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  1. To ward off those of us with access to time travel.
  2. Loved the experiment while it lasted, good luck in sorting all the stuff in your life and I look forward to reading your absolutely gripping reports in a new experiment sometime in the future.
  3. Well, I was looking forward to this game... But once again living in Australia has completely ripped me off... No game is worth $90 US... Something really needs to be done about this insane pricing system... And unless I can find it in store for $50, I guess SI have lost me as a customer, though I will leave this series with regret since it is rather awesome.
  4. This doesn't really need a bump from anyone other than Kip... You get my hopes when I see a new post.
  5. This thread is at the top of my favorites, which is the next best thing to my homepage.
  6. Biggest games played range!

    A good example I found of something like this IRL is this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009%E2%80%9310_Scottish_First_Division
  7. I think we're all agree'd enslavement is a small price to pay for an update.
  8. Great to finally see an update, check this thread every day in my favorites, jumped to page 19 and was pleasently suprised. Great to see bandits move in to Premiership... Hopefully they can stay up and never suffer the humiliation of relegation.
  9. Bandits update for sure... I never touch the demos... Waiting on the proper release.
  10. Can't wait for it... In-fact I shall go to sleep now so tomorrow comes so much quicker.
  11. Hopefully a bandits fix will be waiting for when I get back from school in a few hours. xD
  12. Can't wait for the next update, and lets not get to far ahead of ourselves with the next experiment, this one hopefully still has quite a while to run. xD
  13. I remember when I first discovered the 07 one it has about 20 pages or so and I read them all in a single very long sitting, truely a great read.