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  1. was fine yesterday but tonight i cant load my save game windows 8.1 edit .. fixed it was that samsung software .. please close
  2. yeah it picked it up when i moved the file to the moved documents file .. thank you again
  3. yeah its defo saved hmm maybe that the prob doh i have moved documents to another drive .. thank you
  4. how do i start a game with the edited database ? in 13 there was a drop down menu when starting a new game .. notin 14 ?
  5. "Please pick me! Please pick me!"
  6. cheers will do
  7. yeah it was
  8. added me into the game as a young wonder kid
  9. hmm it loads ok if i dont load the edited data base ...... im running win 7 core 2 duo at 2.0 ghz
  10. it says a serious error was encountered
  11. yeah i did my saved games load fine its just when i try to load a new game
  12. i keep geting a crash dump when i try to start a new game can i find out wot is causing this ?
  13. do you still get achievments if you buy from steam ?
  14. ok i closed steam via task manager game is avail