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  1. Thanks for the replies folks! He's writing his own response now. I believe the accomplishments are impressive, but there will always be a little * (or two, he did get sacked twice) next to them as he should never of been in a position to win them with that team at that club. I've suggested he go back to his old club, Southampton (13th twice, left for Chelsea) and re-earn his stripes, I think is more than fair and yes I understand he'd have to retire and re-add himself again but it's a way of judging talent long term over the career.
  2. Settle a debate here lads, In an online game with a mate and we're in 2018/19 season. I've stuck with LFC for the duration and established them as a CL side but not won a single trophy. My mate, however, has won the League and FA Cup twice in the past two seasons. However in his first season in charge (of Chelsea), he was sacked, he retired and readded himself - to the same job, then less than 12 months later was sacked again, he readded himself - to the same job, 2 seasons later he began to bring success. Is his success tarnished but still impressive or do the two sackings and readding himself completely null and void any accomplishment with that team? Cheers!
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