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  1. Haha, realized the same! Went to the first screenshot at the start of the game to see he's 100kg there, so obviously in his Roma days he's...improving Btw, anyone else get a Freddie Mercury-vibe from Palermo's HoYD? Or is it just me?
  2. If you're still in the beginning of your game, I've often found that 75% of what would you believe are "realistic signings" wouldn't actually be willing to join. Regardless if you have first season budgets turned on or not. It all changes in 4-5 months time, though.
  3. Basically what @HUNT3R said, but in addition, when making deals, I often don't shy from putting in instalments across the next seasons. People usually say "but it takes out of next season's budget", but what do you care, really? Those 8M to 20M in most cases can be covered by TV rights income or competition prize money, so I always look at it this way. It's much better to spend 40M on four 10M installments across the next 4 seasons, instead of splashing out 40M straight out. It's the same with outgoing deals, as I like having clubs pay me money across the next seasons - it gives you the opportunity to have a steady cash flow.
  4. Kevin Cannavo, the kid we sold to Roma, wasn't really going anywhere, so when this clause became available to buy, I didn't hesitate to go for it. Santoro has been a similiar case, rotting away in their reserves, so I gladly took some more money off their hands. Here's the tycoon introduction! And how the transfer window went overall - Inter, as always, sucked on the transfer market, losing Skriniar and Icardi and signing Ziech (42M) and Benzema (43M) instead. We made one last bit of business Federico Dimarco was available for the mere 1.2M and I quickly moved to rob Inter off him. With three options now at the left back, Magri moved to Empoli on loan for 400K - in just one season he'll cover the 300K we spent for his initial transfer! Guiseppe Caponi was the first deal during our tycoon days, as we got the newgen from Perugia for 400K. Marcelo Trotta was loaned out to Bologna for 700K and Mario Correnti went to gain experience at Ternana. One of my top priorities - Davide Calabria had an offer from Bayern for 21M, so we matched the bid and arranged his transfer for the end of the season, which will make him the highest payed (for now) Palermo player at 55K Euro per week. On course of the season I'll continue to make a few more deals for the next campaign to bolster the squad and take full advantage of our new spending power. Results-wise we've been steady and we're looking good in the league table also - on course for the Europa League places Vignato has been great spearheading the attack, with Rossi and Saponara equally impressing on the flanks. Chochev and Bessa have formed a great partnership in midfield, while Dimarco's stats are nothing short of spectacular - 6 games, 3 goals and 3 assists, including one very important screamer against Sparta Prague that sealed our qualification to the group stage. And we arranged one more name for next season, as Atalanta's Gianluca Mancini will join in a 9M Euro deal!
  5. Two points difference across 6th and 11th place...how's that for hot pursuit for the EU places? While the rich are getting poorer (are they really?), the small clubs like ourselves and Pescara enjoy quite a good boost. Juventus, Lazio and Roma are quite on the downhill. It was a season for awards and the future is not just bright, it's spectacular! Magri claimed U17 defender, A. Gallo U19 Best Defender, D'Amico U19 best midfielder and Da Graca U17 best forward! The race for the EU places came down to the last match - as it was the champion title for that matter! We went away in a tough match against Udinese, and even though our team was impacted by international callups (5-6 players were away with the Italy U20 team), the remaining players collected a