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  1. My save with Larne slowed down a lot as i reached the 26/27 season and my laptop is not as top end as I wish it to be :D During the week I'll get myself to post some detailed info on the squad and upload the save for someone else to pick up :)
  2. Well, it was fun while it lasted... we then led 2:0 against Ballymena, only to lose 2:3 with a red-card to Ilic. Also, I love doing bits of business like this! We sell him and then we loan him back in! Overall, we were great on the transfer market as we keep pumping fresh money into the club. Once more, the CL Group draw was not kind to us.... but then again, with the CL money we're now sitting pretty on 54M balance, so it's not too bad!
  3. For the LotR fans among you..."the way is shut" I think I ought to start Vantruba as my first choice keeper than the Peacock! Also...Mind. The. Gap. Not anywhere near close to my target of 200 goals, but defensively, we've gone from strength to strength. Also our initial budgets are worth mentioning, as I believe most Championship teams will be happy with those numbers! This news item - made me chuckle. Obviously not everyone is happy with their amount of playing time, but...
  4. Tough luck! I won against Olympiacos 2:1 at home, but a 1:3 defeat in Greece + a red card made sure we're out of the Euro Cup and couldn't reach the Semis. Personally, I'm already going for a rebuild, as a host of teams are interested in most of my players and I have better talented 17-18yos coming in. Also one tasty Serbian DMC from Man City coming in on a 20K per week wage
  5. Yeah, I dunno what is it with newgen's rep, but a newgen is much more likely to join you than an existing player in the DB. I can't quite put my finger on it, but maybe it's a reputation difference between the starting players and the newgens. With Phil Cannon at the helm of the academy and our facilities at top notch, finally some good players - Cowan and Glackin can possibly become great strikers for our side. After "relegating" from the CL Groups to the Europa League Knockout stage, we faced off with Slavia Prague - 4:1 win at home and a 0:3 win away sent the Czech team packing, while CSKA Moscow were the next in line - a tense game at home with CSKA getting a red after the hour mark, we finally broke through and got a goal, with a 2nd coming in after 95 minutes of play! 2:0 and some cushion for the away trip to Moscow. In the away game, CSKA scored early on, but luckily after half hour we got that vital away goal. Second half started - BANG! 1:2! In the latter stages of the match we got a 3rd, so our European run will last awhile longer! In the Quarter Finals, we have...
  6. Cross looks awesome Meanwhile, the Dallas manager is trying to be funny or mainly looking to get his freakin teeth knocked out! Absolute joke of an offer.
  7. @Geordieboy52 woah! The AI rarely takes advantage of the tycoon, so fingers crossed, you'll be able to batter them Meanwhile, whenever I get my "title winning interview", the average age of the squad just keeps getting lower and lower...
  8. I had most goals with Clash's 433 flat, but lately I get the feeling the AI got grips of it, so I'm looking to mix it up a bit. Debuted your suggestion against Dungannon, sealed the title and won 4:1, while the next two games we won by 1:2 (Glenavon away) and 3:0 (Coleraine home). I do get what you're saying about the "realism levels", though, as I always dominate, but don't often get a lot of goals, which is a shame, considering my team's wage budget is about 300K per week, while my league opponents combined have a wage budget of 40K.
  9. The gulf in class is so big that plug'n'play shouldn't be needed. Just some ideas how I can win most games by 6-7-8 goals
  10. Seems more like an ad than a discussion, but I'm looking to pick someone's brains about an ultra offensive 3-man defense tactic (why not even 2?) I'm playing in Northern Ireland as Larne, and teams have started setting up the barricades in the league, almost each game, if not each, we line up against a 5 man defense. More and more often, we start to steal games through by 1:0 or 2:1, rather than the emphatic 8:0 / 12:0 wins we picked a few seasons earlier with weaker players. I really want to crush the league, I'm aiming to score 200+ goals in the 38 league games run for the season, if it means conceding 40-50. I'm looking for a tactic that will rely on the idea of scoring more and not much caution (8:4 wins are welcome). Any suggestions, ideas? I could be used as a guinea pig for a test tactic too.
  11. In the first seasons I got a few results like that as well, which kept me out of Europe. Meanwhile, in my 23/24 season, we just did a miracle in Europe... win against Monaco and respectful draws at home vs Liverpool (0:0) and the already mentioned 3:3 in the first fixture vs Bayern, means we'll be playing in the Europa league in the spring! Can't wait! In the league, our kids keep running rampant - have you seen 3 hattricks by 3 players in one game? Now I have! In one of the previous seasons, I had a Romanian newgen that even scored 2 hattricks in one game...this Larne save definitely opens new doors for me Our star player is Monaco reject Wilson Isidor, signed on a free, mainly because his name is pretty close to Isildur
  12. If you haven't put "develop youth players" in the philosophies, it's probably the reason why. I started without any philosophies, but added them once I started to collect youth newgens for the first team.
  13. Yes! Finally we're at State of the Art! Our current league form is spanning about 70 games without a loss, but sadly we suffered a 0:0 draw early in the campaign, which means our chase for a complete invincibles season (38 wins, 0 draws, 0 losses) will continue for a while longer :/
  14. This is nice, mine is still in the planning stages, has been for almost a year now.
  15. We've mainly been stealing off talents from other teams, just got my semi-decent player on the last intake - this guy. Our progress has been great due to stealing Spanish/Czech/Serbian/Scottish newgens. We'll see if I'll be able to keep them for awhile at the club though
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