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  1. I had both the 'Position Selected' column and the 'Position, Role, Duty' column in my squad screen. I managed to use the former to select a position for a player. As soon as I tried to use the latter column, the game crashed. I've attached a screenshot and the crash dump. Hopefully this helps. -J FM 2018 v18.0.1.1030019 (2017.10.27 14.18.44).dmp
  2. I get the idea of Promises and yes a promise should never be broken...but............. Player A is a younger player. 23 years old with a squad status of Rotation. He wants to play more. Understandable. I say he can have a move. My first choice striker starts playing like ass and my second choice is currently injured, so Player A get's his day in the sun. Quite a few actually and he plays really well, going on to score 11 in 23. He comes to me and says he's happy with his playing time and no longer wants to leave...but the promise I made is still there ticking down. He'll no doubt be pissed if I don't sell him at the end of January. Funny thing is, if I loan him out, even just for a month, players are usually happy with that and come back, promise intact. Whilst technically this scenario might not break a promise, it doesn't seem particularly logical or how I would imagine it to play out most of the time. If I try and offer him around he'll get annoyed because he doesn't want to leave...but I've promised to sell him. Shouldn't the promise get wiped the moment they ask to stay? This is currently the case with two of my players at the moment. It's happened in the past and it's always dragged on and on until they either eventually get sold or the promise gets broken and I finally manage to cheer them up again with a new contract. This time though it's not just older fringe players, but up and coming guys who I'd ideally like to keep. Any thoughts? Anyone else found this? Am I just going to have to loan them out for a month so that the promise gets wiped from my little black book of player promises?
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