spectacular 0:3 win, but only for us to realize... We have played and completed our season, but half of the Serie A has NOT! This is completely shambolic! In the end, Napoli managed to maintain their first position ahead of Juventus, becoming champions - Pep Guardiola really did well. It was a nervy week to wait for the final table, but we qualified for the EURO Cup! The budgets for next season and we were also voted best team in Serie A! Chochev was the first player with a contract deal at 20K, as he's been the most consistent performer for our team and Balogh followed with a new deal at the end of the campaign. As with many other clubs, the loaned out/sold players list was quite impressive... Puscas (Rostock, free), Corentin Fiore (Foggia, free), Radoslaw Murawski (Parma, free), Agustino Rizzo (Cosenza, 200K loan), Raimondo Lucera (Ascoli, 220K loan), Samuele Guddo (Padova, 200K loan), Francesco Bonfiglio (Salernitana, 110K loan), Erik Gerbi (Siena, loan), Andrea Favilli (Crotone, 200K loan), Josip Posavec (Bologna, 2.5M loan), Ciro Sicuro (Cremonese, 200K loan), Gabriel Buorganzoni (Citadella, 200K loan), Danilo Ambro (Spezia, 200K loan), Calogero Minacori (Potenza, loan), Antonio Fiordilino (Cagliari, 6M Euro), Ivan de Stefano (Empoli, 200K loan), Victor de Lucia (Padova, 205K), Andrea Rispoli (Chievo, 1.5M), Ilija Nesterovski (Osijek, 1.3M), Andrea Adorante (Alto Adige, loan), Ze Maria (Maritimo, 400K loan), Davide Ghislandi (Vicenza, loan), Mattia Zaccagni (Crotone, 600K loan), Haitam Aleesami (Hacken, 375K). Basically, we gave out a lot of youths on loan, most of them for our financial benefit too, and we managed to sell off players that weren't as good last season - Fiodrilino doesn't really have what it takes to get to the next level, so we sold him to Cagliari, while Rispoli doesn't make the grade for Serie A and was bang average last season, hence his move to relegated Chievo. Nesterovski and Aleesami also weren't of use to us anymore, as I further infest the team with Italian-born players. Transfers In: Alessandro Rossi (Lazio, free) - the talented forward can help on any side of the wings and the center, so he can be quite useful. Emanuele Suagher (Atalanta, free) - quite the useful defender came for free after his contract expired. Guilio Maggiore (Spezia, free) - one of the young key players in Spezia's side wanted to move on to bigger and better things and hopefully he can make the jump to Serie A. Riccardo Saponara (Fiorentina, 2M) - he impressed on his loan, so it was a no-brainer to buy him out permanently. Emanuel Vignato (Chievo, 8.75M) - with Chievo relegating, his release clause activated, so even though I'm rarely one for big buys, I felt like we needed to make this deal. One of the brightest talents in Italian football. Alessandro Confente (Chievo, 2.2M) - another player with a relegation release clause, for some reason he was backup! Will be used rotation system with Alastra. Raoul Bellanova (AC Milan, loan 50K) - Raoul really enjoyed his loan spell with us and we became a fav team of his, so obviously he's back once more to provide depth at the right back. Paolo Ghiglione (Genoa, 2.4M) - the right back comes at a knock-down price due to him being transferlisted. Hopefully he'll be more impressive than Rispoli was. Marco Perrotta (Pescara, 2M) - the central defenders is going to be back up on course of the season. That brings us to...Palermo, season 2020/2021: Goalkeepers: Fabrizio Alastra, Alessandro Confente Defenders: Paolo Ghiglione, Ivo Quaranta, Antony Angileri, Antonino Gallo, Marco Perrotta, Guilio Magri, Emanuel Suagher, Raoul Bellanova Midfielders: Daniel Bessa, Gennaro Ruggiero, Ivaylo Chochev, Guilio Maggiore, Filippo Rannochia, Luigi Mendola, Romaric Wingers & Forwards: Norbert Balogh, Riccardo Saponara, Emanuel Vignato, Simone Lo Faso, Alessandro Rossi, Cosimo Marco da Graca Hmm...this could be BIG IF TRUE!
