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  1. Matt Taylor is our new U18 Head Coach Ryan Mason is our new Uefa Youth League Head Coach U19 (maybe make him U18 Assistant in game?) Nigel Gibbs has rejoined as Assistant Head of Player Development. Possibly U18 coach in game? Former player Chris Riley is the U23 Fitness Coach Former player Troy Archibald Henville is now an U18 coach. https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/news/2019/july/academy-coaching-update/
  2. Tottenham staff changes: Matt Wells has joined Fulham as Assistant Manager - https://www.fulhamfc.com/news/2019/march/20/introducing-matt-wells Rob Burch has also joined Fulham as Goalkeeper Coach - https://www.fulhamfc.com/news/2019/june/21/burch-joins-fulham Jon Goodman has joined MK Dons as Academy Manager - https://www.mkdons.com/news/2019/march/goodman-appointed-academy-manager/ Chris Hughes is listed as Academy Doctor in game but should be put as 1st team Doctor as he has been on the bench for all 1st team games this season (Shabaz Mughal is still Chief Doctor) - https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopher-hughes-65ab6a34/?originalSubdomain=uk Stuart Campbell should be added to the game as a 1st team physio, he has also been on the bench all season - https://www.linkedin.com/in/stuart-campbell-81264369/ Jonathan Hill should be made 1st team data analyst - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-hill-1a00086b/
  3. I know they are not listed above but Hertha Berlin have some decent youngsters and a good youth system!
  4. Portsmouth FC December 2018 - Update #1 A very good start to the season league wise, we are currently top after 19 games closely followed by Barnsley who are 3 points away from us. We've scored 45 goals in the league so far and only conceeded 14. The system seems to be working well so far. James Vaughan leads the scoring charts for us with 10 goals in the League. In the domestic cups front, we reached the Carabao Cup 3rd Round where we deservidly lost at home to QPR but to be fair I did play a 2nd string side. We won our group in the Checkatrade Trophy winning all 3 of our games which included a 5-0 win vs Southampton U23's who played the likes of Jack Stephens, Dael Fry (signed from Middlesbrough) and Matthew Targett in the starting XI. Sadly we are already out of the FA Cup as we put in a terrible performance at home to Oxford in round 1. In January I will be trying to get rid of Brett Pitman (has been awful for me and doesn't really fit into my system), Brandon Haunstrup & Dion Donohue who don't seem to be up to standard and then possibly Ben Close and Louis Dennis if I can find clubs to take them off my hands. Omar Bogle has been terrible also and is on a hefty wage but I'm not sure if I will be able to terminate his loan. I will be trying to bring in a Striker and possibly another wide player depending on funds and who's available.
  5. So having got a little bored of top division saves, I started looking at clubs in the Championship and League 1 who I could build up and get them to the Premier League, unsuccessful attemps was made with the likes of Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest, Norwich and Sheffield United. I then stumbled upon Portsmouth in League One, the club was in the Premier League less than 10 years ago, and they even won the FA Cup in 2008. Can I restore this club to Premier League and perhaps European and Domestic cup success? Portsmouth FC July & August 2018 - [Pre Season] One of the things that attracted me to Portsmouth, was the 2 centre backs Matt Clarke and Jack Whatmough, both are young with room to grow and Whatmough is also Home-Grown. I am also familiar with Luke McGee and Anton Walkes as they are former players of the team I support (Tottenham). Looking around the starting squad I can see a good core with decent players for this level such as Brett Pitman, Nathan Thompson, Tom Naylor, Jamal Lowe and Ronan Curtis. Coupled with some loan players like James Vaughan, Omar Bogle and Lloyd Isgrove there is some good quality in the squad which should see us challenge for automatic promotion if I can bring in the right additions to fill in the gaps. I wanted to play a high pressing, attacking 4-3-3 based system so I set about seeing what the squad needed in order to play in this system. I was looking to bring in some depth in Central Midfield and in both full back positions. Ollie Hawkins departed for £65,000 to Dundee and Gareth Evans departed to Scunthorpe on Loan for the season although I probably should have kept him around. These were the only departures from the squad during this transfer window. Incoming on free transfers from Sweden was Anders Baath, Isak Ssewankambo and Dennis Olsson. Matt Butcher and Brendan Galloway was signed on Season Long Loans from Bournmouth and Everton respectively with us paying £0 to there wages. Towards the end of the window I brought in a German goalkeeper Florian Schwaiger on a free as 3rd choice for some depth and also Thibaud Verlinden joined from Stoke on a season long loan as we had some injury concerns with my wide players. I will do the next update around November/December time in-game.
