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  1. Ah well I chose to play my 2nd string which is probably still good enough to win the Prem and it turned out as expected. They put up a good fight as it was 0-0 at half time despite have 10 shots on goal but 2nd half was a bloodbath and we ran out 7-0 winners.
  2. So in my current FM17 save as Tottenham I have made them the best team in the world pretty much win everything year in year out. Currently in 2041 and just made the FC Cup final only to be drawn against MK Dons of League One who have had one hell of a run to the final. They have beat 4 Prem teams including Arsenal and Liverpool plus have yet to concede a goal in the comp. I just feel like this one of run deserves to end in glory, they have never gone past the 4th round in the save. I don't even play my 1st team until the semi/final stage and its 3rd priority after the league and Champions League. So do I let them win or dash their dream and add the FA Cup to the League, League Cup, Charity Shield, Euro Super Cup, World Club Cup and possible Champions League?
  3. I find most of the news stories broken. I have news about how I'm struggling at Man Utd despite being top by 8 points and won the league for 6 straight seasons. Best one i've had was at Bayern I had won the league 10 times on the bounce, Champions league 6 times in a row and my back ups were unbeaten in the German Cup for 5 years. Despite this the rest of the league would inform me i wont win anything with youngsters and on nearly every away knockout game in the the champions league the other team were going to add to my teams struggles, this despite winning the previous 33 games and only letting in 4.
  4. Well my save went to real life somewhat. United finished 8th in the Prem but he was sacked in Feb. His history didn't save so no idea what he did after.
  5. I always have a youth a reserve team. I have 21/22 players in my 1st team squad, this with usually include 1-2 17/18yo who i believe can replace the current starter within a few seasons. So my 2nd XI is normally made up of youngish players. Any 17 or under play who i don't have in the 1st team plays in the youth team. The reserve team is made up of any players i can't loan out or sell and the 2nd XI is made available for the reserves. I'm currently at PSG and reserves play in the 4th tier so standard is shocking. They are top with a 100% record after 27 and a GD of 105 but the players are not there to develop but maintain match practice. The 2nd XI play most cup games and the final 4-5 league games due to it being wrapped up by then. Its great having everyone match fit and i don't have to do anything.
  6. I get a 16/17/18 year old who could become a good player. Play him in all League Cup game (normally about 2-3), some FA cup (1-2), a few Champs League (last 2 in the group if im through) and maybe 4-5 in the league. Plays about 10 games a season and never had one complain, tend to sell around 20/21 and start again unless i need to replace the main GK due to age then i will give the back up more games so he can replace the number 1.
  7. My FM10 save is at 70 days now and in season 2104. Normally get into it for about 2-3 weeks then leave it for a few months. Never really got into FM11 or 12 and cant seee me ever getting rid of this save. As for the game im now back at Tottenham and once again have made them the best team, only reason im still there is i want another new stadium. Had one in my 1st spell named after me at 73k, after i left Rooney took over and they built a new stadium at 102k which is now 60 years old but they still wont build me a new one. Have the money and fill for every home game. Just don't see it happening now and want to move on again as its become very stale 11 straight titles and 5 straight CL, though i do want to see how long my 63 unbeaten CL games can continue for.
  8. Longest on FM10 is 45. Current unbeaten run is 20 with a current 14 win streak. Also not conceaded in the league for 10 games with Tottenham and only let in 8 in 27. Only ever gone 1 season unbeaten in the league and that was with Man Utd with 33 wins and 5 draws
  9. This is really stupid. Have twice taken over Brazil in the QF of the world cup and gone onto win it. Brazil seem to sack their manager every year in my game. Do get a few stay for a couple of years but then other only a few months.
  10. 1st Team - Includes my starting 11 with a back up player for each postion. The 2nd 11 are made up of young talents 16-21 who will at some stage i intend to replace the starting player in his postion. Will also have players who were in the young talents group who have not replaced the starting player but i've not found a young player to train in that postion. All the 2nd string will be available for the reserve team. If i have a under 18 who looks to be a future world class player i will have him on the bench ahead of an older player so i can bring him on for 15-20mins every game and start maybe 10 a season. Reserve team - I loan out any 18yo who's not in my 1st team and sell any 19yo who again is not in the 1st team. Noramlly only have 3-4 players in this team who i could not find loans for. Add to that the 11 back up players from the 1st team. Under 18 - Players 17yo or under. Have about 15-20 in this team and will loan a few 17yo who i can send to a good team and will play alot. Don't noramlly get much from here because if i felt they were going to turn out good i would have them in the 1st team.
  11. Only once have i not taken control of pre-season and had a shocking start to the season which cost me the title. Normally have 2-3 very easy games in which i change the team at half-time and get a big win for morale. With my assistant in charge we scrapped through by 1 or 2 goals and he seemed to make stupid subs, putting players in wrong postions. Some players come out of preson with average morale which took sometime to get them playing in top form.
  12. Had a wage bill of £800-900k when i won 3 league titles in 4 years and reaching 3 CL finals in 4 years winning 1. Now 5 years on since then and wage bill is just under £1.4mil due to my top players hitting 26-28yo and need higher wages.
  13. Did it with Tottenham after making them the worlds top team. Went all English and after 2 years was back on top. Also most of the squad were either players from my own under-18 or 16yo i brought at the start of each season. England won the world cup during this time and they used 10 off my players in the starting 11 and 17 in the 23 man squad.
  14. Would have been on the Amiga, not sure what one but can remember playing when i was 10/11 so around 1993. Can remember a game called Football Masters. 1st really got into FM when my sister brought our 1st PC when i was 15. Think i loaded up Championship Manager before she even had a go. Have brought every season since although i've not played FM 11 as i couldn't stop my FM10 save.
  15. Turned 100 in my game now. With Tottenham board not willing to build their 3rd new satadium just yet i will be playing for atleast a few more years. Still hold a grudge that they replaced the stadium they named after me with their current Rooney Park!
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