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  1. Let's hope so, Keano seems to be getting things right, I find looking at the league table difficult this weekend though as Naarwich are above us!
  2. Just completed a season with Ipswich (metal guitarist update) using this tactic with LordSith's defensive tweak - what can I say, although a little shakey at the back, what you sacrifice in defensive you more than reap the rewards in attack, averaged over 3 goals a game, won the championship with over 100 points and the league cup to do the double, all with a net transfer expenditure of £2.5million By ipswichjon at 2010-10-03[/img] Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Now onto the premiership! Couple of things that seem to help - strikers with high technique and first touch attributes work better than fast players with lower technique/first touch, wingers with heading and finishing are also a big bonus. Any defenders with less than 13 for pace and you'll be ripped apart!
  3. Are you using the original winger tactic or the Lord Sith tweak? I'm also Ipswich, conceding less with the tweaked version, also got in some pacey defenders which is key, I've got Delaney and Phil Jones at centre back, Nathaniel Clyne, Darren O'dea and Seamus Coleman at full back, when I put McCauley/Smith/Kennedy in I do look vunerable to the counter!
  4. I've decided to give it another go with wingers but I'm tweaking it so there's now two central midfielders (same settings for both) and one striker (iversen/John Sutton) and I've adjusted the wingers to have a touch more creative freedom, dropped the defensive line back 3 notches, lowered the defenders mentality and closing down to 3 notches from the lowest and I'm looking much tighter at the back. Preseason results have been very promising, I'll update after the season proper begins...
  5. I think it's partly my team too, Ipswich 2009 aren't the strongest and the 4-1-2-3 formation is much stronger for less able teams, especially defensively, I might give the Gav1979 tactic a try with my 2014 save game thoughas my Ipswich team are very strong but I'll have to wait till the end of the season as I've got no wingers.
  6. yup, that's why I left more detailed feedback in earlier posts and why I'll wait for him to finish working on the defensive side while I use one of his other excellent tactics...
  7. Okay I'm gonna have to give up on the winger tactic for now, it has led to a less successful first half of the season than any of the previous tactics I've tried so I'll wait until Mr Hough has maybe sorted the defence, competitive results in the end were: Played: 12 Won: 5 Drew: 3 Lost: 2 Goals For: 28 Goals Against: 20
  8. Another quick update last games: Middlesborough (H) lost 2-1 Hull City (A) drew 3-3 Thats 17 conceded in 8 games more than 2 a game but 23 scored, nearly 3 a game, if the defence can be tweaked just a touch to reduce the goals per a game conceded this could be a world beater!
  9. Update after 14 games with Ipswich - 8 pre-season 6 competitive, Going forward the goals are flowing, in the last 6 games I've scored 3-4 goals in each match bar 1, but defensively it seems to be a bit all over the place, as you can see from the last 6 games I'm conceding alot and as i posted before, goals from crosses and the striker running in behind the CB are the main culprits, I've also noticed after watching a couple of games all the way through that teams are dragging my man marking centre backs out of position, my full backs seem to be quite a way up field and wingers/midfielders are getting in behind as well, results so far: Swansea (A) lost 3-0 Swindon (A) won 4-2 AET Leicester (H) won 4-3 Scunthorpe (H) won 3-2 Millwall (A) won 4-1 Oldham (A) won 4-2 I use Ast manager team talks (I've got in Mark Venus who has good stats in all the right areas) and no opposition instructions. When I compare this with previous Mr Hough tactics I'm really liking the play going forward (especially on the break where teams get ripped apart) but the opposiiton, even weaker teams, are getting at least 2-3 CCC compared with very few CCC with previous tactics. Possibly stronger teams work better with this tactic as you'll be more likely to have quicker more technically gifted players who'll have more possession and better defensive stats
  10. Going forward this tactic is really strong, an example of the potency comes in the CCC created, with Ipswich at home to Charlton, a relatively strong preseason friendly opponent, match stats: 6-3 win 22 shots 10 on target 8 CCC and some lovely passing moves going on but as has been mentioned the defence is an issue and in all my preseason games I've conceded, and the goals have all come from the same 2 sources: (1) opposition strikers running in behind and outpacing my centre backs (my guys aren't super quick) I think maybe the defensive line is a little too high and you need very quick centre backs. A way around this could be playing with an offside trap. (2) From crosses, usually with a player winning a header against my fullbacks at the far post, does this mean a need big guys at fullback, should it be man instead of zonal marking?
  11. I'ts supposed to look like that (if you re-read the bit where FuSS introduces V4 on page 12 or 13 I think he explains why)
  12. FuSS Thanks for the mid season tip, I also found that picking out 3-4 key players and giving them improved contracts helped boost morale and this in turn helped my results
  13. The mid season slump has hit home, 6 defeats in 8 and the board rumbling discontentedly (despite 1 premiership title, 2 FA cups, 1 league cup, 1 promotion and 3 champions league trophies in 5 years with Ipswich Town!). I currently lie in 10th, but do have games in hand, but I'm struggling to score and conceding too many. Any ideas on how I can change this? I have a couple of decent target men, good wingers and a solid defence. Cheers.
  14. Thanks! I've found playing through the middle against teams with weaker headers at the back causes it to rain goals!
  15. Im glad ur doing so well with Ipswich (*cough* I won the prem with Norwich *cough*) Seething I only play one up away from home against big teams like Barcelona, Man Utd etc after we've gone in front, I don't like to play one up as I think 2 up will always give you more of a chance of winning.
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