  6. My January transfer window with Palermo had to be one of the most turbulent I've ever played - normally, I don't do much business then, if at all (2-3 deals at most), but we needed some fresh faces, as we weren't as consistent as I wanted. And with one-two of those new faces in the team, we made a spectacular performance against Fiorentina - losing 1:0 at half-time and with Chochev red-carded in the 41st minute, we went on to turn the game around 1:2 thanks to goals from Ruggiero and Bessa, but a penalty and 94th minute strike from Andre Gomes sealed the win for La Viola. At half-time I told the players they were unlucky and after the game I said I was pleased with their performance - and everyone reacted well. Sadly, our top left back A. Gallo picked up a 3-month injury in that game, making our roster a bit weaker for the 2nd part of the season. But first, on to the deals! I first started offloading before buying - Filippo Rannochia (Chievo, loan 100K), Danilo Ambro (Livorno, loan 76K), Cosimo de Graca (Parma, loan 300K), Davide Ghislandi (Viterbese, loan), Andrea Accardi (Empoli, 2M), Haitam Alesaami (Chievo, loan 300K), Nunzio Montapetro (Empoli, 50K), Mirko Gallo (Alto Adige, loan), Ilija Nesterovski (Chievo,loan 375K). That opened up slots for: Marcelo Trotta (Sassuolo, 475K), Raoul Bellanova (Milan, 25K loan), Daniel Bessa (Verona, 2.5M), Riccardo Saponara (Fiorentina, 200K loan), Andrea Favilli (Juventus, 1.1M), Alessandro Murgia (Lazio, 400K loan) Trotta managed to opened his goalscoring account with 2 goals in 5 games, while the big man Favilli is yet to score in 7 games, but I'm not giving up on him yet. Raoul Bellanova came from Milan on loan to provide cover on the right back, while Bessa and Murgia come with a very vital part in midfield. Saponara is probably going to be a full-time Palermo player next season, as he's scoring for fun, regardless if I use him on the wings or up front! On transfer deadline day, Inter met the 11.25M release clause that Angileri had, but I offered him a massive contract increase, and he renewed his deal with us. Also Roma stole our AssMan for 875K, so enter Davide Succi as his replacement. The youth intake wasn't as impressive as last year, and only Carlo Volpes and Filippo Iovino were the standout prodegees. The league table looks like this. Roma, Juventus and Milan all changed coaches, but only Zidane at Juventus has seen an improvement. Fixtures-wise, we are enjoying a steady spell which sees our team actually fighting for a EU spot!
  7. Close to the transfer window shutting, the board tried to sell Mendola for a ridicilous fee, but I managed to protest against it effectively. A new deal was offered then to Mendola instantly (which he accepted, making his salary 4.5K per week), but the chairman wasn't done being a ****... and he accepted deals for our top youth keeper: and on transfer deadline day, he went to Roma. Our only deal in on deadline day was Inter's Andrea Adorante arriving on a free for the U20 team. One clause I managed to sell was for Rajkovic. With him being 30yo, not playing regularly for Bologna, I don't see him ever making a transfer, so sweeping in those 1.2M Euro is like taking candy from a baby. Results-wise, we have the freakiest season, as at one point, we were even second! But a bad run of games and results (late defeats to Juventus and Torino) meant we returned to a more realistic 12th position - Milan fans, feel free to look away from that league table! :D The results show our best highlight to be the 1:0 victory over Sampdoria. The only major change to the side saw A. Gallo become the regular left back and Magri his backup, as Aleesani moaned about a new deal, which I didn't want to give him, hence why he's now cast away, waiting for the transfer window to open to be sold. At the end of the season I'll be doing a more in-depth screenshot of the players to highlight their stats-increase - as shown in Gallo and Magri's case, those young talents excel quite well with first team action! Financially, we're making about 4-5M profit each month, so in the start of December, we're looking at a healthy balance of 30M Euro! In the January transfer window I might do some business to improve our mid-table position and steady the ship, as some of the youngsters like De Graca are far from ready for the first team, and need some more time on loan.
