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  1. @Benjamin MDoing well at the half way point and a nice little gap between yourself and the teams outside of the CL qualification places. Can't speak much on this edition of FM but Livakovic was a fantastic GK on FM20 and his stats was similar (if not slightly better) to Lloris iirc. @ShinytinmanGood to see you also doing well with Spurs. I hope you put develop Skipp! That would definitely be one of my main aims to develop him once he is back from his loan at Norwich. Talking of Norwich Max Aarons could be a good signing for your Right Back position. I've been really struggli
  2. Good to see you having a go with this @Dong21 and the very best of luck with Oldham!
  3. Good write up @Werrettand amazing to see you won the league in the first season! (Hopefully this happens in real life but too soon to discuss that ) What role do you play Kane out of interest? Ndombele was good for me (albeit a test save that didn't make it past October) as an advanced playmaker support from MCL position. Good point re the backroom staff. It is pretty bad and some of them have the wrong roles set and also some staff are missing altogether but I've seen this has been raised in the research thread. Hopefully it will be rectified.
  4. I had another similar issue to what you mentioned in the other thread, trying to get Bale to perform from the right. Have you tried him in a ramdeuter role on the right? The other issue on the right is that Lamela and Moura offer different things so if one is injured I feel like I have to change the role of my AMR to better suit them. I'm tempted to try and do a recreation of the 4-3-3 we are using in real life but I am nowhere near the level of the tacticians on this site lol.
  5. I agree with most of your points but maybe there will be some changes for the full release. The Spurs researcher is active on these forums and does take on feedback. Back to my own game, I've started up 2 test saves but haven't really got past October in either as my tactics are really letting me down. I've managed to sign Milan Skriniar for around £40m in both saves despite scouts saying he is not that interested in a move. I sold Rose. Loaned out Gazzaniga as I wanted to see if his value goes up before selling. Loaned out Jack Clarke, Tanganga and Rodon and some U23 players.
  6. Shamefully stolen the thread title from the hugely popular Amazon documentary that followed Spurs during the up and down (mostly down) 2019 2020 season. Welcome to the Tottenham Hotspur thread for FM21. Historically Tottenham was known as a 'cup' team however in the last 30 years silverware has been lacking. A League Cup arrived in 2008 and you will need to go back to 1991 to the last time Spurs won an FA Cup. You will have to look even further back to 1961 when Spurs last won a league title. There might be one thing on your side though, historically when the year ends in 1,
  7. Hey everyone, It's really good to see a few of you starting as Spurs on FM21! I've started a 'mess about' save with Spurs so I'm not taking it too seriously as just using it to get used to some of the new bits but I will be starting over again once the full game is out. I was planning on creating a new thread for FM21 so I will look to get this out soon.
  8. Congrats on the title win and pretty unlucky in the CL semi's as technically you didn't lose in either game in the 180 minutes. I'm fascinated about your goal scoring, only 1 player above 20 goals and 2nd on 14 and 3rd with 12 goals. Still decent returns obviously, just kinda surprised to see it seems a bit low. Saying that though on this version of FM I have struggled to get strikers scoring more than 20 goals in a season, so it seems gone are the days where your striker can regularly get 30+ goals. Can't wait to see what you've got in store for your next chapter/story but likewise stil
  9. Love the concept of this, and has been great reading. Keep up the good work.
  10. The top paragraph is exactly what makes this thread one of the best on here at the moment. To see how you've achieved that in all the little details and the lengths you've gone to in order to build up the club has made this whole thread a magnificent read. I had a save on FM19 with Leeds where I had 6 academy home-grown players in my best XI and I thought that was good! It's been a great pleasure to see an insight into the data you've collected over the course of this save and how you're using it and also experimenting a bit to see what you can get out of the data. I find playing without looki
  11. Keep up the great work @keeper#1 Will be following with great interest
  12. Norwich and Southampton would probably be the best if looking for a Premier League side. Middlesbrough, Reading, Nottingham Forest, Derby (as you mentioned), Birmingham City, Swansea would all be decent in the Championship. Further down the leagues Coventry, Rochdale, Doncaster Rovers, MK Dons perhaps. If going League 2 I'd look at Crewe as an obvious choice and maybe someone like Newport County. The teams i've mentioned seem to have a strong Youth Importance. Be sure to head over to the EFL thread once you've made your choice!
  13. I played the first month of the season on my Auxerre save but i'm struggling to get into it despite not having too bad a start. I'm going to park the save for a bit and may go back to it at some point.
  14. So I did originally center my thinking around picking a team from the National division or even below that however I don't tend to like using unofficial data updates as I've found some of them to cause annoying bugs. A quick look through the National and I didn't really see anything that got my interest up. A look through Ligue 2 however got me to AJ Auxerre and I started to remember about some of the players they've produced over the years such as Laurent Blanc and Eric Cantona to name just 2. I also learned about Guy Roux who had an incredible spell as manager between 1964 to 2000! 36 years
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