  6. Hey, I thought I had posted a reply to this earlier but clearly I forgot! - I was going by the minutes of the board to board meeting of Tottenham and the Supporters trust. http://www.thstofficial.com/thst-news/new-stadium-qa-thst-thfc-and-populous-13-july-2015 According to this, Levy has said they can only increase capacity by around 1800 and that is if safe standing was introduced properly. @GSevensM75 maybe something to look into ?
  7. Hi, I think the cost of training ground / youth facilities should be looked into, I think the most I have been charged in game for this was around the £5m mark. Clubs are now spending £30m+ on there training grounds (Man City, Tottenham, Leicester, Liverpool to name just a few examples). It would also be cool if perhaps there was a limit to what the facilities could be rated at, and once that limit is reached then a brand new facility has to be built (similar to how a new stadium works in game). Teams seem to only be able to stay at the same training ground unless a move is inputted into the game (such as Liverpools) but every so often clubs are now building new facilities at different sites. This would add some more realism to the game.
  8. I would also like to see this returned, also on the topic of attendances, it seems that the away attendances need a bit of looking into. On my current save with Leeds away fans bring 3,000 to EPL games, however for all FA Cup games it shows Away attendence as 2994. It should be around 15% for FA Cup so this isn't correct.
  9. Hello, I think the Pre Season tour needs a bit of a revamp, in real life it is very common for tournaments etc to take place in the US and Asia for example. It's becoming more common to see the likes of Man Utd play Man City etc in these kind of tournaments. With the current system it seems impossible to arrange a friendly with a rival let alone to do the match on a tour! Most of the bigger EPL teams play there friendlies in big NFL stadiums which also can't be done in the game (even though most of the stadiums are actually in the game). This would make the game more realistic and align it more to what is happening in the real football world.
  10. Hi, I think it would be a cool addition if we could have a Sponsorship section on the playable / loaded leagues (similar to the Prize Money section). This could show things like Domestic Broadcasting deal, International Broadcasting deals, General Sponsorships etc. Your TV deals could go up or down depending on the league rep. Using the Premier League as an example, say if a new broadcast deal kicks in that is worth even more than the current deal then the TV money between the clubs can then go up. Likewise if the deal is not soo lucrative then the TV rights money would go down. This would work well in the Premier League and give it a more realistic detail. I am not so sure how this could work with a country like Spain perhaps as I know they don't distribute the TV money evenly like the EPL. This concept could also tie into the Prize Money aspect so if the league rep increases, as the sponsorship increases, the prize money should likewise increase. I also think this could work well with the Champions League and Europa League. It's a little boring and unrealistic that the prize money and tv deals just stay the same throughout the entirety of a save game. Hopefully this makes sense, happy to clarify more detail if needed!
  11. Marko Leskovic at Dinamo can be bought for around 500k, he's a center back who I used in my Leeds save in both the championship and the Premier League. For Centre Mid you could look at Nasri or Gnoukouri on free transfers.
  12. Holland: Sparta Rottadam or FC Twente France: Le Havre, FCSM or Auxerre Spain: Sporting Gijon or Osasuna Not sure on the finances but some options there for you.
  13. @Sedge11 fantastic post! You're doing fantastic with Pompey and good luck in the Premier League, hopefully you can keep them up and build up from there. I've started in League 1 with Sunderland, seems abit easy at the moment (i'm into September). I lost on the opening day of the season 3-0 at home as I accidently holidayed past the first match day and my only other loss came in the Carabao cup 2nd round. As long as I keep up my interest in the save then I will post an update come the end of the season.
  14. On the BETA I brought in Giovanni Simeone for just under £30m who was decent without being spectacular. Only played the 1 season though! Stats looks decent enough.
  15. @GSevensM75 Great work with the Tottenham data, I think you've got the players pretty much bang on. The only thing I wanted to raise was that according to the Editor the New Stadium has an expansion capacity of over 77,000. I could be wrong but I think Levy has said before that there is minimal expansion capacity in the current structure.
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