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  1. I confused with that tall. I used to use cm instead of 4 foot 11. I didnt understand what 4 and 11.. but okay.. about my Man utd, if I got my database right, do I really would get fabio instead of rafael?tought rafael much better than fabio.but if in the original database says rafael,or any better right back ,its okay then for beckham,didnt his crossing and corner too low for him? Fm 2013 put higher crossing and corners for him. 16 corner and 19 crossing.but if its because he still 18, I understand then.
  2. I dont know what I did wrong. I have other file in data editor folder,but I just checked ur database when start the game the one who bought the game is my brother,not me,Im using his computer. but since its original, the only way he could purchase is by using steam I tought what is "def"? How I could fix this?I try to remove all editor files except urs,and the result still same..
  3. but they are little bit different. for example, dennis irwin. one play as d/wbl, another as drl, wbl. one left footed,another left footed peter schemeicel are different attribute each other. one have 20 command of area,but just 15 point for stats below it, and another have just 18 command of area,then 2 stats below it is 16 Charlton, one is left winger,one is mc so they are 2 ppl,same age,same nationality,and other information. but different attribute,and position for outfield player and if I dont have 2 of them I would lack of fb for mu. my full back are left back: dennis irwin (2 people
  4. bobby charlton, dennis irwin also become 2 ppl Im short of full back except I use one of the irwin as backup player
  5. Hi fenech,I had tried u database finally.now Im managing man utd and I have 2 peter schemeicel.whats wrong?
  6. hi, Im looking to made my team to play like atletico madrid. strong defence, high pressing, and tackles game. they are good at set pieces too. how can I do that? if I used deep defensife line, get stuck in would not be good solution, as it would concede me many pinalty and free kicks. but deep defence line is the best for working with long ball counter attacking styles. Im so confused
  7. Hi fenech.long time no see. its good ur database released now. Im kind of busy in school now. didnt try it yet anyway, how about staff and chairman ?, I mean, non player role,like physio,coach etc,they are legend too? and the chairman?
  8. I search martin palermo on this thread and no result. didnt you create him yet?
  9. I want to understand the risk soI know who I ask him to tackle harder btw do direct passes could work on higher defensife line? I see many team that play higher defensife line didnt play direct pass. do direct pass would work ineffective on higher defensife line? my whole team tactic almost completed. I need my team to play aggressive, so i ask then to push higher up, get stuck in, and hassle opponents. I ask them to play wider to stretch the oposition.both of my striker are pacey ,but also good in the air . I use 4-4-2 scheme. should I do direct ball or shorten one? would I better play on t
  10. rui jordao (striker ) Jose travasos an inside forward,a creator,not goal scorer,probably AMC gabriel heinze ,left back also some modern player,who is pacey winger,mostly come from sporting.beside ronaldo and nani , ricardo quaresma,danny, also start their career at sporting..
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H%C3%A9ctor_Yazalde hector yazalde . score 46 goals on 1 season.amazing mario jardel this one I hear legends for heading.his head faster then the defender comes krasimir balakov (gk) ricardo (gk) 2006 portugal gk,but wonder if he is star or legends marcos rojo (argentina left back on last world cup) Paolo Futre (right winger) sorry just thats what I know..
  12. and ,fenech,maybe better if future screenshoot would decrease the player's name width.its too wide I think,cost many space, if you decrease their name width,we would have better look at players detail on team selection also, maybe you would consider to take future player screenshoot at information tab?so we can see their ppm too
  13. I read faq on first one, if that what you mean. but I cant find information about that.so re read this question,and I think,the problem is with age, you dont want 29 years old player,is that right? I remembered you did say save the best for the last when ppl asking for pele..do it means this is the last and you would released database tomorrow?
  14. I do understand that. I just wanna ask how do get stuck in worked for mdfield for team that play deeper.
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