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  1. I'm searching for data updates which are compatible with older FM titles. Probably FM14 but maybe FM13 too. I'm looking for updated transfers and promotions/ relegations. Does anybody know of anyone who still updates for these older titles or any recent ones which still work for those games? Cheers!
  2. There's long term and there's long term with a Brazilian save! I'm not sure that I have the time for all those games. Genoa is a good shout, bang in the middle of Serie A. Potential to over achieve and challenge for Europe but a challenge to reach the very top. Still maybe a little too strong but I'll check them out. Thanks.
  3. I've tried a few International saves with the WC and all but they haven't stuck. Back to business with a new long term save now. I've a few tactical ideas buzzing around focusing on a strong midfield (and weak up front) so it would be nice if the team has one of those. I'm looking at Tottenham Hotspurs/ Roma but they may be a little too strong for a long term save. Throw some teams at me please chaps!
  4. Nation: At least a fairly big league, preferably not England though. League: Fairly high but not over mid table in the top tier. Finances: A want a team with some debt. I'll probably need to sell an asset each season to balance the books. A note on this - I don't want Man Utd type sustainable debt over a long number of years. Other: I'm looking for a Valencia/ Lyon but not quite so big in stature.
  5. Once again we are blessed with marking 8, positioning 8 and anticipation 9 for Adam Matthews! He is a very good full back! Right, after my little moan, it is time to finally have a decent 'sesh'. I'm interested to find out how you guys are setting up the initial team, what style of football you are trying to play etc. It might just be a knee-jerk reaction to the other night but I'm thinking of seeing what interest there is in Commons/ Samaras and blooding youths.
  6. That looks nice and solid to me, although I would keep the CD pairing on defend to keep them in a line. It would be good if you keep posting on how it is playing out. Lots of screens please! One thing, and anybody can answer this, what is the ideal way of setting up the full back and winger partnership? Nobody has disagreed with the above set up but I would set up differently (it's all opinion). Taking into account on the right you have an IF cutting in leaving space, and a defensive mid, I would choose that side for my attacking wing back. On the left there is a more attacking midfielder who won't cover quite as much, and a left mid who may block the runs of the attacking wing back. I'd put that one on support to give Gary MS a deep option if he cannot beat his marker.
  7. Hi Andy, some great suggestion there. Lokomotiv may be a little easy, they have a great squad already, great facilities and probably would be a very good game to rely on youths and experience success, but I don't think that there is enough to really bite into there - and this save has to grip me. I thought you'd nailed it with Anzi who have a set up which does require work but there is the initial balance to do that before it goes belly up next season (there is one more year of £80 odd million sponsorship. The trouble is that there is zero youths with promise and out of an 18 man squad 5 are on loan to us and are poor players to boot. If I want to skim through the game and use my youths and such I really need a better starting core! I do think the Anzi save could have had legs with a slightly better starting squad, but not as good as Loko's. I think something similar could really work. It's my fault, I didn't emphasise how much slant I'd be placing on my own youth products and my general transfer policies.
  8. Right then lads I need a new game and if I don't get one to stick sharpish that's me done with FM, I won't be coming back on FM13 and I won't be getting FM14. There's a lot riding on this! I'm not going to throw a lot of parameters on this but bonuses would be decent facilities (including a newish small, smart stadium), a decent standard which isn't easy to challenge for titles but not a million miles off, and a team with a bit of intrigue but not a fallen giant. For this last point, I nearly started with Duisburg who haven't won anything but were one of the founding teams of the Bundesliga. Fire away please chaps!!!
  9. Great start paul, I'm envious! Things have not been going so well for me which I'm putting down to injuries! I have had a vicious circle of injured players and so less players able to rotate for CL games which means more tired players and more injuries! I've had to play youth players in most SPFL games which has been ruining my morale and form. My job is unsurprisingly very insecure because I'm down in 8th!! In the league. Shining lights have been the CL where I too am through to the 1st Knockout round with a game to spare in a group with Chelsea, CSKA Moscow and Leverkusen, 1-0 to the green and white! The injuries and suspensions are just about sorting themselves out now and I cannot wait for a break from the CL games to lick my wounds and try to claw back the league standing. I think I can do it, I just need to stop conceding goals! I don't know if I dare go for a less expansive game though as that (board promises) and the CL are all that are keeping me in a job!
  10. I'm having a little trouble with the following formation: Added info is an attacking mentality on the the 4-2-2-2. It worked wonders in the preseason CL qualifiers and destroyed Kilmarnock 6-0 at home on the first day of the season. But, since then losses to Elfsborg (ok slightly before then) and St. Johnstone with draws to Partick Thistle and Dundee United. We were probably the better team in all those games but still, it has put me off using it.
  11. Hi Paul! Firstly ignore players complaining about workloads unless you are overloading them. But really if they complain because they are underworked then they are professional and this is good, if they are complaining because of the opposite they are moany temperamental characters! Get them on very high team cohesion (with plenty of friendlies) to get tactic familiarity up then lower it to other areas. For individual, the highlight key attributes is handy, highlight them then focus on attributes which are low for their position and keep switching it around.
  12. Just a quick question regarding these updates, is it possible to forward time by one year and is it something you could do (pr0)? So a new game would start around July 2013. With the added competition winners updated and such.
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