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  1. [FM18] Rise, Norsemen!

    FC Suðuroy April 2018 1. Deild We made an extremely strong start to the season, with the only defeat coming in the 1st Round of the cup to top-division mainstays Nes Sóknar Ítróttarfelag (NSÍ) in extra-time. In the league we're still unbeaten and have only dropped points on two occasions, and both of those games were matches we were unlucky to lose. In both of the games we were clearly dominant, and against EB/Streymur we even had a penalty saved. I can't have any complaints, as we're playing very well and looking dangerous in all our matches so far. We're only two points clear at the top despite our very strong start, which is testament to how well 2nd placed EB/Streymur are playing as well. They were relegated from the top division last season, so it comes as little surprise that they are performing as well as they are. Earmarking Janus Hansen for his performances so far this season. In the league he averages a gnat's whisker under 8.0, and in his 7 matches he has found the net 4 times, provided the assist for three other goals, and been named player of the match 4 times. To put it another way, he is the best player on the pitch in over 50% of the games he has played so far! This is especially pleasing as it means we're not so heavily reliant on last year's star performer, Tóri Jacobsen.
  2. [FM18] Rise, Norsemen!

    Thanks for the tip, that never even occurred to me!
  3. [FM18] Rise, Norsemen!

    FC Suðuroy 2018 Season - Season Preview 1. Deild Last season we narrowly missed out of promotion after some inconsistent form towards the end of the season, leaving us 7 points off the promotion spots. During the winter pre-season, I'd been tacking two players that I wanted to bring in to try and give us that extra bit in the league. There wasn't a major overhaul - just two new additions. Some fringe players were released and some of the youth candidates promoted to the first team. While not strictly "youth only", I definitely want to try and steer the club in that direction. Little to report, it was a better pre-season than last year, and against the Hertha Berlin II side, we performed pretty well. Our odds this season have been lengthened. I can assume that while I spent the winter fine tuning, other clubs in the league have gone for full overhauls and a lot of reinforcements. I don't pay much attention to the odds, but it would have been nice to have had the odds shortened, rather than almost doubled! Oh well, just means the bookies will be severely out of pocket I've heard about this happening in game, but its the first time I've had it happen. Our star man last season has openly come out as gay. After the media piece, I spoke to him about his conduct, praising him for putting the club in a positive light. It was the closest interaction I could find to say "Well done, lad. Proud of ya!" Rúni Nielsen is the first new face joining us. He represents the Faroe Islands at the youth level, and is already a leading player in terms of perceived ability and potential in the team. His low determination is a worry, as is his unambitious personality. Unfortunately given his senior role in the team, I'm unable to tutor him. Sjúrður Rasmussen was the second new player joining us, and at 16 he already has some pretty impressive stats for this level. He also has moderate levels of determination, which should stand him in good stead as he progresses through his career. His current training focus is overall DC playing position, but I'm also getting him to work on his positioning sense.
  4. [FM18] Rise, Norsemen!

    Thanks chaps! It was so frustrating at the end, it just seemed like our legs had gone and no matter what, couldn't string any decent consistent form together. Still, a few key reinforcements and next season should be more successful
  5. [FM18] Rise, Norsemen!

    FC Suðuroy 2017 Season - End of Season Review 1. Deild Four points from the last two, and we secured a 3rd place finish this year. In the end we were 7 points off of the promotion spots, which is a disappointing collapse after our decent start and middle section of the season, but it definitely gives us a platform to build on next year and hopefully we will be able to hold on and get ourselves promoted. A very good - if disappointing - season. Jacobsen was definitely the man of the year - he had an amazing debut season and we will be looking for more of the same next year as we make a push for promotion.
  6. [FM18] Rise, Norsemen!

    FC Suðuroy September 2017 1. Deild We started well, but once again our form dropped at the end of the month, and lost two and drew one. 7 points from the month, and with the race to go up now hotting up, what does it mean for the table? Sadly, it means our promotion hopes come to an end, and 3rd is now our highest achievable position. With two games left, and a maximum points return of 48, we will spend another season in 1. Deild. Disappointing to fail to go up this year, but we were predicted as the league's whipping boys, so we definitely did better than we expected. Hopefully next year we're able to push on and get over the line.
  7. [FM18] Rise, Norsemen!

    FC Suðuroy Youth Intake A golden generation is what we got for our first intake of my career. Hopefully some of them are able to live up to the high expectations A lot of potential, it seems, with a handful who could even make an immediate impact, especially Rói Madsen (1A) and Rógvi Poulsen (1B). My worry with Madsen is high low level of determination and seemingly unambitious personality. Hopefully some carefully selected tutoring will help him progress and ensure he reaches his full potential. Much more ambitious and determined, Poulsen has decent mentals as well as a good level of athleticism.
  8. [FM18] Rise, Norsemen!

    Go on, Faroes
  9. [FM18] Rise, Norsemen!

    FC Suðuroy August 2017 1. Deild A disappointing loss of form in the last three games, with three consecutive defeats The dropped points at the end of the month see us fall to 3rd place, and out of the promotion spots. We did manage to set a new club record for run of matches without defeat - all prior to the drop in form towards the end, obviously! There was also a media piece about how I've managed to lift the club, which was nice.
  10. The Dark Knights Rise - Murciélagos F.C.

    Good luck with this, I shall be following
  11. [FM18] Rise, Norsemen!

    Common sense prevails
  12. [FM18] Rise, Norsemen!

    FC Suðuroy June 2017 1. Deild An unbeaten month, including getting a measure of revenge over Páll Guðlaugsson and B68, knocking them off of top spot in the league and taking their place. How'd you like them apples, Páll? Rúni Johannesen is this month's star player, finding the net 4 times in the three games, including grabbing a hat-trick against B36 2. Overall this season his tally is 11 goals in the 12 matches he has played (an injury meant he missed a couple of weeks earlier in the season) and averages a pleasing 7.34 in the league. His 11 goals in the league leave him second in the scoring charts, trailing the leader Rasmus Dan Sørensen by just one goal.
  13. [FM18] Rise, Norsemen!

    It's stunning, that's for sure! Be a shame to spoil such rugged beauty with a 50,000 seater monstrosity
  14. [FM18] Rise, Norsemen!

    FC Suðuroy May 2017 1. Deild A strong month with three victories and just one defeat, giving us 9 points from 12, and further strengthening our promotion push as the season enters the final stretch. Consecutive clean sheets was the most pleasing aspect of the month, and our young goalkeeper is having a brilliant debut season between the sticks, and hopefully can cement his place for years to come. We find ourselves five points behind the league leaders, and 5 points ahead of the nearest team that could dump us out of the promotion places. We've stabilised over the past month, and even improved on our position in the league. It's hard to overstate this guy's importance to our good season. He's in fine form, averages 7.9 for the season in the league, and tops the average rating and assist charts for the division. A brilliant player and has been the key to our success this season. Aside from producing a handful of players for the national team, we have produced 15 footballers who play in the top division. Pleasing signs indeed.