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  1. im seeing more and more games like this . happened quite a bit on earlier patches but then it stopped . since 14.3.0 ive had a few of these
  2. im liking the new match engine it finally feels as fluid to watch and as realistic to watch as fm13 ended up passing is much improved and a few of the little niggly things have now stopped ... but ..... im now conceding quite a few goals , which im sure is just going to be a tweak here or there ... anyone any ideas ?? also , im now conceding like stink on corners yet im not really able to score corners myself ... which is starting to drain me , especially when my board are " concerned about the lack of goals from set pieces " again , anyone any ideas ??
  3. we play a long standing clan game online ( 10 members ) and ive seen this twice now on fm14 and we had it once on fm13 . where a score said one thing to one human , but another thing to the other human - but when the game processed the goal and scorer had been wiped clean
  4. you need to work out who is having your shots . then adjust that player i find puting your strikers to hold up ball works i also use " take a brether " which is good for ball retention
  5. ive tinkered with it a bit . so far my fbs are on tight marking up top ive stopped the false nine holding up the ball , and the poacher is now an advanced forward working a treat for me thanks
  6. i dont mind that the sliders have gone , i prefer it but if you cant see the defualts maybe there shouldnt be any defaults at all - you should give him a full list of intructions it i put my striker as a poacher ( because i want him to be a fox in the box ) and in instructions i tell him to stay narrow , as i dont want him to stay pull out wide , whats the point if his default with a poacher has a free role ticked , without my knowing
  7. i like the new set up , but i do think its silly that you cant see the default settings fora player role if i put a striker as a pocaher , id like to be able to see what he is going to do as a poacher ( dribble more often , play out wide , free role y or n ) - then i can adjust and using the new shouts after if i want him to do something more or less than his default does that make sense ??
  8. http://thecloughiesclan.webs.com/the-managers SORRY not been on here in a while website is up to date and the clan is still plodding on come check us out
  9. for latest game news , along with all our info please join here or come for a nose http://thecloughiesclan.webs.com/ also keep an eye out for any up and coming places well , what an impressive start to the season for the reds - 13 games in scoring a massive 50 goals only conceding 5 morale is high currently at anfield with the only real problem being team selection , some of the younger players are not keeping fit or getting unhappy with not starting - sadly yesil could not contain himself any longer and has agreed a move to rivals sheffield wednesday for january - such a shame his massive talent will be wasted by aggressive boss luke flynn :-) january sees joint league goalscorer vitor batista join the reds for a massive 25 million - reds boss was unwilling to pay a high price for a teenager , but after seeing some of the performances the young striker has displayed this season in the epl the check book was soon opened stevan kraljevic also joins the reds in a 4million pound deal - could this be the long awaited replacement for the aging steven gerrard - kraljevic posseses a deadly long pass and has a lethal long shot the anfield boss is also keeping a close eye on youngster george mhlongo , currently on loan at the saints . mhlongo tipped for great things had put in some scintillating performances so far this season netting 12 times in 14 games
  10. well after a very slow transfer window with a few new members joining and overhauling their sides and also mark b getting promoted and having to get a stronger team , i can finally breathe out as the transfer market finally closes shaping out to be a very interesting season - best of luck to all http://thecloughiesclan.webs.com/
  11. you can change the level of detail in processing for leagues that we dont use , or internationals i put the level of detail down to minimum
  12. http://thecloughiesclan.webs.com/ about to finish a season guys - i expect a few of our players will be here to post about their success next season , provided derby go up we will be looking for 2 new premiership managers
  13. we have reached january - which means slow time :-( please keep your eyes on the website - as we are now looking for another member ideal time to join with it being january http://thecloughiesclan.webs.com/
  14. please keep trying :-) i miss sidebar skins
  15. season is flying along now - the addition of some new human managers has not slowed us down at all currently 12 games into prem season , and the ccc 16 games in - european games are the only thing slowing us down so far its much the same as last season - liverpool and derby are flying in their current divisions . i am fully expecting liverpool to add at least 1 piece of silverware to the cabinet and am also expecting derby to regain premiership status for any latest news , current league tables and to see manager blogs please see http://thecloughiesclan.webs.com/
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