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    Just finished college , waiting for my results for Uni.

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    Playing sport , playing FM

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    Newcastle United

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  1. When I go to filter out my reserves and under 18s from my first team page , I cannot see it avaialble .Therefore all of my players inc reserves and under 18s are shown on my first team page , which is pretty annoying. Is there anyway I can fix this , or has anyone else experienced this problem ?
  2. I will have a go at this , I will go with Blackpool as they have'nt got a manager in the game . Should be fun .
  3. smithers08

    Starting Unemployed

    Im jsut about to start Unemployed with auto rep (lowest) with all english and scottish leagues loaded wish me luck.
  4. smithers08

    When do you make your subs?

    Either around the 60 min mark or like you say , when the players condition drops below 70-75%
  5. Good to see the patch being released , problem is , I have had 2 full days off uni (yesterday and today) with no patch , and when it does come out , I am at uni tommorow from 9 till 4
  6. smithers08

    20 Major Clubs - Sign Up [Revisited]

    No Problem Shroom Enjoy !!!
  7. smithers08

    20 Major Clubs - Sign Up [Revisited]

    Yeh , Just let him have it
  8. smithers08

    20 Major Clubs - Sign Up [Revisited]

    Give my place awaay if you wish , Once the new patch comes out I will be mainly playing that , plus I dont go on the comp much these days
  9. smithers08

    20 Major clubs [Game Thread]

    Thanks Ljuba82 Hopefully my Fiorentina team will do well
  10. smithers08

    20 Major Clubs - Sign Up [Revisited]

    Confirmed that I am still the boro chairman please
  11. smithers08

    Short Term Contracts

    SI mentioned this and IIRC it cant be done due to all the players being released etc and overloading the DB
  12. I am going to be Weymouth in the new patch (if they are still on the game) will be a good challenge.
  13. Quite happy with my team (Fiorentina) If I were in charge , my starting 11 would be : GK: Petr Cech / Oswaldo Sanchez DR: Cicinho DL: Ashley Cole DC: Jamie Carragher DC: Jon Terry MR: Simao / Drik kuyt ML: Jonas Gutierrez / MC: Gokhan Inler / Angelo Palombo / Jean II Makoun MC: Andrey Arshavin FC: Fernando Torres FC: Pato / Karim Benzema