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    Just finished college , waiting for my results for Uni.

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  1. Im thinking about starting a new game on the 9.2 patch with Newcastle United , and was wondering if anyone would want to join me in a , challenge , type game. This would consist of keeping each other informed of each others progress and the winner of the challenge would be whoever has acheived the most in X amount of seasons (we could even do a points scoring system e.g. win FA cup = 50 points). If you are interested , will you PM and we can discuss things further. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the reply, are there any challenges (for FM08) that you recomend , that are not listed on these forums ?
  3. Does anybody fancy joining me in a challenge managing Northern Ireland ? I havnt came up with a points scoring system , rules or deadlines , as I was hoping some one would help. Help will be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Yeah ive seen that , but i mean one that starts in July 07 . Could be done in stages . e.g. 1) Avoid relegation 2) Promotion 3) Win cup 4) Get to Premierleague 5) Win Prem
  5. How about a simple challenge e.g. Keep Bournemouth AFC up in league 1 in the 07/08 season ?
  6. I would like a few short challenges (1-2 seasons) just to keep me occupied until Fm09 is released .
  7. yeh i agree , like i say . the challenge is very similair to dafuge small to big club challenge , but wih this one you will be able to change teams throughout , in order for you to have a bit of variation
  8. just an idea . start an unemployed career , repuatation of proffesional footballer , and try to work your way to premierleague glory. similair to dafuges challenge , but easier
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