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  1. When winning the CONCACAF CL, this achievement is not counted as a honor in clubs history. Also no trophy is shown for this on the clubs history page.
  2. Unfortunately not. I’ve played quite a lot since this date.
  3. So for the second leg I could suddenly register the players. Very strange. It seems they could not be registered on the same day as the first leg match.
  4. More registration errors in the MLS. If I sign players for next season most of them will join on the 9/2. This creates lots of issues when trying to register players for the CONCACAF Champions League as this has to be done on the 1/2. Now I cannot use any of the players I signed for these fixtures. I did sign 7 players so I basically screwed.
  5. As the title says. This news item says that we do not have a permanent manager. Even though I'm the manager currently.
  6. How do I scout leagues, countries, etc when managing international sides? It seems that I can only choose "entire scouting range". Is this intentional? If I assign my assistant manager to arrange for scouting trips he can scout specifik leagues, nations, etc. It seems that me as the manager cannot do this?
  7. Anyone? Is this a bug or is it possible to scout specific leagues, countries, etc while managing international sides?
  8. You should hold off. Hoping the issues gets fixed soon so that I can continue my save. Quite a fun league to play in actually and I did enjoy it very much until the issue with my II-team that patch 21.2 introduced.
  9. Wrong ranking record history for Swedish national team. Highest world ranking should be from 1994 and lowest should be from 2015. Now it's the other way around:
  10. No, it’s been quiet about it. No word on when we will have a fix for the II-team bug either that heavily impacts the MLS since we cannot use the proposed workaround for it.
  11. How do I scout leagues, countries, etc when managing international sides? It seems that I can only choose "entire scouting range". Is this intentional?
  12. This is really destroying lots of saves currently. Anyone that knows about a league without b-teams so I can play without this bug? Question is however how this issue would impact the AI in other leagues.
  13. Still a very serious issue if you don’t have a u18/u19 team. Like for instance in the MLS
  14. You should be glad about this since we currently have a bug that causes players to be stuck in b-teams forever once moved there.
  15. I’m afraid it did not fix most of the recent issues mentioned here. It did however introduce a new issue so you cannot remove players from your II-team since 21.2. That issue basically makes MLS unplayable right now. Still hoping this will be fixed before the holidays but I guess it seems unlikely at this point.
  16. Yes, it’s related to the bug discussed in this post: A workaround is to move players to u19 squad and then back to first team squad. Problem is if your club does not have a u19/u20 squad. Then players will currently be stuck in b-squad/II-squad.
  17. Well me too. Maybe SI will save Christmas with a fix today. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
  18. Playing in the MLS currently and this workaround does not work since we have no youth sides to move players to. I currently have six players stuck in my II-team
  19. Thanks @Freddie Sands for jumping in! Any estimation on when this will be fixed? Will it be before the holidays? Also, would a potential fix be save game compatible? If not then I guess I'll have to start a new game with a league unaffected by this. Any recommendations of a league that does not have this issue? What about Brazil and Argentina?
  20. Thanks, @Sebastian Szlenkier - I've uploaded the save "Sheviol - New York City FC - 3.fm". Please take a look at for instance Tim Walker. He is both in my first team and II-team. It does not matter what I do, he is still present in both teams. The same goes for "Hansen", "Flanagan" and "Cabezas".
  21. Any news about this @Aljarov? Just got my New York City FC II and it totally ruins everything. They don't play any matches. Some of my players are automatically moved to the II-team. Everyone that I make available for the II-team will stay there forever AND still be part of my first team. It's impossible to remove them from the II-team. Something is very wrong with these II-teams in the MLS and it kind of ruins the fun of playing.
  22. I'm in the second season now and have just receive my B-team with New York City FC. Problem is that a couple of players gets moved to the b-team automatically . I move them to the first team but the next day they are back in the b-team. Am I missing something or what is going on? Actually they are both in the first team and the b-team, even though I've made them unavailable for the b-team
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