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  1. Congrats on the title win and pretty unlucky in the CL semi's as technically you didn't lose in either game in the 180 minutes. I'm fascinated about your goal scoring, only 1 player above 20 goals and 2nd on 14 and 3rd with 12 goals. Still decent returns obviously, just kinda surprised to see it seems a bit low. Saying that though on this version of FM I have struggled to get strikers scoring more than 20 goals in a season, so it seems gone are the days where your striker can regularly get 30+ goals. Can't wait to see what you've got in store for your next chapter/story but likewise still plenty of interest to go until you reach the CWC!
  2. Love the concept of this, and has been great reading. Keep up the good work.
  3. The top paragraph is exactly what makes this thread one of the best on here at the moment. To see how you've achieved that in all the little details and the lengths you've gone to in order to build up the club has made this whole thread a magnificent read. I had a save on FM19 with Leeds where I had 6 academy home-grown players in my best XI and I thought that was good! It's been a great pleasure to see an insight into the data you've collected over the course of this save and how you're using it and also experimenting a bit to see what you can get out of the data. I find playing without looking at the numbered stats and star ratings as very intriguing although I haven't quiet got the courage to start doing that myself - yet anyway! I think seeing you become Club World Champions would be a natural end point for the thread (especially if you win a few more La Liga's and Champions League's before then). As much as I've enjoyed reading this thread, it would also be fun to see you have presumably(?) 1 more crack at another long term save on FM20! Personally speaking I would love to see you approach a save in England just because the Youth Development is different in terms of player pathway and opportunities with no B teams.
  4. Keep up the great work @keeper#1 Will be following with great interest
  5. Norwich and Southampton would probably be the best if looking for a Premier League side. Middlesbrough, Reading, Nottingham Forest, Derby (as you mentioned), Birmingham City, Swansea would all be decent in the Championship. Further down the leagues Coventry, Rochdale, Doncaster Rovers, MK Dons perhaps. If going League 2 I'd look at Crewe as an obvious choice and maybe someone like Newport County. The teams i've mentioned seem to have a strong Youth Importance. Be sure to head over to the EFL thread once you've made your choice!
  6. I played the first month of the season on my Auxerre save but i'm struggling to get into it despite not having too bad a start. I'm going to park the save for a bit and may go back to it at some point.
  7. So I did originally center my thinking around picking a team from the National division or even below that however I don't tend to like using unofficial data updates as I've found some of them to cause annoying bugs. A quick look through the National and I didn't really see anything that got my interest up. A look through Ligue 2 however got me to AJ Auxerre and I started to remember about some of the players they've produced over the years such as Laurent Blanc and Eric Cantona to name just 2. I also learned about Guy Roux who had an incredible spell as manager between 1964 to 2000! 36 years of managing in a single tenure is some feat. He even had a further 2 spells as manager for the club for a combined 6 years. I am starting the game now and will hopefully report back tomorrow on how the season is going and my transfer dealings. Ideally I would like to make the club a conveyor belt of fantastic young talent once again but this may have to wait until we are established again in Ligue 1. I've also loaded up players from a host of African countries and will try to focus on French or African signings where I can so that I'm not just signing the same old wonderkids that i've managed on previous saves.
  8. I had Agoume on my recent QPR save after I managed to get him on a free, he was a fantastic squad player for me and I was able to sell him on for a very good profit in the end. I kinda wished I had got hold of him a little earlier on in order to help develop him as he seemed to have stagnated a bit from lack of playing time before joining me. I will definitely be keeping a lookout on my future saves for him. I'm also very tempted to start in France myself especially after taking a break from my QPR game. I've played with the devils themselves (PSG) before Christmas and Ligue 1 was a fun league to manage in. I also like the look of Lille's squad. If I do go ahead and start I will probably start off in National division though! @smp20 Have literally read all of this thread this afternoon and i'm loving it! Bit late to the party but congratulations on the Champions League win from before and also on the League. Great strides with Cameroon too on the international stage. Will definitely be following! @Ronaldo Beckham @Jogo Bonito @karanhsingh I would be interested in participating in a French thread if one is made
  9. @Jamo456 Are you still playing as Everton? I'm tempted to give them a go as looks a challenge with the amount of dead wood they have in the squad.
