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  1. I'm sorry but calling my opinion "absolute nonsense" is abusive and unreasonable behaviour. I now expect your fellow mods to treat you the same as you've treated me for having a differing opinion...and ban you!!
  2. That's fair enough and I agree. I personally think even if the OP doesn't have an experience with a player, he should still be able to post a thread to notify us of a good player who can be signed cheaply or a good youngster who improves to be one of the best players on the game if he is not initially well known. People will see the thread, buy the player and add their own feedback, or people may already have their own experiences with the player and can add their feedback. That is just my opinion of course, but despite my grumblings and frustrations lately, it's good to see what I think is common sense prevailing here and the thread isn't going to be locked like mine were.
  3. To be honest, I just played him as a defensive full back and all I request from my back 4 is to do their jobs properly and defend. However, as I play a narrow diamond and focus passing through the middle playing a patient game, there's times my full backs are asked to provide width. Brayford had the engine to get up and down the right on my game and his pace means he doesn't get beaten too often. Brayford did fine for me and averaged just under a 7 rating throughout the season, which considering I finished 11th in my first Premiership season and had the big clubs beating me most of the time leading to poor ratings for all my defenders in those games, wasn't a bad overall average at all.
  4. He was a regular starter on my Cardiff save but unfortunately, he suffered a horrific injury and his stats drastically deteriorated so I ended up selling him. But I would say under a normal save where he doesn't get injured, he is a decent Premiership right back. Can cover various positions too, so his versatility is useful.
  5. But he wasn't in the position to shoot, like I said it was a ridiculous angle. I see one of the mods have commented on this as well, so I will just wait and hope this ridiculous bug gets corrected.
  6. So my player choosing to shoot from a ridiculous angle when he can square it to my fellow, unmarked striker in the box for a simple tap in is all down to my tactic? Ok then lol!
  7. They DO always do those things! I have every attacker and midfielder on the "shoot less often" instruction. So please tell me how I have just had 31 shots on goal, only 7 of them were on target and my opponent takes 1 shot on goal, score and I draw 1-1! This happens regularly, it's the players shooting from miles out wide when they're about a yard from the byline that bug me. You would think when using the "shoot less often" instruction, they would try CROSSING THE BLOODY THING INSTEAD!!!
  8. Cheers, he's been very solid for me so far in pre season. I have made him my vice captain. I have brought in an excellent mental coach who will hopefully boost those mental stats up for him, although playing more games and getting greater experience will help also.
  9. I just did a post in the St Etienne thread about Kurt Zouma. I have yet to get a reply and I probably won't get a reply for a while. This is my problem, I think there are so many users that want to talk about Kurt Zouma as he is a great young centre back and it would be interesting to get everyones thoughts on how he's developed throughout the game. But unfortunately, not many people will probably want to click on the St Etienne thread as it's not the first thing someone would think of when trying to discuss Kurt Zouma. Considering the amount of discussion that will be lost from the mods reluctance to allow individual player threads to be created, I think this forum is going to go downhill. Just my opinion.
  10. Can anyone please tell me how Kurt Zouma has been performing for you? I have just signed him for 12 million at the start of my fourth season. He seems to have all the attributes to be a great centre back with his marking, tackling, heading, jumping, pace and acceleration abilities. However, his passing and mental stats don't seem the best, even at 4 seasons in. I will play him as a limited centre back, but do his mental stats cause him to make many mistakes?
  11. Fair enough. Then please tell me what more information I can give and how do you now expect me to post a screenshot (which I said I would do) when you have already jumped the gun by locking the thread? I just find this all a bit unnecessary to be honest when I'm sure you'll agree screenshots aside, the Damiao thread doesn't include as much information about the player as my two threads. All this "you must do this and must do that for a thread to be deemed acceptable" is over the top and like being back in school. People should be allowed to post what they want about any player and team in this forum (as long as they don't swear and abuse fellow users of course).
  12. My thread is just a paragraph of a horrid lay out? I'm sorry but I only required a paragraph to give info on a player. The Damiao thread is a lot less informative than mine about the actual player, it just has a screenie in there (which I said I would post later). It seems this forum is clicky, a few of you kiss the mods backsides and it's not a forum I wish to contribute in any further after the petty, unreasonable, power hungry, egotistical mods closed my threads for no reason whatsoever. Oh I'm sorry, this post probably looks horrid to you as well as it's only one paragraph... There, is my post less horrid to look at now?
  13. After having 2 of my threads locked about individual players despite specifying I would post a screenie later on when I get home from work, and also specifying the players name, position, how much I paid, what season I'm in, the players age, my opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of the player and how I was going to play this player; I was then sent a link by SRL88 (who closed the thread) directing me to here. I have just read the short version of the rule book and it specifies for me to give a suitable amount of info when creating a new thread. I have done this, apart from the screenie which I said I would post later, so why have my threads been closed? Honestly, if you expect people to post more information (I don't know what further information I can bring up about a player to be honest), then I think that's ridiculous and it will put off many people from using this forum. A fellow user said I should include things like the PA? Well I'm not doing that as I don't want to cheat by looking up a players PA before signing them. So what's really missing from my post that's unacceptable apart from the screenie I said I would post later? Not everyone has the time to look up every detail about a player, surely the basic essential information I've posted listing the players position, value, age, strengths, weaknesses and how I'm intending to play him should be more than enough to cover the "suitable" amount of info you're requesting? The two threads are titled Kurt Zouma and Gabriel Iancu by the way.
  14. But I said I would upload a screenie later on in both my posts! How would I know the potential ability? I don't like cheating! I listed the position, how much I paid, what season I was in, how old the player is, my thoughts on both players' strengths and weaknesses, where I was intending to play both players. That's the only information necessary and it should have been sufficient!
  15. For the record, here are the 2 threads I created that have been locked. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/385366-Kurt-Zouma http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/385363-Gabriel-Iancu If the information I have listed in those threads are not sufficient and caused these threads to be locked, then I will stop posting on this forum altogether. I am not willing to waste hours of my day typing an essay and browsing the internet to find out every little detail about a player to allow my post to be accepted. If the mods are unwilling to allow a thread containing the BASIC ESSENTIAL DETAILS to stay active, I will not bother at all.
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