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  1. Starting the 2021/2022 season, we signalled our ambitions by completing a 3.8M Euro signing of this guy...
  2. First league game against Heracles. van de Beek gets sent off after 20 minutes of play. Can you guess the final score? Transfer-wise, we got Kjell Scherpen (Emmen, 1.3M), Elayis Tavsan (Sparta, 1.2M), Joey Veerman (Volendam, 325K) and Mile Svilar (Benfica, 4M) - was surprised to see the keeper being available for such low sum! I scouted him and "the next Ronaldo" when we played against Benfica in a pre-season friendly and decided that those 4M are definitely going to repay themselves pretty soon. Only player I'm looking to offload is Lasse Shone, but until now, no one wants to go anywhere near him... How we look tactically - I'm very impressed with the structure and how many chances we make per match. Results have been well and steady, and I'll be updating more later on, as I expect there would be a transfer deadline day frenzy for many of our best talents!
  3. @Raymond85 how's mauri and Kishna doing? Last I remember they were both very injury prone and on a previous FM, Kishna even retired after a season, when I signed him! I just booted up a save with Ajax with the update and I read that you don't really get the Frenkie money - which is a shame. I've decided to stick to an open, free flowing 4-3-3. Transfer policy-wise, we'll be signing only teenagers that will become homegrown after 3 years at the club and also established Dutch players, mainly of decent class (like Quincy Promes or whoever becomes available). We also have a few tactical experiments, as Carel Eiting will be playing on the left back, and Ekkelenkamp will be tested as a SC, as his 15 finishing looks quite tasty!
  4. Too early for something like this to improve atm, only difference is in the player class that I'm bringing in, hence why they're valued at 200k-300k (Tayo Edun, Otis Khan, Will Norris and a few others).
  5. Pretty abysmal way to end the season...I really have no explanation to why we lost the damn cup! The budgets for the new season are pretty good and hopefully we can continue improving the squad with a few right additions. We obviously won the league before even the league split, but we must do better in the N. Irish cup next season, even though we got a total of four trophies this campaign. The player stats can be seen here and there. Now to next season and Champions League football...or not
  6. I have been down the rabbit hole of not finding the team to manage and giving up easily on a save. For me, what usually keeps me going is writing about said save or using certain methodology (YDWAWK, Homegrown, etc.). I've also noticed that watching the games of the team of your choice would spur you on to keep going! unless the other team gets to have more charm...
  7. Hmm...James Wilson. We didn't sign him, but it was funny - he "wanted" to join while he was on a free, but didn't believe we have the financial power for his salary! Maybe he can give Connor Washington a call and compare who's better payed after James moved to Aberdeen? Come the end of January, we're looking at another busy transfer window, as a 2:3 loss to Linfield struck a nerve and I felt a lot of the team started to drop steam (20 points ahead of everyone else) and they're not cut for the level I'm looking for. First we started with internal changes - Jake Bennett was pretty average as AMR, hence why I reverted him to his original role of RB. Midfielder Mark Sykes took on the role of left back, as I figured his dribbling skills will be amazing there! The clearout began with Ronan Hale, as the forward scored 11 in 15 games, but was largely unimpressive overall, and didn't justify his 2.7K salary. Burton came in for Fuad Sule and I figured why not - he was sold for 115K, as we further improved the team. Ross Glendinning, Omari Patrick, Cameron Palmer, Alex Reid, Jordan Lee, Jack Evans, Ben Tilney and Caolan Boyd-Munce were all relegated to the reserves. Lee wanted a new deal for about 4K per week, which, for the average player he is, was never going to happen, so he'll rot away until his contract runs out. In goal, we got Alex Bass (Pompey, loan) and Liam Bossin (free). Kalambayi will become permanently ours in the summer. Tom Field was the big name that deserved 4k per week, as he signed from Brentford for 110K. Ben Close was our first January deal, as also he cost the most - 300K! Andy Cannon was another Pompey loanee, while newgen Keith Matthews was signed with an eye for the future. Scott Tiffoney can be a great winger if he adapts well, and Keith Asare was loaned in to fill the gap left by Sule. Dwight Pascal is also a defender with potential and the final deal, Connor McKendry was loaned in from Ipswich. Oh, almost forgot about Washington - he was on a free for 6 months and obviously started to get desperate to kick a ball. Enter Larne and our spending power to swoop him in! Regardless of the many new signings, our results were boosted as the new kids on the block make their mark early on! I also wonder how early we can win the title... At the end of the transfer window, we signed another 2.8M sponsorship deal, which continues to boost our finances!