  8. Starting up my 2nd season at the helm of Palermo, there were a lot of new additions - starting with a very notable U20 head coach and then signing a new and better assistant in the face of Daniele Russo. The new faces: Davide Di Pasquale (Sambenedetesse, free) - one deal I regret arranging in January, as Davide lacks the quality to be anything more than backup). Alberto Senese (Napoli, free) - his contract was up and even though he doesn't look like much, the scouts rate him highly. Will give him a chance in the U20. Erik Gerbi (Pro Vercelli, 225K) - another one for the U20 team, Erik comes both cheap and with bags of potential. Mattia Zaccagni (Verona, 250K) - became transferlisted in the struggling Hellas side, so I didn't hesitate to sweep him in for a bargain price. To be honest, though, I hesitated, as I wanted to sign him on loan first with an option to buy! Felice D'Amico (Inter, loan fee 300K) - the Palermo youth product returns to bolster the wings. Ofc, I'd look to make the deal permanent, but that's in the future atm. Victor De Lucia (FeralpiSalo, free) - seemed a good shout for a 3rd choice keeper, so I can loan out all the young guns. Davide Ghislandi (Atalanta, 78K) - another one for the U20 team, the tricky winger was transferlisted for whatever reason at Atalanta and I moved quickly to sign him before Chievo. Emanuele Suagher (Atalanta, 48K loan fee + 300K option to buy) - I was looking for more experience in defense and I'm hoping Suagher can help. Federico Barba (Chievo, loan + 2M option to buy) - Barba is another defender who will be in rotation status throughout the season and we have the option to buy him if he impresses. Having browsed for free agents and transferlisted players, I'm pretty happy with the business we concluded - we added more depth without risking the financial balance of the team, and there's no risk to any of the new signings. So, all in all, here is how Palermo 2019/2020 will look...only difference can be Aleesami on the left back, as he was injured at the time of the screenshot. We sold quite a lot of players and racked up over 10M of fees - including the loan deals! Eddy Gnahore (Genoa, 3.3M) - he moaned about a new deal which I wasn't feeling like he deserved, so off he went! Alberto Brignoli (Parma, 2M) - with the return of Posavec, there was really no point of his remaining at the club. Aleksandar Trajkovski (Pescara, 1.1M) - after he spent the first season on loan, now we managed to shift him for good. Giuseppe Bellusci (Crotone, 1.1M) - same as Trajkovski. Accursio Bentivegna (Perugia, 475K) - he spent the first season on loan and as he returned, we realized there was no space for him in the squad. Stefano Moreo (Pescara, 350K) - the only player we couldn't get rid of in January! Finally sold in the summer. And the loaned out: George Puscas, (Steaua, 1.1M loan fee), Marco Toscano (Vis Pesaro, 400K), Corentin Fiore (Foggia, 280K), Radoslaw Murawski (Livorno, 240K), Mario Correnti (Vis Pesaro, 200K), Raimondo Lucera (Foggia, 200K), Mario De Marino (Foggia, 200K), Roberto Pirrello (Brescia, 175K). A douzen other kids like Leonardi, Fradella, De Stefano and Sicuro are just loaned out to gain some match experience. The fees are the total sum for the whole duration of the loan. Just about to start our first game against Pisa, and we're sitting pretty on 15M Euro, who are increasing regularly due to the TV money flowing in.
  9. 4 league games before the Serie B ends, we clinched the title! The final table looked like this. The initial budgets don't look impressive. I'll also have to manage not going overboard transfer-wise and wages too, as I'm not sure how the finances in Serie A will bode for us. One problem that jumped straight as we promoted is a lot of players wanting new contracts, some being realistic, while others are very far off (Nesterovski wants 29K per week, which means I'll likely look to sell him). Lo Faso was the first one to strike a new deal, as I believe he'll be a key asset to the team in Serie A. Fiordilino was the next player who put pen to paper, fellow Bulgarian Chochev was the 3rd player to renew his deal. The planned team for next season... GKs: Alastra / Posavec DR: Rispoli / Accardi DC: M. Gallo / ??? DC: Angileri / ??? DL: Aleesami / Antonino Gallo DMCR: Fiordilino / Gnahore DMC: Ruggiero / F. Ranocchia DMCL: Chochev / Mendola AMR: Lo Faso / Lucera AML: Balogh / Bonfiglio SC: Puscas / Da Graca That's the planned line up, at least for now, which means a lot of youth will be loaned out and some others will be sold. Those plans can change, though, as I'm not entirely confident that the teenage duo M. Gallo / Angileri can hold the fort in Serie A.
