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  1. Did you guys get a work permit for Rajkovic? I have to wait 120 for another application as mine got rejected.
  2. Would an Enganche through the middle and an AP-S on the flank work together in a 4231 in theory? The other flank will have a IF.
  3. I'd like to know too please! I can only get 20/22 for him from Juventus!
  4. How did you guys sell Lallana for 38M? I can only get 20M max.
  5. I continued with my save an now they are content. Sorry for the fuss I didn't save the old one so I've lost them now! Sorry
  6. Was just randomly checking my board confidence and was surprised to see that in the first team youngster percentage was at 0%. At the same time i got a board confidence update which stated the board was very happy with how many young players I have signed for the first team? Sorry I havent posted any screenshots I can't seem to remember how to do it:p Thanks for the help!
  7. I'm mostly a keeper. I like to keep players who have been with me for a long time even if they aren't that good and don't play much. I do sell players if they've been with me for only 2-3 years though if i have better replacements.
  8. I too signed Totti in the third season for tutoring on a free!
  9. Should I sign Pogba for 48Million going upto 56 million on 170K a week? I torn on the idea as he'll have to play as B2B-S and i don't think it will suit him as much.
  10. I was first the whole season. Lost and drew to the 20th and 19th placed sides back to back and now Chelsea are going to win it.
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