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  1. I am playing FM14 with the latest patch and I have not been using Editor/FMRTE. Also, I am using the default database. I did, however, use the OLT Hair Pack v4. I have not tried the backups, since they are from earlier dates and I've made some key transfers since then and I was hoping I could carry on with the current save.
  2. Hi! I can't get past the 10th July 2024 on my save with Osnabrück in the Bundesliga due to an error carsh dump message that appears every time I approach this date. I have a friendly scheduled on that date and I even tried canceling it but still the error persists. Holydaying past that date doesn't help either. I have tried all the proposed solutions on this forum but they did not help. I really hope there's a way this could be fixed as I've enjoyed my save a lot so far. I've already uploaded the save on the FTP server: Fatal July.fm Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. You should take a look at the Bulgarian team Ludogorets. Five years ago they played in the Bulgarian Thrid Division. Then they were promoted to the Second Division and then the First Divison the year after. That was in 2011 and now, in 2014, they play in the CL and almost beat Liverpool a couple of weeks ago and Real Madrid really struggled beating them two weeks ago due to underestimation. Bare in mind that Ludogorets are not a club with any significant history in Bulgaria and have a really small fan base. So, yes, it is highly uncommon for a team like Woking to play in the CL, but it is possible and the key point here is the transfer system, whilch lets you generate healthy profit from players easily and therefore enables you to improve your finances more rapidly than you would in real life, particularly when you have a couple of promising youngsters, which you could sell for 10-11 mill a pop. Therefore, if the transfer system were revamped in order to be more realistic, it would seriously hinder one's chances to qualify with Woking for the CL.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wage probably DOES have some purpose in FM 14. Particulary regarding Job Security, if you've recently signed a new 4/5 year long contract which involves a high wage, it would be harder for the Board of a more financially modest club to sack you? So there is some purpose of manager wages then?
  5. I loan out young prospects very rarely, mostly because if the bidding second-tier clubs have (even slightly) worse training facilities than me (mine are excellent), that has a significantly negative impact on my player's development. These are just my observations, mind you. Maybe it's due to the fact that players sometimes feel they're to good to be loaned out and have no motivation to train hard or whatever? So, yeah, I tend to keep promising youngsters at my club and give them a chance with the first team every once in a while, instead of loaning them out.
  6. Initially, I considered voting for the improvement of AI Squad Building. However, as I come to think of it, I feel that AI Squad Building has somewhat improved in FM 14, considering AI teams in my long term save in the German Bundesliga still acquire quality players, hence competing in that league even after ten seasons is still a challenge, which is an improvement compared to previous releases of FM.This, however, is only true for First Divison sides and not so much for lower leagues. Moreover, AI teams still love buying unproven 16 and 17-year old regens on a regular basis for enormous amounts of money (we're talking tens of millions) and that is really not that common, to say the least, IRL. Meanwhile, AI Teams tend to keep some of their players waaay past their peak and it is currently common to see underperfoming 35-ish players still making it to the first team i.e. Toni Kroos is 36 in my save and can barely walk, due to his regressed physical attributes, but he is still a regular player for a rich and ambitious club such as Bayern M. He is not good anymore either. But, yeah, overall I've got a lot less grudge against AI behavior than in previous versions of the game. Eventually, I voted for the improvement of ME, since there is always more to be desired in that department and it is hands down the most signifficant aspect of the game. Even if no other aspect of FM remains unchanged in future versions, I would be absolutely comfortable with it, as long as ME continues to improve and all of SI's effort is channeled in that direction. P.S. Just a couple of hours till the FM 15 video presentation. Can barely wait
  7. Miles Jacobson @milesSI · 20h 20 hours ago Approx. times for tomorrows #FM15 announcements (BST) 19.15 #FMDoc (cinema) 20.40 New features (cinema & Twitch) 21:15 Q&A (cinema & twitch)
  8. As well as all that has been said already, you might want to check whether you have at least a couple of coaches with relatively high tactics attributes, as I think this will slightly increase the speed at which tactics are learned.
