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  1. carrunion22

    FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Are you playing Football Manager Touch? Some youth players aren't in the database and instead of having u23s and u18s you just have one Reserve squad
  2. carrunion22

    FM15: Arsenal FC

    Right, having lost my other file and the fact I have a week off work, seems a good time to get stuck into a nice new shiny Arsenal save. Once I figure out screenshots, I will post them in future updates. I'm following the same road I used on the aforementioned lost file as I enjoyed it and had a good first season. Will be setting up as follows (from R to L): GK(D) WB(S) - Stay wider CD(D) CD(D) WB(A) - Stay wider DM(D) CM(A) AP(S) IF(A) - Roam, Sit narrower IF(S) - Get forward, Sit narrower, Shoot less CF(S) - Move into channels TI's - Retain possession, Shorter passing, Work ball, Play out of defence, Push higher, Roam, Close down more, Stay on feet, Offside trap, Lower tempo. In defence, all 3 central midfielders drop back in front of the area providing strength in numbers, and in attack the system looks more like a 4-2-3-1 with the CM(A) moving into an AMC position and the the AP(S) holding deeper, then the DMC will be ready to pick up clearances and recycle. May seem to be a lot of TI's but I've had success with that setup a few times, yielding high possession and control of the game, which is obviously what you want from an Arsenal team. Monreal out to Newcastle for 10m and Coquelin to Fulham for a structured 7.5m. River wanted too much for Balanta so I went for Nkoulou who I'm looking to move straight in alongside Koscielny and will look to move him into a leadership role with a season or 2 under his belt. Gaya at left back, and Lucas Romero will take the DM(D) spot with Flamini as back up. Agreed a deal of around £4.5 for Francesco Bardi to join summer 2015 when his loan finishes - had good experience with him in the past and has solid stats that can develop. Been underwhelmed by the progression of Szczesny and Ospina this year. Signings for the future involve Ruben Neves and Jesus Vallejo who will be loaned out to lower domestic clubs. Passlack and Ruben Barbosa joined, both at 16 years old, looking for them to hold down the full back spots for years to come. And finally Bonazzoli will join next summer. My friendlies are set as a few against low rep teams to get big scores and a morale boost, and some tougher games to provide more challenge.
  3. carrunion22

    FM15: Arsenal FC

    RTH, quick question - what league setup do you use on your save, and what do you do with your scouting?
  4. carrunion22

    FM15: Arsenal FC

    I've found using the 4-1-2-2-1 most successful for me, couldn't get 4-2-3-1 to work (although I wanted to use BWM(S) and DLP(D) in a Gattuso/Pirlo sort of way). I've also had great success with Ozil on the right as an IF(A). I like using wide AML/R as it allows me to use the Ox to his best, even if he wouldn't necessarily be in my 'best eleven' for a big game, but his development and the fact he's home-grown make him invaluable. Hence I'm not convinced 4-3-1-2 or 4-3-2-1 is for me. I had a career mode file where I swapped and changed the DM role until I gave Regista a go, and blew the league away using it behind AP(S) and CM(A) in CM. Quite a dynamic centre, with all 3 providing defensive support and getting forward. I just like the thought of having a bit more bite, even if the team was strong defensively...
  5. carrunion22

    FM15: Arsenal FC

    How are you finding BWM Support? I'm quite eager to use one but can't figure out exactly how I want to set up my midfield
  6. carrunion22

    FM15: Arsenal FC

    So after finally taking the time to join the thread, I go and accidentally wipe my save. Starting over...
  7. carrunion22

    FM15: Arsenal FC

    Enjoying it overall. The speed is great, and the look is much brighter - it feels much less stressful! I do miss the scouting and training depth, I had been enjoying finding staff and getting my training ratings up, but on the other hand it was a big task starting up a new game and setting all that up. Currently deciding between a 4-2-3-1 and a 4-3-2-1, with thoughts of how the Milan midfield with Kaka at his peak worked, as I loved watching them. With sales of players I'm up to around 160m in transfer funds and have no idea where to start.
  8. carrunion22

    FM15: Arsenal FC

    Hey all Been following this thread a while and thought I'd chip in. Done a few files with Arsenal and got a few seasons in with different systems, but was inspired by RTHerringbone's updates to kick up FMC for the first time. Bear with me as having screenshot troubles, will give a brief overview of things so far. First season was a relative success- took the League and the League Cup. FA Cup we got to the final for the team not to show up and lose 0-1 to Southampton. In the CL, we got through the group easy enough to be drawn against Barca. Lost 0-4 at the Nou Camp, with an Ozil hat trick pulling us back into the second leg before Messi tucked away an away goal and we had no chance. First half of the season we were unstoppable, with results like 6-2 against Man City and 4-1 against Chelsea, both at the Emirates. Lost the Community Shield and then went through unbeaten to December before finally losing to Spurs. Best moment was when Man United came to the Emirates - 0-1 and then 1-2 down, Wilshere smashed one in from way out in the 84th, before Giroud turned home the winner 30 seconds from time. We were way out in front most of the season before results slipped towards the end and Man United got right back into it. Second last game of the season I thought we were going to lose it when Giroud struck in the 92nd minute (again) to give us a 2-1 win against Liverpool which all but secured it. Used a 4-1DM-2-1-1 Wide (according to tactics), high press possession based as you would expect. Brought in Gaya, Balanta, and Lucas Romero for first team squad places, and on deadline day brought in Andrea Poli for 1.7m to add depth in the middle - he became a revelation with 13 goals and 8 assists from 27 starts, mostly as CM(A). Ozil on the right as an IF(A) weighed in with 21 goals and 14 assists from 33 starts, Sanchez got 19 goals and 18 assists in 36 starts on the left as IF(S), and Giroud with 29 goals and 9 assists up top as CF(S). Rotation options of Welbeck up front and Cazorla and Ox on the wings also made great contributions. The rest of first season transfers involved Monreal to Newcastle for 10m and Coquelin to Fulham for 7.25m. Then some building for the future...signed up Bonazzoli to arrive a the start of next season, brought in Ruben Neves and loaned him out for the season, and the same with Jesus Vallejo. Finally signed up Felix Passlack from Dortmund - look him up, will not be disappointed. At 16 his stats are already outrageous, and he's only been in the reserves (youth contract, couldn't loan out). Currently figuring out the direction and targets for start of season 2, the board threw 120m at me as a transfer budget (had over 20m left from season 1) but I don't want to go over 25 with signings and I'd like to stick to 1 marquee signing per season. Will do thoughts and targets for next season in a separate post later.