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  1. Ah well I chose to play my 2nd string which is probably still good enough to win the Prem and it turned out as expected. They put up a good fight as it was 0-0 at half time despite have 10 shots on goal but 2nd half was a bloodbath and we ran out 7-0 winners.
  2. So in my current FM17 save as Tottenham I have made them the best team in the world pretty much win everything year in year out. Currently in 2041 and just made the FC Cup final only to be drawn against MK Dons of League One who have had one hell of a run to the final. They have beat 4 Prem teams including Arsenal and Liverpool plus have yet to concede a goal in the comp. I just feel like this one of run deserves to end in glory, they have never gone past the 4th round in the save. I don't even play my 1st team until the semi/final stage and its 3rd priority after the league and Champions League. So do I let them win or dash their dream and add the FA Cup to the League, League Cup, Charity Shield, Euro Super Cup, World Club Cup and possible Champions League?