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  1. Are you playing Football Manager Touch? Some youth players aren't in the database and instead of having u23s and u18s you just have one Reserve squad
  2. And? You make those points as if they are negative things when they clearly aren't, as andu1 seems to be enjoying the game. So what does it matter?
  3. I've found that players kick off if you fine them after they picked up a two yellows sending off - even if previously warned. Is this the same with everyone else? I always go for warning with that but if it's stupidity in an important game or has cost us a win then I want to fine them for it!
  4. Quick question, thought I'd put it in here as it relates to possession football (apologies if wrong place or been covered) - been doing pre-season tweaking with my system and noticed something on the TC screen. According to the graphics, setting shorter passing reduces width, however retain possession does not. But retain possession (obviously) reduces passing length. I just wanted to check how much of this is just a graphical thing, how it translates into the game and how much it affects possession football (Cleon stated playing wider is better for space). I've been switching between the two and watching for differences but am having trouble picking out what is due to those TI's, what is based on other inputs, and what is basically just how that match has gone in a random outcome kind of way. I can see slight differences in terms of the stats but it could be unrelated as I can't quite see it in the game. I think it's something that without a little explanation to help is just beyond my comprehension when watching the matches
  5. I have seen the discussion of the fact the guides were just guides to help people get started come up a lot in threads recently, with them being regarded as fact by some users. I used them for that (eg. the old specialist roles and team shape link was something I never stuck to), with certain things just sticking. although my account tells me I signed up to here a while back, I only actively started browsing here during FM14. I was having some trouble so I Googled either Ozil or Arsenal, and came across the Ozil+10 thread - I believe it was actually noikeee that started that thread (interesting with him popping up with the latest post here). I was amazed by the intelligent use of roles and duties having a player tuck in and create the overlap etc. and I thought about how a lot of teams have that one wing back who gets further forward. I went to the guides from there, and now am really into these forums and the tactical side of the game. I started off with them giving me a template and adapted from there - in longer saves I tended to change system each summer to some extent. I had a system in one season where on the flank with the attack duty in defence, I moved the player into the WB position with no one in front of him, so it was basically just his flank to run. I lost my way a little there so back to your post...this year I'm finding the tactical side even more stimulating - I find myself on cig breaks at work just playing around with possible combinations in my head. I think Cleon has done well to really kick on this thought process (was excited when someone mentioned in another thread that this one was up), and from my own experience in game I'm finding attacking duties almost as something to try and avoid, at the very least completely minimise. As an average player who found some help and inspiration in these forums, it adds to the longevity and creativity in that it's moving me away from the things that had become starting points of the way I set my teams up. It's excellent.
  6. I don't know about anyone else, but this is one thing I've found to be a big change this year. FM15, no matter what shape I used, I had one DL or DR on attack and the other on support. I had been doing it for a few versions since reading wwfan's guide using it to set up an initial template and then evolving my tactics from there. This one always stuck, with the side swapping based on the players at my disposal, and obviously the AMR/L in front with the opposite duty. This year I naturally used this basis and I have found it much more difficult to have success with a tactic like this than with matching duties on the flanks. Not to say I have had no success, just that it's something I have found more difficult to get consistently working. It's obviously an easy thing to adjust, it just seems so strange to move away what has become such a basic for me!
  7. This is okay for me - I was in a position where I felt something was wrong every game due to my low number of shots on target, so I was fiddling constantly to little avail. Unlucky about the title, I remember having a run in like that on last years FM I think and was dragging the players through!
  8. Been busy for the day but checked the forums on my phone to discover the new patch - very excited to see how it plays as most of the ME based patch notes I've seen relate to issues I had. I was constantly tweaking and trying different things but could not get my shot ratios in line with what I was aiming for - I think my last game was at Norwich with a 4-3-3 (DM and AMR/L), which yielded plenty of possession and control but the last I remember 2 out of 17 shots on target I think (though this was MUCH worse than normal, usually found myself just below the 50% mark, but this was frustrating as I had specifically tried to improve this). We scored from a penalty (a miracle in itself, anyone else missing a lot of pens?) before finishing 1-1 from a lob over the top and some terrible defensive positioning. I was losing hope that I could eradicate these frequent things from my game with some tactical adjustments, and was at the point of just hoping we could see a game through whilst still being addicted and wanting to play as much as I could fit in. Now I'm excited to get my team clicking and moving forward.
