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  1. Have the league you are in and the results/scorers/ratings of your team showing as you holiday through very handy to have a watch when testing tactics without having to keep stopping the game to look.
  2. I never new that! bloody hell i have been doing each week individually. Cheers mate. Out of interest how many goals a season are you getting from corners?.
  3. In previous versions ive had 30 plus headed goals from my targetman on multiple seasons, so for me that is a beast in the air.
  4. I tried this as well as other peoples and my own made corner routines trained the f for set pieces had people with all the right stats and still I am scoring very few set pieces, I am to the point now its not worth the effort to go through the calendar sorting my training out for it. Same with lofted crosses for a targetman they just dont seem to be working as i used to be able to get them which is a shame as i love a beast in the air.
  5. Humility from a Sunderland fan???? never, how them games in hand working out for you ? ha ha ha ha.
  6. A boo boo has been made for Villarreal.
  7. Agreed, Gary Sweet and David Wilkinson have said enough in the press about the club not making the same mistakes we did in our last season in the championship So I would be shocked if we were paying 12.5k for a player the same for a lot of the wages we just wouldn't be paying 5k for so many players?. Also I could not see the board insist on us playing possession football or worrying about attacking football the only priority for the club ( aside from the judicial review we now face) is survival in the league. On the players stats that can always be subjective but it looks like a pretty accurate job has been done this season so well done on that.
  8. Got mine from shopto just now super quick into my steam account within minutes, thanks for the heads up about them.
  9. I have been keeping an eye out looks like Shop.to will be getting my money.
  10. Ive been checking to see if a thread has been started but not seen one yet, so where is the cheapest place to buy it this year??
  11. As above it would be nice to be able to come into a club and have a a clean slate with no players in or out.
  12. nope still with out everything. although i may have found a fix. i binned of my wireless mouse and have gone to a cabled one and so far zero issues again.
  13. I started a fresh game saturday morning with everything updated and i played it most the weekend with zero issues, good work lads and thank you for the help. keeping my fingers crossed it keeps on working.
  14. Yes I did that bit , I played 90mins of a fresh game last night with no issues. Will update the drivers and report back later.
  15. sorry mate was to tired i went straight to bed i will get on it saturday for sure as i am going to have my dinner and get my head back down. also there are new nvidia drivers out again should i install them as well
  16. Kool will have a little look when I get home, 2 hours to go thank god.
  17. I have had a couple of freezes with that save but it was the one after that it went crazy with them. An as I mentioned I had a good day on it with no issues yesterday. When did the last update come out?
  18. Yes no issues yesterday for a good days gaming, the save is in the cloud as “ COYH PLAYERS NOT FOLLOWING CORNER ROUTINES” I will try a new game and see what happens might not be till the weekend though because I am back at work 😂
  19. I am on the latest driver already, i never had this issue until i downloaded this driver. Dont no if this is relevant but i went back to an old game (created before update) and played it for a good 8 hours straight yeterday and the game never missed a beat,( game uploaded on cloud already)
  20. is that easy to do after my scorched earth policy yesterday?
  21. Still happening, yesterday i did a fresh install of windows and updated everything i could loaded up all fine got to the first match and it did it again. Thinking about it this only become a problem at the back end of last week and my graphic card drivers got updated last week putting 2+2 together here could that be an issue?
  22. My game keeps freezing , this has started since about the Friday just gone, when it freezes i have to restart my computer as nothing else will work. i have a graphic/badge pack loaded the freezes could happen anytime there is no pattern to them. I will remove the pack and see what happens. If you need any other info let me no and i will get it for you. DxDiag.txt DxDiag.txt 64.txt
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