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  1. Would an Enganche through the middle and an AP-S on the flank work together in a 4231 in theory? The other flank will have a IF.
  2. I was about 12-15 points behind top spot and about 6 behind CL so i guess i warranted the sack. But thanks mate i appreciate you help!
  3. Well i had been managing Liverpool for 2 and a half seasons now and i have finally gotten the boot. In the first season i came third. In the second I came second and won the carling cup. But in the third i was in 7th place with 12-14 games and i was fired. Now i was pretty happy with my success over the last seasons and so i didnt change my tactics so i am not sure what went wrong. The only thing i can think of is that i brought in too many players and they couldnt gel together. Could this be the reason for my sudden downfall?
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