  9. Okay after a hefty week or two at work, I've managed to get myself a new file up and running, and made it through to January. Followed a fairly similar path to my first file in terms of signings, and did a big revamp with the staff. Transfers As mentioned, some similarities (Walcott out, Embolo etc.), with a couple of tweaks. Decided to just go for it with the money, spent big but net spend of around £50m is about right for a team wanting and expected to take a title - I'm thinking big spend at the start followed be shrewd business and profit building. I'm aiming to be in the black for transfer spend within a few seasons and to then keep it that way. Iturbe brings a bit of excitement to the AMR spot, and as for Morata...I wasn't planning on bringing in a CF but I got a bit into the last minute big deadline day signing and then it just happened. As well as those, Lincoln will join in January 2017 - not sure how I'm going to use him just yet (currently looking at a Raumdeuter on the left, With Barbosa to take over from Sanchez, and then have the 2 Brazilians for that side). Pre-season & Community Shield Routine pre-season, with the training camp taking place in the USA we played a few friendlies there before I took the team on a trip to Canada. The Community Shield was a bland affair, I hadn't settled on a tactical set-up and was just glad to get a trophy under the belt in the end. League Cup Fairly straightforward run so far, doing the usual of giving back-up and youth a chance, so the longer we're in it the more experience for them. Champions League This is where things get interesting. Pretty similar to real life, we were drawn into a group where we looked good for qualifying, with Juventus providing tough opposition. Similar to real life, we then fluffed our lines in the opening 2 fixtures before the back-to-back Juve games. We went to Turin set up to be more reserved and use the counter, and it worked devastatingly. Pogba put Juve 1 up in the 19th minute, before Ramsey equalised in the 29th. Oxlade-Chamberlain scored 2 in 2 minutes right before half time to set us on the way, so we spent the 2nd half holding the ball and soaking the pressure. Cuadrado got one back on 72 but we held out to turn our look. Morata's goal against his former club wasn't enough in the return tie at the Emirates, leaving qualification in the balance again. A winning goal from Jeff Reine-Adelaide in Belgium left us looking strong as we hosted Olympiakos. Mirroring real-life (aside from location), a 3-0 win took us through to a knockout tie with Zenit; delighted to avoid the big dogs, for now. Premier League In general, a strong campaign. The main hiccups coming away from home, with the 0-0 against Stoke the only time we've dropped points at the emirates - a game we finished with 9 men thanks to Coquelin and Koscielny going off the deep end. Clearly some tweaking of tactics away from home could still be needed, but I'm frequently tinkering and switching between 3 shapes, with similar styles in terms of TI's. The home wins to Man Utd and Chelsea were particularly pleasing. So at New Year, the table stands... Pretty tight! Any slips may well have a big impact, and a drop in form could be disastrous. We go to Old Trafford in the early part of January, and we also go to Stamford Bridge and White Hart Lane later in the season, so we need to get the away form in shape. In other news, Blackburn at home in the Fa Cup 3rd Round is a favourable draw, and a deal is agreed for Rulli to join for free in Summer. Reports are showing that Donnarumma could be available for peanuts, something I haven't seen on other files/test saves, so may have to jump at that chance.
  10. Ended up having a bit of an issue. Was getting things ready to post an update to the start of January - great start to the season, a woeful Christmas was the essence. Played on a little bit into January before a continuation of awful form and having to get sorted for work meant I shut everything down without thinking it through, and not saving. I loaded up later on when back at home to find my fortunes had turned but after winning a couple of games everything crashed. I tried again, but the magic was lost from the minor hissy fit earlier and throwing away a 2-0 lead at Shrewsbury to force a 3rd round replay in the FA Cup was the nail in the coffin of just not being able to continue. With hindsight, I blame Eden Hazard - the too-good-to-turn-down signing did actually take the shimmer off and threw out the focus and vision I had in terms of team building, which took a lot of enjoyment out. So I'm gonna go back to the start and give it another bash. And I can do screenshots now too, thanks to Llew_Arshavin23 for that one. Might end up with similar transfers etc. but looking to get more settled with a system as I was frequently tinkering and was never quite happy with the shape/style that came out. I just need to find the time to get cracking with it... In other news, nice to see Mark. back this year, one of a few whose updates I enjoyed keeping up with on last years thread.
  11. No worries, as I said I just wanted to be able to put up the right screenshot. I think it's a glitch in how the game processes a team needing a player - because he missed the entire second half of the season, something clicked and they transfer listed him. Possibly similar to last years January update when you could pick up Marquinhos for peanuts for a brief time. Still, can't complain, spoilt for choice with him and Sanchez for AML!
  12. Yeah that's what I figured, just wanted specifics so I could post appropriate screenshots. Went for Mourinho's history - you can see total number of days in charge and the current date, plus the highest fee received. You can also seethe lack of the icon for the in-game editor as I haven't purchased it, nor have I downloaded the pre-game editor. It would be pretty daft to do something like that and throw it up on here as if it genuinely happen. Also I'm not 9 years old. I am actually towards thinking it could be a minor bug; he broke his leg on the 12th December missing 5 months - so missed through till May and effectively the end of the season. Chelsea finished 3rd, not champions as has been pointed out (City won the title). Hazard cropped up on the transfer list which was bizarre and if you saw my previous posts I actually wasn't sure if I wanted to go for him or not. Mata also came up on the transfer list and went to Barca for £27m. Thanks to johnhughthom and a couple of others for their input, I appreciate it.
  13. Thanks! Disappointing to come out with only the CS, but I think it was yourself who said it an update that it makes the second season more interesting. I will try that out next time, I'm all set up on Imgur just can't get the images to put up there ha. I'm pleased with the business I did, with £64m + the £45m from Theo it would have been easy to bloat the squad with various known wonderkids but I wanted to buy where I needed. Embolo did well, ended up with 20 goals in 40 games for Basel, and Sporting Lisbon want to take him for the next season as a key player so that's about to go through. The aim is to phase in Dragowski for Cech after his year at Roma, to be back up for Rulli. Then he can take over no.1 after another few seasons. I think the Hazard deal may happen, I can shuffle things so it's him and Sanchez rotating on the left, but I'm wondering when I should make a move - he went on the list for £36m asking price, and it's dropped to £34m through a month or two of pre-season. I could see if it drops and get him even cheaper on deadline day (it's not a requested transfer, and bizarrely there are no other clubs interested) but I run the risk of Chelsea taking him off the transfer list again.
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