  10. Yeah, whenever I play these days, I always go for local (own nation) and youth talents, rather than stockpile... It's a big difference since a decade ago, when I used to sign 10-11 players per transfer window
  11. @jonathan44 Cheers Puscas also seems quite decent, yeah, Nesterovski actually started relatively slow, before starting to score goal after goal! Lo Faso looked impressive since the start of the game, when he was still injured - seemed quite interesting. From the loanees, I have my eye not only on Da Graca - I have plans for Posavec, Toscano, Balogh, Bentivegna to feature more in the first team, while Giappone and Guddo look formidable future goalkeepers, probably gonna loan them out again to follow their progress closely. Since Rispoli just returned from injury, I'm gonna try him on the right side In the January transfer window, we made our first signings of the season: Filippo Ranocchia (Perugia, 625K) Giulio Magri (Brescia, 300K) With the youths grabbing more and more first team places, the hatchet continue to fall on former first team players: Haas and Faletti's loan deals were terminated. Alberto Pomini - Parma, free Slobodan Rajkovic - Bologna, 750K Carlos Embalo - Spezia, 525K Antonio Mazotta - Verona, 325K Przemyslaw Szyminski - OGC Nice, 950K Alessandro Salvi - Chievo, 275K Roberto Pirrello - Lecce, loan (his 4.8K per week was a burden and his younger counterparts are better options than him) Agostino Rizzo - Siracusa, loan - the lad needs some playing time and offloading him to one of our feeders seems like a good idea. With so many players sold, we have a freedom of 60K in the wage budget, along with 5M Euro for new players. Sadly, we're losing money thanks to a bank loan and other expenditures, as we started out with 7-8M Euro in the beginning of the season and currently languishing at 2.3M in January. I hope life in Serie A brings better financial position for us. I also forgot to mention my intentions for this save - obviously I'm going to integrate a lot of youth talent, but I also have limited myself to Italian players only. The bad thing about having so many talents is that in January I had to fight off a lot of teams for many individuals. Two of our talents eventually went to Roma on deadline day - Simone Santoro and Kevin Cannavo were sold for a combined fee of over 12M Euro, and for both of them we have 50% from their next fee. I'll be carefully glancing at the clauses section, as I expect another 5-8M to come as benefit from purchasing those clauses. De Stefano and Leonardi are promoted in their stead. This brings our finances at the end of the January window to 9M euro and we have breathing space until the end of the season. On towards the youth intake day!
  12. LOL! In my teenage years I often did big turnovers, but certainly not as massive as his! :D
  13. Personally, I would go for Audero Anyways, at the start of my Palermo save, I offloaded: Mato Jajalo >>> Sampdoria, 750K Radoslaw Murawski >>> Brescia, 65k p/m loan fee Aleksandar Trajkovski >>> Lokeren, 60k p/m loan fee Aljaz Struna >>> Verona, 850K Andrea Ingegneri >>> Livorno, 150K Giuseppe Bellusci >>> Wigan, 30K p/m loan fee So I began with a team heavily consisting of youth prodegees, Alastra in goal, Mirko Gallo and Angileri in defence, Santoro, Ruggiero, Fiordilino, Mendola in midfield, along with Lo Faso, Lucera. As the season reached the January transfer window, I also introduced De Marino, Antonino Gallo, Correnti and Cannavo. The league table stands like this: https://gyazo.com/25135fbfb4d4de6ce6bfc49ae403264a Brescia and Verona both have abysmal seasons and have already changed managers. From the experienced players perspective, Nestorovski has been a revelation with his 10 goals in 13 apps, but has no real alternative up front, as all the youth are just natural wingers and we don't have another poacher like him. Chochev is another leader who scored some very important goals along the way. Rispoli started well in the center of the defense, but then got sidelined for 3 months and is currently recovering. The latest matches show a lot of 1:0 games...what's not to love about Italy?
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