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  1. Playing with Stoke and so far so good. Played 15 (W11, D3, L1) and sitting nicely on top of the table. Goals coming from everywhere (12 or 13 different players has scored already). Great tactic!
  2. Just finished my first season with Stoke using this tactic. With great results! Finished 3rd in PL and won the FA-cup (after beating A Villa in the final)! Did not sign any new players.
  3. Excellent tactic for my Stoke side. I'm in March (2015) and we are top of the league with Chelsea 3 points behind :O)
  4. Finished 4th with Stoke first season, using v2. Won CL play-off against Leverkusen and will meet Barca and Milan in group stage. Happy days :O)
  5. This tactic is working well for my Stoke side. By the end of October Stoke are 3rd. Scoring a lot of goals at set pieces. A lot of injuries though and have used a couple of reserve team players on the bench.
  6. Great season with Stoke (2014/15) by using this tactic. Finished 6th and won the league cup.
  7. I forgot to mention after I switched to your tactic my first ten games went like this: 4 wins, 5 draws and just one defeat.
  8. I am using your tactic with my Stoke save. Have used it for half a season with reasonable success. Before I was struggling but finished safely at 11th place in the end. Hopefully will my summer signings improve my team with your tactic :O)
  9. Started using this tactic for Stoke in December (first season). First five games 0-3-2. But after that I won 11 of the next 14 games. Stoke finished 6th in the end. For the first games I used no pre-match team talks. But after I started to give pre-match team talks results improved a lot. I have stopped doing "shouts" during matches as well.
  10. The tweaked version is working great for my Stoke team. At least so far... Just beat Liverpool 4-0 at home (even better than yesterday :O)
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