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  1. Ah well I chose to play my 2nd string which is probably still good enough to win the Prem and it turned out as expected. They put up a good fight as it was 0-0 at half time despite have 10 shots on goal but 2nd half was a bloodbath and we ran out 7-0 winners.
  2. So in my current FM17 save as Tottenham I have made them the best team in the world pretty much win everything year in year out. Currently in 2041 and just made the FC Cup final only to be drawn against MK Dons of League One who have had one hell of a run to the final. They have beat 4 Prem teams including Arsenal and Liverpool plus have yet to concede a goal in the comp. I just feel like this one of run deserves to end in glory, they have never gone past the 4th round in the save. I don't even play my 1st team until the semi/final stage and its 3rd priority after the league and Champions League. So do I let them win or dash their dream and add the FA Cup to the League, League Cup, Charity Shield, Euro Super Cup, World Club Cup and possible Champions League?
  3. SuperJoe

    Jurassic World: Evolution

    First i've heard of this game. Gameplay looks great and the sort of game i enjoy. Might pick it up on PC but will wait a few weeks to see how it really is.
  4. SuperJoe

    The Great Gammon Debate

    Was expecting a debate on if gammon is best hot or cold, very disappointed. Back on topic can't see how it's racist, also 1st time i've heard of it.
  5. SuperJoe

    Civilization VI announced \o/

    Cheers for that. Been looking to get this for a while and already have the Humble monthly thing so just paid early to get it now.
  6. SuperJoe

    TV and Broadband Package Thread

    BT informed me they were raising prices again so called Sky to get broadband. Sky offered Sky Fiber Unlimited plus line rental for £25. It would have saved me £5pm over BT when i took into account the discounts I would lose on BT Sport and 2 mobiles with BT. I took this as BT normally do poor retention deals. Called BT to let them know but they call really knew due to SKY starting the port, anyway I was put straight to retentions who offered me Infinity 1, line rental and BT Sport for £31.99 for 24 months. Normal price is £59.99 so nice saving, my BT bill has gone from £75 (£78 from January) for broadband, line rental, 2 mobile sims and BT Sport to £47.99 saving me £30pm. BT are normally poor at offering deals but this time they really made an effort, probably the fact I had actually started the swap to Sky as I normally just threaten to leave.
  7. SuperJoe

    Shooting in New York

    Flying to New York Saturday and people at work asked if I was still going, they seemed a little confused when I said off course. I still go to London often despite the attacks there, I said that these things happen but the chances of being involved it one is very remote. I'm expecting a longer wait to get through passport control though.
  8. SuperJoe

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Finished Elite 2 in squad battles despite missing 12 games. In the 2 mega packs and Jumbo Premium gold pack from pre order I pulled Scream Pulisic and Willian plus a discard IF so a tidy 60k right there plus 25k prize money WL i finished 8-7 and stopped there as the silver 3 rewards are better than silver 2. I only started playing late saturday and really couldn't be bothered to get the 6 wins for silver 1. If i get into next weekend i'm going to get all 40 games in and see how I do, miss the following 2 weeks as i'm in New York so will put up with the grind for 1 weekend. I can't believe I played 40 WL every weekend last year for maybe 3 months, I'm only playing 15 odd this year and it already seems a chore.
  9. SuperJoe

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Really not worth the hassle for an extra 14k. I've been able to miss 12 games during the weekend and still be way ahead of the elite 2 cut off. I have 9 left and am 10k ahead of the cut off so might play 2/3 more to be on the safe side.
  10. SuperJoe

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Yeah its 1am-9am, 9am to 5pm and 5pm to 1am on Sat and Sunday. Whoever thought 1am-9am was a good time needs a slap, i will always miss this as I work Sat 6am to 2pm and then sometimes off to the football so could well miss 2 sets on Saturday.
  11. SuperJoe

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Its 3 sets mate, 12 games a day on sat and sun. Agree its a joke, they made a decent addition then messed it up.
  12. SuperJoe

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Done a few of the new league SBC's and packed 2 walkouts in Coutinho and Rakitic. Only spent about 10k to complete 8 so nice 70k profit and a load on players for the club. Ah well there's a lesson learned. Playing some numpty who i'm beating 8-2 in the 83rd min and he stops playing. So i just leave the controller while checking facebook and didn't know you get kicked for inactivity, just had to laugh due to the stupidity of it . Now a shocking 1-5 in WL
  13. SuperJoe

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Won all my SB so far and sitting Elite 1. Have switched to 4321 and its working much better and I find a slow build up against the comp leads to a lot of chances. Also qualified for WL at 5 attempt, played a team in the final with 54 chem but it really didn't play like that and I sneaked a 3-2 win. I don't mind the new defending but I can't seem to stop the ball into feet in the box and the L1/LB close control, they always make room and get a shot off.
  14. SuperJoe

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    https://www.fifauteam.com/squad-battles-guide-fifa-18/ This explains it all, it's definitely only 4 games every 24 hours Monday to Friday. It's a total of 45 games 4 a day Monday to Friday, then 12 on Saturday and Sunday for a total of 44 games plus the featured squad at the start for 45 games.
  15. SuperJoe

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Might want to check again mate. Mine reset again in 2 hours and 6mins. The top 100 are on 41 games and a final 4 games from 5 today to 1am when this weeks stops. I missed saturday mornings 1am to 9am as I was at work and only worked out what was going on in the afternoon. For Uk players the weekend resets are 1am-9am, 9am to 5pm and 5pm to 1am(Sunday), then the same on sunday meaning 16 extra games on the weekend.