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  1. it's not the formation that we look at actually. Because after analysing each match, most of the goals I got against is on the left side. No matter what tactics I use, it's always on the left flank the opponent likely to score. That's why placing CM(d) on the left is better because they defensive role along with the DL. Well that is based on what I analyse of course.
  2. Hi guys, it's me again. So after tweaking and tweaking, I think I finally found the right formula for FM 16. I've tested it on Liverpool and managed to end up 2nd in my first season of 2015/16 and guiding them to Final of Europa League where we end up losing on penalty. The next season Barcelona come knocking and end up losing 14.5 Million for me as their manager. The tactics weakness is disciplinary records as we collect very much yellow cards. I know what most of you will say that I'm using a strong team, I haven't test this on a weak team or mid table team, but you can try and tell me it's results. Liverpool 1st season with the tactics: Latest with Barcelona: No OI instruction. Cheers. Currently I'm working on a 2nd version of this tactic to improve it's attacking intent. Check out later if you're still interested. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4osqygstrgi0k30/Liverpool__F47813D9-395F-4571-9A29-7B16ED9AD56F.rar
  3. I have used F9 and CF before, but the strikers are not scoring as much as I wanted. DLP I like to use if there is a second striker. I have tried like AF, but it's not as functional as the CF. I'll try tweaking the tactic until I get the team to score like >100 team goals.
  4. Here is my result using a relegation candidate Aston Villa. Although it's not perfect, it is useful for long term success with a club if you're planning to build using a young players. Still I'm kind of sad not to get into continental qualification.
  5. wow man. I know it's not perfect, but no need to be that rude
  6. hummm... your suggestion sounds good. I'll test in 15/16 and show the results. I'll make sure to use a mid table or relegation candidate team.
  7. Well actually I've won a league. Serie A and Champions league with Roma, back to back. Just this one is my most recent mid table team that I manage to make into a top side. Oh and I manage to win the Ligue 1 next season
  8. First and foremost, I must apologize because I cannot re-create my 442 tactics from FM 15 because of the changes in the match engine that made it hard to score and hard to defence. So after multiple tactics testing, instruction changing and role changing, finally I found a good combination of defence and attacking. Now, let's get to the tactic. I must warn you guys that this tactic does not score goals as much as you like, but it is an offensive tactic and if you see the match report, lots of shots are made, and in some match we cannot kill the game because the match engine makes it hard to score crazy goals. It have a solid defence, and your team may get lots of yellow cards. So my advice is, if you're not a fan of yellow cards then this tactics is not for you. Tactic: Instruction: Now for this tactic, the key player is actually the AMC which is the Shadow Striker. A good Shadow Striker can assist and also score at the same time. His technical attribute is not important as his mental attribute. A shadow striker with good Determination and Composure is good enough. Now for the defense, make sure you have a defender with high Positioning. His technical attribute is a plus. Based on my observation, a defender with low positioning tends to lets attacker score from cross easily. Now for the striker, his technical attribute is important. The striker with high finishing and off the ball is very solid for scoring. However, if you got a striker with good off the ball is good enough. Here is my results for using this tactic. Tips: For OI, you can let your assistant manager to set it for you, just make sure he have good Tactical Knowledge. If not, then don't set anything. Buying a good Defender: Look at his Positioning. More or equal to 15 is good enough. Buying a good AMC: Look at his Determination and Composure. Training: Until Tactic is Fluid. Team cohesion - Average, Match Tactics. After Tactic is Fluid. Balance - Average, Def. Positioning So that's all, I hope this tactic mange to be successful to you guys as well as it did for me. Thanks and happy gaming Edit: Remove the Pass into Space instruction for a relegation candidate team. Pass into space is good if your team have good off the ball players. Usually relegation candidate team doesn't have good off the ball players. I'm still thriving to improve the tactic to get better in scoring, so in due time please be patience. Any ideas or comments are thankful. Please don't be rude, at least I tried ok. Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?a14v8y30bmc4e5s
  9. I'm trying it now on FM 16. Using Aston Villa, end up in 5th position. Strong attacking, but weak defending, still in the process to find a good defensive play. I'll upload it once I found the solution.
  10. tq all for testing my tactics. Time for me to test it on fm 16 myself. Happy new year, although I'm a week late to wish
  11. Ah yes, premier leagues. I also faced the same problem as you when facing against big clubs. Although I solve my problem by buying a top veteran CB because most of my defender are young wonderkid. You need to have at least one commanding defender with high mentality at the back. Other solution is to buy a top GK.
  12. well, I usually leaves it blank. If you want, you can let the best corner taker in your team to take it. Same implies to free kick taker.
  13. I never bother with left foot or right food actually. For me, I just pick a players that have the best potential and current ability recommended by my scout. As for training, general is Balanced and set at High because I want my young players to develop fast. For Match Preparation, I set it to Teamwork and 20% preparation.
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