  8. @Truegunner that's fantastic! It's basically what I strive for Do you have many one-sided results and how many seasons you went undefeated? I'm interested to see if I can brake the engine and go on for 3-4 seasons undefeated in N. Ireland
  9. One of TFF's https://gyazo.com/4b621ba7c267b282c54dbaf95ec23476 I find it to be nice as it dominates the play and it's sensible to use for a team that's class apart from everyone else.
  10. Yeah, the reputation is slower to boost, specially if you jump leagues fast. I usually browse through League one and league two for players who can possibly make the grade, like Callum Camps, Ashley Hunter and another Fleetwood midfield, who's name just escaped me.
  11. I wonder, why do these things always happen to me? In the summer, we made many deals... For Larne: Jack Bridge (Northampton, free), Ross Glendinning (Ballymena Utd, free), Jake Bennett (Sheff Utd, free), Ronan Hale (Birmingham, free), Philip McIntyre (Institute, 30K), Ryan Porteous (Hibernian, 36K), Mark McGuiness (Arsenal, free), Rory McKeown (Morton, free), Mark Sykes (Oxford, loan), Jack Evans (Blackburn, 115K), John Buckley (Blackburn, 22.5K), For Larne Olympic (our reserve team): Dean Ward (Dundela, 36.5K), Paul McGlynn (Cliftonville, 77K), Aidan Walsh (Glenavon, 63K), Steven Thompson (Dungannon, 54K), Stuart Taggart (Coleraine, 91K), Mark Shaw (Queen's University, free), Ryan Smith (Glentoran, 71K), Kevin Dickson (Limavady Utd, 21K) We loaned out Jeff Hughes, who's no longer cut out for the level and had too many injuries, also sold Graham Kelly to Cheltenham - figured we had enough players in his position anyway and loaned out keeper Billy O'Brien to Crusaders. Thomas Steward, the experienced striker, joined Crusaders on a free. Jake Bennett was the first player to be rated 100 by the scouts, closely followed by Ryan Porteous, the Scottish defender who's going to be a legend for this level! I wanted to start with the Arsenal prodigee McGuiness in defense, but he missed the pre-season during training, so he'll have a slower introduction to the first team. Taggart is probably one of the biggest talents to watch, along with Trevor Bickerstaff, who we signed on a free at the beginning of the game - still can't quite believe what a talent was generated! We also extended the loan deals for Eoin Toal (Derry City), Cameron Palmer (Rangers), Paul Kamabayi (AFC Wimbledon), Alex Reid (Stevenage) and Omari Patrick (Bradford City), though the latter two disappointed massively at the start of the season and they probably will have their deals terminated at one point. After our defeat in the Europa League, we obviously took it out on our Northern Irish opponents...
  12. @mikenevo Fantastic results in the Europa League! Very impressive! I'm just starting my 2nd season with Larne and will be doing a write-up of the many transfer dealings over the summer.
  13. No, I rarely do custom databases - only when I want to play in a league or level not included in the original DB. So this one's all original - was surprised to see that number of cups and games played every 3-4 days!
  14. I counted about 5 and I think in most of them I played against top-tier opponents. We'll see if there are any new cups for just top-tier teams next season or they'll be exactly the same. Will be fun to win all possible 6 trophies in the upcoming campaign!
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