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  1. FM 2017 in-game editor - new features

    Thanks kingrobbo, did it like you suggested!
  2. FM 2017 in-game editor - new features

    I have this exact problem. Anyone having a solution? I restarted Steam several times. When it's blurry I can see it (Buy button, with price mentioned) through, then when its visible it's gone.
  3. FM15: Nottingham Forest FC

    If you upload your save I will check if I can change it with the editor.
  4. FM15 Cut-Out Faces Megapack Thread

    Mons, thanks for thinking with me, I found the problem and it's solved now, everything working again!
  5. FM15 Cut-Out Faces Megapack Thread

    Sorry forgot: config file date modified is 7/11/2014 15:38.
  6. FM15 Cut-Out Faces Megapack Thread

    My config file is 10,6 MB. All images are in one folder only. I also have other things in the graphics folder, like stadium backgrounds, which worked previously, but don't anymore (which I only just noticed to be fair).
  7. FM15 Cut-Out Faces Megapack Thread

    Great pack, again, thx for the hard work to get it done. However, I do have a problem, can't get it to work anymore. Quite sure I saw the pictures once, now they're gone. Seeing almost eveywhere the black FM faces. For instance, Belgium national squad I only see Vermaelen and Alderweireld, none of the others. Installed in C:\Users\Calvin\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\graphics\faces\MEGAPACK 7.0. In this last folder are all the faces. 152.780 files, including one readme and the config file (7.0 updated with 7.01). Cleared cache, reloaded skin etc, even reinstalled FM, to no avail. Hope somebody has any thoughts about what I could be doing wrong. Thx in advance.
  8. You can google gamebooster and try if it changes anything for you. It kind of shuts down everything that's running in the background and not needed when playing games.
  9. Vacant team bug

    I would report this in the bugs forum.
  10. Nice thread. Two questions: some coach told me I should train x player individually in tactics. Can I do that for a specific player (and not especially for the whole team) and if yes, please tell me how. Also have the problem that new coach signings only appear in the first/reserve squad training and not in the youth training. I also cannot specify a search for an U18/19/21 coach, or can I in the contract offer itself. Problem is I already have the allowed 6 coaches and not one of them is traing my youth and I'm not allowed to buy some more ...
  11. FM13: Good Youngsters

    Another one from ... (sorry Welshace ;-)) Name: Dennis Praet Position: MC / AMC Age: 18 Club: RSCA Anderlecht Value: €180k Sale Value: .... Nationality: Belgian Work permit : No Also a great prospect in real life.
  12. computer memory low

    Seems like it. You have 1 slot available, and a max of 2GB possible. I would open your comp and search for the exact same RAM as you already own, or buy 2 new 1GB memories.
  13. Maybe you should try to run FM in compatibility mode? Just a guess to be honest.