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  1. I had what sounds like exactly the same promlem since the Beta, so I checked the Event Log in Windows and it seemed that every time it happened it coincided with 'the display driver stopped responding and recovered' error. After reading some suggested fixes online I eventually changed the time that Windows waits before it generated the error (from something like 2 seconds to 8 i think) and it has vastly reduced the amount of times this happens, it hasn't stopped it completely but does make it a lot better. As others have stated, I don't think it has anything to do with graphics drivers (mine are all at latest version) I would guess it is game related.
  2. My idea was to get them winning the u19's league / cup in the same hope, but still not sure if it has any effect. My u23's team isn't in a playable league so has no matches, so loan or 1st team after the u19's.
  3. My idea is to keep my best prospects in the U19's until they are 18, then the following season either promote them to the 1st team squad for senior experience or send out on loan for 1st team experience at an appropriate level.
  4. Does anyone know whether there is any benefit to be had from taking control of the youth team yourself. Last seaon I had an U19's manager and left everything to him and we did terrible, so when his contract expired I took control of the U19's myself and this season we are joint top of the league. Just wanted to check if this will have any effect on player development, as players are now getting really good ratings, lots of assists and goals, will these good performances benefit their development or am I wasting my time?
  5. To help cover the flanks, I would ask one of my strikers and the AM to man mark both fullbacks, leave your fastest striker with no marking instruction to give you an out ball. (not all game, but as soon as you start seeing the opposition 'go for it') For balls over the top, you need to see who is hitting the passes, then use some OI's to close down more, mark tighter, show onto weaker foot etc to try and put some pressure on them so they don't have time on the ball. (the scout report pre game is a help with this, as it now tells you who is likely to be playmakers / BP Defenders) Im no expert, but that's whay I would try.
  6. Fixed by uninstalling & re-intalling all graphic drivers, no idea why it stopped working though as didn't change anything between yesterday & today.
  7. Game has been working fine since installed on Thursday night, but now won't load and keep getting an application error. Not sure what info you need, but have attached my dxdiag DxDiag.txt
  8. RB Leipzig are currently doing exactly this in real life, they aggressively press/close down the fullbacks, whilst their strikers drop off the centre backs. This means they congest the middle of the pitch and the opposition centre backs have no easy passes. It's working rather well for them at the moment.
  9. Selecting your favourite formation when creating your manager profile, gives that formation a familiaity boost from what I have noticed, so if you know what formation you want to use then it's well worth having it as your favourite.
  10. After having played a full season with RB Leipzig (won the German 2nd division) I have switched back to a CM-A in the middle of the 5 midfielders, but to be honest both he and the F9-S didn't really set the world alight during the season. What I have found is working really well though is having both my WM-A given the PI sit narrower and adding the 'Look For Overlap' TI. A lot of goals seem to come from a cross by one of the CWB-A to the opposite WM-A arriving at the back post for a tap in. (WM's scored a combined 28 league goals last season) I think a bit of experimentation with both the CM-A and the F9-S is in order during pre-season.
  11. I have also been experimenting with your 4-5-1 from last years version and have actually made some of the same changes you have. 2 x DLP-D (haven't added 'close down less') seem to be working well (with different PI's for each). I have also changed the CM-A to a BBM-S (no PI's) and in the 2 games since the change he has got 2 goals in each game, arriving late into the box very much like Lampard used to do for Chelsea. I actually removed all TI's to start with, but have added back 'Push Higher Up', 'Close Down More' and 'Shorter Passing' along with 'Play Wider' which is giving the midfield 3 more space to play in. Great thread by the way, am looking forward to seeing how you develop this years version.
  12. I would suggest going through your formation and actually write down what you expect each player to actually do. Since I have started doing this (inspired by a couple of threads on here from Herne & Cleon if I remember correctly) it has been much easier to create the style of football I am looking for. When you actually have something down on paper in front of you, it's much easier, at least for me, to see if the roles and duties you are selecting and the associated Player Instructions that come with them go with what your trying to achieve. It's also really useful to create some sort of check list of what your looking for you team to be doing and then watch the game on FULL and see if they are actually doing it. If your expecting your Fullback to be overlapping your Wide Midfielder you need to watch him actually doing it, otherwise a role/duty change is in order. A bit of time spent at the start of a game doing this has really improved my tactics.
  13. If it was me personally, I would : 1. WB-S behind the IF-A, as WB-S has 'Get Further Forward' hardcoded so will be plenty attacking enough. 2. FB-A behind the W-S, I have always preferred a FB behind a W. 3. Change the Tempo to 'Normal' as the Control mentality already uses quite a high tempo. 4. Remove the 'Look For Overlap' as it encourages central players to slow the play.
  14. @ RTHerringbone In answer to your question, well no, not really. I did originally have a defence duty in centre midfield, but they were simply dropping too deep when we didn't have the ball, which meant the other centre midfield player was easily overrun. Moving to a BBM just seemed to push him up a little higher when we didn't have the ball which gave us 2 players side by side in the middle rather than one player almost behind the other (if that makes sense). The WB's do sometimes get caught out with balls played behind them, but they add so much more to our game when going forward that it's a trade off i'm willing to make at the moment. If we get promoted however i'm sure i's something I will have to re-examine next season. Perhaps because my midfield is all set to close down less, we seem to have plenty time to get back 'in shape' when we lose the ball.
  15. I'm using something similar at the moment with Sparta Rotterdam. GK-D WB-S CD-D CD-D WB-S WM-A AP-S BBM-S WM-A AF-A DLF-S Control / Flexible Team Instructions : Work Ball Into Box & Low Crosses (due to height of forwards) Both WB's told to tackler harder (because they are the best tacklers in my team) All Midfielder's told to ease off tackles and close down less (due to poor work rate and tackling) We seem to keep a nice shape both going forward and in defence. The BBM-S was originally a DLP-D, but was dropping way to deep, leaving the AP-S to get overrun in the middle, but changing to the BBM keeps him more 'in line' with the AP.
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