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  1. Thanks for replying everyone, but that's still not quite what I meant. awulfclark: Yeah, I know, that's why I used the FM Editor to put them on full-time contracts, since I know you can't give them full-time technically. Obviously, I switched it back later once I was done checking, but even while it was on 'full-time', I couldn't make any changes. Cougar2010: It's not true that I don't have backup players. When I came into the club, there were several players on 'back-up' and 'rotation' status, and I can sign new players on those statuses. It's just that I can't change any status once a contract has been signed, even months down the track. For example, I can't promote a rotation player to First Team, nor demote a Key Player to First Team.
  2. It's the entire lot of them actually, and even the players who are on 'rotation'/'back-up'/Hot Prospect etc. can't be taken off that status (except for 'Not Needed'). I have the FM Editor, and so for double-checking sake, I tried putting them on 'Part-time' and 'Full-time' contracts via that, but it makes no difference. (They are all technically on part-time, since that's the only option I was given when negotiating)
  3. I'm just starting my second season at Barrow, but I'm having problems with squad status. At the very beginning of the game I could change squad statuses through the appropriate menu, but for the last seven months or so I've not been able to do so. Everything is greyed out and unclickable except 'Not Needed' and the player's current status. Did I do something to mess it up, or is it linked to semi-professional clubs or something? Or a bug?
  4. Is anyone else having problems getting Courtois to do his job? I swear that since coming back for the second season, he's collapsed. In the last sixteen games, he's kept only five clean sheets (all of which were in the Champions League) and conceded 17 goals. On the other hand, Cech has kept 14 clean sheets out of 18 games and conceded only 5 goals. Both have played in a mixture of all competitions.
  5. Well, in first season I spent less than £20 million on transfers in, and only Phil Jones and Will Hughes are central/major players. The others are young, future players. I brought in some £35 million from player sales, and I'm only £20 million in the black by the end of the season. I'm really not sure how I've managed to screw it up!
  6. True, but after the end of the season (including after prize money etc.), I'm only £20 million in the black, and that's the result of sales of players (Ramires, actually). I'm worried, because if I have to sell someone like Ramires every season, it's hardly going to be feasible in the long term (or the short term, really). And while Roman will cover debt...the fairplay rules limit that now, don't they?
  7. Yeah, my u21s are having that problem. Also, is anyone else hemorrhaging money? Having brought in a couple of players (nothing particularly exorbitant compared to the players I've already got) and sold a couple, I've found I'm leaking money somewhere into the ether. At the end of the first season I'm down from £150 million to £15 million, and I have no idea how that's happened...? Despite that, I have 100% confidence from the board in my wage control and I'm about a million and a half under the wage limit.
  8. Not sure what was up with my game then, cos I could do it...I've never played FMC or downloaded a skin... Thanks for the help though
  9. Yeah, Instant Result, that's what I meant. But I could do it in the full manager mode, not just classic. Has that gone?
  10. So it's changed then? Cause last year I could leave my AM in charge if i didn't want to manage for a particular game?
  11. How do I leave my assistant manager in charge of a match? It was there in FM14, but I can't seem to find it in FM15?
  12. Thanks for replying Okay, I'll have a shot at fiddling with the DR and see if that helps. The short passing etc. was my attempt at gaming the system, given that the match engine seems to have issues with long balls and the flanks. I'll drop the tempo and see if that helps. I'm not quite following you re the CMs and Striker. Fabregas is on support (and I notice he tends to hang back more than either Oscar or Costa as a result) and basically roams wherever he likes. Yeah, Costa and Oscar could be in the same area...but without an AM, Costa does need to come back more doesn't he? I've never had any luck fielding a single striker and no CAM without a CM on attack. Thanks again!
  13. Hi Can someone help me figure out *what* I'm doing wrong tactically? I'm just finishing up pre-season, but I've never struggled like this so early on with a Chelsea save on previous FM games. So the last four matches...Technically I did win 3 out of 4, but given that 2 of 3 wins were a very hard slog and this is against substantially weaker opposition in pre-season, I'm very worried about the actual league. In the first match, everything went well. It took a while to find the net, but I thought that was to be expected since we were playing on the counter. We dominated possession at 60%, did fairly well with passes etc. We ended 3-0. In the second match, everything went to hell. The first half was absolutely appalling and it was only the second half we recovered a little. We did win 1-0, but it was rather despite ourselves (a red card on the other side helped). They controlled possession (we had only 48%), shots and the number of completed passes. We were stronger in tackling, however. In the third match, I was just confused. We controlled possession (53%), had more shots (and shots on target), tackled better, had more successful passes...and still managed to lose 2-1. The fourth match we won 2-1, but barely. We averaged 45% possession for most of the match (until the last 15 minutes when I switched to Defensive) and completed passes around 70%. I'm already at Fluid tactically and my squad harmony is at 100% so it's not that my players are still gelling, so something is wrong with my tactic for it to be so completely inconsistent and struggling against weaker opposition. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Team (Rotation Option): GK (Defend) - Courtois (Cech) DL (Wingback Attack) - Luis (Azpil) DCR (Defend) - Terry (Zouma) DCL (Defend) - Cahill (Phil Jones) DR (Wingback Support) - Azpil Ivanovic/Kane) DM (Defensive Midfielder) - Matic (Mikel) MCL (Roaming Playmaker) - Fabregas (Baker/Will Hughes) MCR (CM Attack) - Oscar (Will Hughes/Baker) AML (Inside Forward Support) - Hazard (as Schurrle, then Raumdeuter instead) AMR (Winger Attack) - Willian (Salah) ST (Complete Forward Support) - Costa (Remy/Drogba) Team Shape: Flexible Team Mentality: Counter Team Instructions: ○ Shorter Passing ○ Work Ball Into Box ○ Play Out of Defence ○ Low Crosses ○ Look for Overlap ○ Close Down More ○ Exploit Flanks ○ Play Wider ○ Higher Tempo
  14. I can't seem to find the 'shortlist' area to import shortlists. In the beta, it was in it's normal place on the scouting pages, but now the whole button has vanished. Has it moved somewhere, or deleted from the game?
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