  9. I mostly look at attributes and stats. Since consistency is a hidden attribute, it is best reflected by match ratings and goal scoring records. Personally, I would prefer a player who could evidently maintain a more consistent form over a player with slightly better attributes. However, the league where the player's competing is also an important factor.
  10. While we're at it, I'd like to propose two minor improvements regarding injured players: 1. I tend to hide unavailable players (not at club, injured, etc.). When one or more of my backup players are unavailable, I'd like them to be automatically removed from the match squad. I hate it when I always have to unhide my unavalilable players with the filter, then remove them from their appointed backup slot and then finaly re-adjust my filter again. 2. After a player had been obviously injured badly and would have to be taken off the pitch and you immediately go to the tactics screen after you're player was injured and try to subsitute him and exit that screen the game automatically makes you do this again once again afrer it confirms the injury. That's just annoying, it's obvious when the player can't go on (red cross), why not let me make the substitution right away, instead of waiting for the game to confirm the injury. I watch the game on Comprehensive and I have to deal with this every now and then.
  11. Some want to have a 'realistic experience' while playing, but the more realistic the game gets, the more complex the gameplay tends to get too. That's when some throw the towel and claim that it should not be that complex because it's only 'just a game' and that tactical knowledge should not be that crucial to the manager's success. IMO this is why the game is judged in such a hate-it-or-love-it basis this year. I guess this is also why SI decided to introduce FMC as a response. People should really decide for themselves whether thay want to play a PC Game or a complex simulator like Fritz or FM.
  12. I agree. This year the game has been significantly more challenging for me, particularly in the tactics depatment, which I really appreciate. Playing some of the previous versions somehow kept me out of the tactical aspect of the game, since it didn't seem to matter all that much to me. The reason I say this, is because I used the same approach towards managing in the last few versions and I always succeeded with weaker sides without tinkering with tactics too much. All I had to do was buy some high profile players and hot prospects, use a quick poacher up front in a 4-2-3-1 formation and let the wins come. It was a fun experience TBH, but eventually I started noticing a repetitevness in the gameplay. This year, however, I actually spent a lot more time on the tactical side of the game and the development of young players. I feel the experience is much more rewarding, since for example I now see the way smaller profile teams are vigorously defending against stronger ones and ultimately scaping a 1-0 win, which you can often see IRL too. In past versions I would coast past weaker opponents without flexing a muscle, but now I actually have to work harder for it, which IMO contributes to a more realistic management experience. The same goes for playing against higher reputation teams - cheking and adjusting your pre-game approach to their most assist locations, For/Ag goals and goal types, etc. is actually extremely helpful and can be done in less than a minute, two tops. This year I've actually used Opposition instructions on a frequent basis and have gotten pretty decent results defensivewise, praticularly against high-paced wingers and good crossers. In a nutshell, this year's version has definitely taught me never to underestimate a side, no matter how weak, because I could get punished - something that happens often in real life too. There are still some problems with the game and I have raised my concerns with the game a couple of times in the Feedback and Whishlist threads. I do feel the game is getting more complex and I can see how it could lose some of its fanbase due to this fact, which would be a shame. I wish more people could share that rewarding experience when you've put a great effort and have gotten the result you so desperately want. Losing despite the effort is always on the cards, but It makes success all the more rewarding experience. Career Mode (the full game experience, if you will) should be complex, beacuse it is a football management sim and football management is tough and cannnot simply be practiced by everybody, as in real life. Realism is the way to go and FM14 has definitely raised the bar for future versions.
  13. Have been posting something similar for quite sometime in the Wishlist thread. AI squad building has always bugged me, and recently I've been getting absurd offers for my youth prospects. I sold a 16 year old att midfielder for 7 million, without him playing in a single first team match, as well as a fifteen year old for about 1 mil.
  14. I strongly recommend the latter. I' ve had a wonderful save with Burghausen (3rd Divison) on FM 14 and Munster (3rd Division) on FM 12. I got them both promoted and managed them with moderate success, althought I didn't stick around enough to win a European trophy. 3rd Division teams in Germany are nice to manage, because they have more money in comparison to the third tier in other European countries, so you could avoid the frustration of managing extremely low profile players, while at the same time work your way to the top, if thats your preffered management style.
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