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  1. i have been too busy playing fm 2010 to read the forum properly but after a quick search i have not found subjects on the following. a) it would be nice to be able to release a statement or comment on a player that has served the club well without ever having been a star player. for example, i signed a young left back for 700k for crystal palace in my first season, and he has since kept his place despite me singing players such as gareth bale. he is now in his 8th season for the club, playing his first two seasons in the championship and then taking the step up and still being in the starting line-up when the club is close to winning the premiership. he has always been a reliable defender, averaging around 7 each season. it would be nice to have the option to recognise the service of such players. think denis irwin. b) season expectations are a bit off. admittedly i am managing crystal palace after a takeover, so the sugar daddy expects some trophies. but while the board expects a semi final in the champions league in the first season that the club qualifies for europe, the expectations for the league are only a europa league finish. and after being knocked out early and finishing second in the league, the expectations for the next season are a champions league final but still a europa league finish. i would think that a high league finish would come first, and more gradual increase of europe expectations. never the less, i am simply addicted to fm 2010. sorry if these things have been addressed on the forums already. cheers, thorarinn
  2. Agree with urbanjunkie. Read the description. And if your forward or player doesn't fit in that description, click Advanced, and fine tune his details. You might have forwards that don'f fit exactly into those generic roles.
  3. I think this has all been said before, but I just have to give my two pennis worth. Overall, this is by far the best ever FM. The match engine is close to being realistic. It needs some fine tuning to get there, but it's never been as close. I'm seeing players passing the ball in the same way I'd expect them to do in real life. And the tactic creator is simply brilliant. Being able to give instructions in footballing terms rather than moving sliders is such a big step forward. And the touch line shouts are equally good. They seem to have an immediate impact. And the new skin is brilliant. I've always preferred a white simple and clean skin. Overall, after a few hours, I haven't found any faults. Still waiting for the full version though, to check on the Icelandic league. But good work SI! You deserve all the praise you'll get.
  4. Very first impression: like the "address me by my first name option". Great for languages where that is the tradition.
  5. end of FM series

    I want Handball Manager! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Team_handball).
  6. I think they'll need to add more options for the lower league amateur sides such as "John Smith can't make it to today's match since he is working" and players having 50% fitness on match day because of a hangover
  7. well i guess that explains it then. but to be fair, it's hardly a bug when there is such a specific way of overloading the area. just ignore it if it annoys you... at least that's how i feel.
  8. what is this thing about the corner bug? i heard that the thing is to assign a tall player to challenge the keeper and then feed the ball into the 6 yard box. i tried that, just so see if it worked, and over a whole season that player scored 2 goals. doesn't seem like a lot if you consider that all the corners were aimed at his area. but maybe i'm misunderstanding that. or it was fixed in the latest patch. 1) agree 2) don't really see what the issue is
  9. I'll try to add the Icelandic 3rd tier (4 groups of 6 teams), that is if I don't find out that someone else has done it.
  10. luton man. 30 points in minus. try to stay in the division. i did that and it's the best game i've ever played in CM/FM, and i've played every version since 94. try to keep them up and get promoted, it's a great challenge! i'm currently stuck in the battle for a playoff place in the championship, and have been for the last 5 seasons. it's great to just build a team by signing unknown young players.
  11. really? it happens quite a few times. it's nice when you've used the same 442 for a long time and you've lost the last few games and then decide to change it, and you win it and get the news item that your tactical gamble was successful. so, i'm not really complaining because it is a great game by the way, is anyone else annoyed by the press conferences? they were a nice touch at first but now i just find myself telling my assistant to attend every time.
  12. hello everyone. has anyone seen this? i'm managing luton and i'm 8th place in the championship with luton in 2017. we had a game against birmingham, which we lost 2-0. after the match i had a news item saying that my tactical gamble failed, that my "previously untested 4-5-1 proved disastrous as luton slumped to defeat." the thing is that i started with the same 4-4-2 as i always start with. the only thing that happened is that at one time in the game i decided to sub a striker and bring in an attacking midfielder, when we were 2-0 down. it's not a big deal, it's just a minor bug.
  13. Sorry if this has been posted before - couldn't find it by searching. Has anyone noticed if managers of smaller nations retire or are sacked more often than before in FM09? I've just gotten through my 1st season but haven't had any news items about internationals managers quitting. It's been quite annoying before that I've never been able to be the manager of Iceland, the manager has just gone on forever (or at least 5-6 seasons, which is my max) in his job no matter how bad the team has been playing. Hope this is better now. Anyway, love the game now after the new patch, and am glad i bought it - was very disappointed after the demo.
  14. i agree. after the first match i was very dissapointed by the 3d engine, but now after having another go, i'm getting used to it. it's great for seeing more clearly what's going on, even though there are glitches. all other part of the game have been greatly improved. have no issues with injuries.
  15. You do usually know roughly the amount of away fans at a match, like TMLS says. Just go to any fan site or official club website and it's usually mentioned. So I'd think this would be great if it would only be mentioned perhaps after the match in your fixture list. Oh and by the way I love how active the forum is in coming up with great ideas.