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  1. On my main save I got the in game editor option off, well been playing for like 10 seasons and I am at a club X with financial troubles, now I kinda wish I didnt had this option off, is there a way I can turn it back on or not? never really used any of this cheating tools but I kinda dont want to see this poor Spanish tier 3 team go to shambles
  2. If you keep getting promoted on my experience the 20yr wait time doesn't apply. Seems to apply only when you are on the same tier or around the same level as your last "New Stadium".
  3. I made my own 4-4-2 was working but then stop working, load your Tactic and Im doing good again, I took over a team in December, I'm in feb now. I should avoid relegation with your tactic, also I like more counter with it, at least on my case.
  4. I wish the IGE would let me change the stadium names without saying I'm cheating on my file , I play with real stadium pictures and when they build/buy a new one, I hate to see the damn default picture, specially for big clubs
  5. In FM13 didn't work for the saved games, in FM14 it did work, so might be the same.
  6. Falcao was willing to take a pay cut to play for Real Madrid but RM never wanted him, so he went to Manchester United for more money than what he was being offer to Real Madrid by his Agent
  7. Good Question, I'm going to see if I can see how, if you do first, let us know
  8. Get on the good side of a top club in Spain to get some players loan to you, it work for me with Salamanca. Basically I was Atleti 2.0
  9. Two Ides When players negotiating contracts with club, Image rights should be included, like how Real Madrid gets 50% from the players Image money, and how Messi didn't sign a contract till they give him 100% of his image rights to him. Also have Chairmans that wants you to make profit at the end of the year, lets say, certain club expects you to succeed but also bring X amount of profit a year.
  10. In FM13 in one save I was managing FC Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and AC Milan. Paid for FC Bayern Munich €120m for a striker, from Croatia, was a beast. Lot's of goals in important matches €100m for a defender, played for me 4 seasons, didn't deliver. Sold him to Sunderland for €20m 4 seasons later. AC Milan €60m for AMC, was a beast, bought him at age 28, at 35 still one of the best in the world playing 40+games a season as starter. Real Madrid €170m for a English Defensive midfielder, age 21m truly a beast, tho his contract was around €28m+ a year. Killed my finances, almost took RM to bankruptcy haha Receive From AI was I believe €55m for a winger by Manchester City From selling a player from one of my clubs to another of my club was €100m. LET ME EXPLAIN NOW THAT.... in this save I didn't sign anyone under 21. I let my DoF sign all young players and try to use the best of my Youth Intakes as well. So going for the good players cost me some money. Now when selling from two clubs I was using I had a rule. Paid 1.5x of his shown "value" cash or paid the double and at least 50% cash. I decide to do this because in one of my saves i was just going around stealing young gem's from my scouts and end up with a bank balance of €500m+ plus two stadiums build paid in cash.
  11. I am far into a save with lot's of leagues, june 2036 I believe and the dutch players have invaded la Liga BBVA
  12. Great thread! I manage to create a tactic after reading this within 5 min's using the system 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 in game, pick a random team in a new save just for testing, and while the tactic is not 100% so far after 10 league games 4 victories 5 draws and 1 game lost, and the tactic is around 50% in familiarity. And this was picking weakest link in the league and not adding new players at all.
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