  10. I've managed to reach the summer of 2026 with QPR, and we managed to finish the last season in 2nd place behind a dominant Liverpool. I've decided to take a break from this save and park it up to hopefully return to it at some stage. Edit: @Parmie fantastic save you've got there with Bradford, loving Glaucio and Gustavo especially, hopefully you can keep them in the long term.
  11. Unlucky to finish 2nd @_Ben_, perhaps could have been different if your PC didn't update from before. I will be watching with great interest on your quest to gain more output from your attackers. This is something I feel I have struggled with this year compared to the previous editions of FM in a lot of teams I have managed. Danilo will hopefully be the key once he's been tweaked slightly I'm sure. One thing I wanted to ask as someone who enjoys reading about all the details, is how you plan for the season in advance. Typically with myself, for the first 1 to say 4 seasons (depending on the club, division etc) I don't tend to plan until I know what division I am playing in however once I move into a top division and the club is settled, I tend to start planning for my next season around the November international break. This is because I have a better idea of who will be running there contracts down for the following June and allows me to scout a couple of matches before deciding to approach them on free's at the end of December. I also start to think about tactical changes and how my current players would fit in. Also, how long do you give a player a chance if they are not performing consistent or as productive enough for your liking, after so much tweaking there has to be a cut off moment ? Hopefully that makes some kind of sense to you as for me reading it back it seems to lack some structure lol.
  12. Harry Pickering - Crewe Ivan Sunjic - Birmingham Jude Bellingham - Birmingham (depends what season you are in, normally he can be signed on a free transfer at the end of season 2) Joe Lolley - Nottingham Forest Jonathan Leko - West Brom I've used the above before in the Premier League and all played well for me.
  13. @smplfc123 Good luck with your next challenge and hope to see you back at QPR at some point down the line. They would be a fun challenge if you holidayed for a season to see if they got relegated to League One even and I have seen this on a couple of previous saves. @Parmie A good start to life at Bradford, unlucky with the playoff defeat but you'll be back stronger for the experience. @Jogo Bonito Congrats on the Title win @robterrace Cracking signings and hope to see you go up as Champions! @andy_gtfc Good luck in the Championship @flase9 Best of luck with Accrington and hope to see you do well with them Back to my own game, I've played 2 seasons since my last update. To recap I finished 14th in my first season in the PL after spending 2 seasons in the Championship. In the last 2 seasons I've finished in 9th and now 6th place meaning we have qualified for the Europa League. I also got to the FA Cup final but lost to Chelsea. I have a new stadium on the way (25,000 capacity, bit low for my liking) opening in 2 years time. The only player I still have from when I started is Eze although I have thought about upgrading him but he will stay for this season unless I get a decent bid. Oh and I did buy Harry Pickering in the 1st season and he's still performing well! Wages and Bonuses are becoming a problem as I don't want to lose my best players so having to offer more than i'd like to pay and the ground is simply too small and our lack of European football (in previous seasons) and Sponsorship money is hurting us financially. We are heavily relying on the TV money to stay financially healthy. I am starting to find fruition to my plans though in that I like to sign free transfers and sell them on, or sign cheap to develop and sell high. We've made profit in all of our seasons in the Premier League so far though. Here is how my squad is looking currently, some are regens. Missing at the top is Goalkeeper Nathan Baxter. And some of my regens: Sonny Linssen: (£28m from FC Twente) Luanzinho: (£17.5m from Flamengo) Velibor Bubalo: (free from FK Vojvodina) Guilherme: (free from Mallorca) Previously the Board didn't have too many expectations from me in the club vision but this season they've demanded a Top Half finish which could be a challenge with the added European games. Liverpool, Chelsea and Man Utd are far too good currently and then Arsenal, Tottenham and Man City spending big so it will be a challenge to improve on last seasons 6th place. I am starting to get the squad the way I want and I'm hoping to really push on next summer where I am hoping to mount an assault on the Champions League places then.
  14. Fantastic opening post @Jamo456. I will be following this with interest. The squad really does need some tlc with long term thinking and planning involved. Will be interesting to see who you buy.
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