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  1. The only way to win some people back who pirate the game because of DRM is to offer a DRM FREE download of the Full Game. Theres many people like myself have no problem parting with their cash for a fantastic game without a headache!
  2. It has already been cracked... its not an inferior product when theres nothing missing. The only hassle with pirated copies is no CD cracks and when a patch comes along, this used to be a legitimate reason to buy the game from Si but now they created a whole new level of BS.
  3. Patch Problem

    put the patch in the game directory where the fm.exe is and run it.
  4. I wouldn't like to be one of the people who came up with this route for the game... must be worrying about their jobs
  5. FM09 on Vista

    Some games on Vista do not show up in the start menu, theres a folder called games in your username account folder and on the right side of the start menu. To locate the editor go to computer, c: drive, program files, sports interactive, football manager 2009, tools.
  6. Until you have a bulletproof activation method and an uncrackable technology... stop ****ing customers off! I am now playing the cracked version beautifully... first time i ever pirated FM because i really felt you guys deserved my money but you gave me no choice. Taking the game back for a refund tomorrow, i hope Si learn from their mistakes!
  7. A little help...

    in settings you can change the graphic quality low med high... i guess if its already on low thats not gonna help but maybe its on medium?
  8. it will probably be going by UK time.
  9. thats true, why i didn't buy it from there.
  10. my advice get that PC, seems quite resonable price and buy a decent graphics card seperately. The PC above has a PCI-Express slot for a graphics upgrade.... its a simple job requiring one screw! Play Value Geforce 8600GT / 256MB / PCI Express X16 < on play.com for £37.99 which is by some margin good enough to play FM09 and next years version too
  11. That would be really gay if that happened, could always use a proxy to bypass it.
  12. Fm 08 patches ?

    you just need 8.02 btw.
  13. question

    I'm not sure... you could try moving the pkg file to the installation directoy of steam and running Steam for Mac.
  14. Steam Product Key?

    how much tax did steam add on miller?
  15. Considering you can play the game offline after activation... why would they assume your copy isn't legal. Its none of their business after activation, the advertising that they have built into the match engine and gathering some personal data which i believe is just for gathering system specs is not compulsory and can be blocked by the user. That is not illegal in any way.