi has been horrible, barely touching the ball during games. I can see that this issue about the AF forward was already raised and I can only agree. I really wanna like this tactic, I really do: its creator seems really proud of it, and the opening post is great, but it's not really working like I had wished for me I'll keep using it until the winter break, as my Champions League run shouldn't be jeopardized even if I keep playing so bad and I don't really care about the league too much, then I'll decide whether to keep it or change to something else. UPDATE: After another home defeat I have decided to drop this tactic as it's simply not worth it to wait.
  9. I did what I had to do. But 5 CHIAMPIONS EFFING LEAGUES in a row, I'm not sure if this is clear. This is the first time I see the AI finding a combinations of exploits to beat the player + the other AIs consistently
  10. Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know what else to say Please be honest: has anything like this ever happened to you ever, in any FM/CM game? P.S. The game seems to be wanting to troll me even harder, as the decisive goal was scored on the 95th minutes but the ref only gave 4 minutes of stoppage time.
  11. Which one of the two strikers do you usually remove? And which role for the DM? Cheers
  12. Should I mirror the player instructions as well? Or you didn't add any (apart from the standard ones)?
  13. No, this is a bug and happens in my game as well. (Amusingly enough, the no.1 team it's also Liverpool)
  14. I have won 3 Serie A titles and two Italian cups in 5 years, reaching twice the Champions League Quarter finals and once the Semifinal (losing against Liverpool two times...). All of this with my salaries budget way lower than the average Premier League/La Liga top team's, and many club-grown players regularly playing in the first team. I don't think I'm doing too bad to be honest
  15. Really??? For what concerns my save, the only player that my scouts consider with 5 full stars of CA is Mbappe (currently at Man City).
  16. If they'll win this one AND the next three after it, then we may come back to this topic and say that I was all wrong!
  17. Talking about high-tier teams, as it's easier with smaller ones. I always manage good (but not great) teams, aiming to help them winning trophies and establish themselves as leaders of their respective leagues, but since the star rating was introduced, I don't remember ever having a player that my assistant manager rated with full 5 stars. For example, the closest I have in my current save are Lorenzo Pellegrini with 4.5 stars CA and PA, and Amine Gouiri with 4 stars CA and 4.5 PA. I'm interested to know about your experiences.
  18. Giving everyone problems meaning all the other teams in my game... For Christ's sake, this guy...
  19. This is getting ridiculous... I am used to English clubs being overrated and much stronger in FM compared to real life, being it an English game, but in this edition (based on my only career so far) the situation seems to have gotten way too far. Liverpool has beaten Chelsea in this last final, by the way... I am starting to think that this may be a bug, that Klopp's AI has sort of found a game-breaking exploit against other AIs (and myself, when we play against each other) that makes his team unbeatable. Unfortunately I am slowly losing interest in this career, giving the fact that I am winning Serie A comfortably each season and at the same time I know that Champions League will be impossible to win because of Liverpool
  20. I don't need your help, buddy. As I said I only played against them three times, they are giving everyone problems (to say the least) as they are winning both the PL and the Champions League every season. I didn't open this topic to complain or to ask SI to fix this, but just to ask the rest of the players if this is happening on their saves too. So please give me a favour and spare me your pontificating, thanks.
  21. If you cannot see the difference between 'being a good team' and winning three Champions Leagues in a row (something that only once happened IRL), then I really cannot help you, my friend.
  22. I'm using a tweaked version of this tactic with good results so far in season 2022/23 with A.S. Roma. I have changed the RCM to Mezzala-Att and added the team instruction 'Work ball into box', as I was getting too many long shots. The performance of the whole team definitely improved after this tweak. I have played 11 league games, winning all of them but 3, and in Champions League so far 4 played with 3 wins and 1 loss (with Arsenal away but it was an even game). Also, I should mention that I am not using the training indicated on the opening post, simply because I can't seem to be able to load downloaded training schedules into the game. Good job @afizzyuk
  23. They also have Joao Felix as AP, with Fabinho and Keita behind him :/
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