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  1. Very excited to receive this news! Until the board, in their wisdom, decided it would be smaller than our current stadium.
  2. Progress Trackers A huge sea of green for the club, as we make excellent improvements off the field in terms of our facilities and set up. Financially it is clear how lucrative our appearances in the Group Stages of the Champions League turned out to be. Our club value, bank balance, and seasonal profit/loss all sky-rocketed. Our average attendances were greatly improved, too. The fact that the average exceeds our ground capacity is due to the fact we play our continental matches in a much larger stadium, Parc-y-Scarlets. Some impressive improveme
  3. 2022/23 Season Review Another strong season domestically, and also one that saw us make great improvements in Europe, as we managed to reach the Group Stages of the Champions League, and even record a famous 4-1 victory over AC Milan. The challenge now is to repeat that success on a consistent basis, so the target for the next season has to be qualification once more - either for the Champions League, or the Europa League. After two consecutive seasons of making the group stages of either competition, to fall short in qualifying next season would certainly be a disappointment
  4. So, a slight snag. The above quote shows the changes to foreign player registrations following Brexit. Apparently we were getting the 17 FGN limit, which is, in many ways, the better outcome. However, I've just tried to sign two young players, both German, but failed as they were refused a work permit?! Confused I decided to check the league squad registration rules, and found this: So the game has decided, for what ever reason, to "change" what Brexit deal occured, and now we have a Brutal Brexit where all non GB/RoI players required Work Permits?! This is maddening!
  5. 2022/23 Welsh Premier League Review Another league win, unsurprisingly. We didn't have a perfect season - or even an unbeaten one! - but it does mean that goal is still something we need achieve as we moved forward. We were very comfortably clear at the top of the league at the end, and the nearest challengers were all some way off of the pace. Interesting to note that TNS dropped off this season, replaced by Prestatyn - whether this is a sign of a mini power shift, or just a blip, remains to be seen. A comfortable season. Disappointed that our only def
  6. 2022/23 FAW Cup Review We managed to retain the FAW Cup once again, extending our run to 5 victorious seasons. This streak brings us level with Cardiff City, who also won the trophy for 5 consecutive years from 1966/67 to 1970/71. We are still someway off being the all-time record winners, an honour currently held by Wrexham with 23 wins to their name. For comparison, we currently stand at 6 victories. Here's a look at our route to the cup victory. Some high-scoring games during the competition, and no team ever looked like threatening our dominance.
  7. 2023 Youth Intake The class of 2023 have graduated and the best prospects have been given trials with the club. At first glace, there aren't really any players that jump out as outstanding prospects. The personalities of the better prospects are also disappointing and will need tutoring. Here is a look at the better prospects. All of these have been offered youth contracts.
  8. 2022/23 Welsh League Cup Review We've retained our league cup crown for the fourth consecutive season, and our victory in this competition was never in doubt. No goals conceded this season in the league cup, can't ask for better than that.
  9. Can't argue with that, was a decent game with good chances for both teams. Good luck with the rest of the season. You've got a great chance of going up
  10. 2022/23 Champions League Group Stage - Sixth game (AC Milan vs Carmarthen Town) So we're down to the final game of the Champions League group stage, and from our point of view there is a case of 'what might have been'. We were dreadful in both games against Arsenal, but I honestly feel we could have gotten at least a point from both games against Lyon. In both of those games we fell to late goals that saw us come away with nothing to show for our efforts. Surprisingly, Milan have been just as woeful - if not worse! Here's how the group table currently stands on the eve of
  11. Yeah, you're absolutely right! Like I said, I guess I got swept up in our overachievement s The key is definitely consistent qualification for the huge cash windfall it brings!
  12. 2022/23 Champions League Group Stage - Fifth Game (Carmarthen vs Arsenal) Eh. What is there to say? One day we stick four past Milan and are able to run Lyon very close. Then we play like amateurs and ship four at home to Arsenal. Maybe I'm becoming too accustomed to our over-achieving, but this was just a poor, poor effort.
  13. All too easy now domestically! (For the record, this news article is dated 9th November 2022. So we've gone 20 months without losing in domestic league football!
  14. 2022/23 Champions League Group Stages - Fourth Game (Lyon vs Carmarthen) In the reverse fixture, we failed to beat ten-man Lyon after conceding a late goal that saw us end up 1-2 losers in the match. The away fixture is always going to be more difficult, but I was still hopeful that the players could show a response. ANOTHER late goal, in the exact same minute, cost us yet another point against Lyon! A 3-4 defeat isn't the worst result away from home, but we could - maybe even should - have come away with something to show for our effort! Lyon were d
  15. Thank you! Making some incredible progress over the past couple of seasons! Really hoping that the likes of TNS, Aberstwyth and Prestatyn can start making improvements, otherwise any progress we make is going to be hindered by them in Europe
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