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  1. I have a couple of handheld devices ipad, galaxy s5 android phone and amazon kindle. Do i need to buy the handheld version separately for all devices ? And is amazon.com a good place to buy. No deals currently at least.
  2. +10. You know i have never thought about it this way but it is so true. Every new player is told to visit the tactics and training forum. But what game needs you to go to a forum to learn to play. Something is not right.
  3. One thing that struck me after what Van Gaal did with MUFC is that training is extremely important to the tactics. Every manager seems to define their tactics and then use training to get them playing the way they want. i just don't see this currently in FM. Training is way too simplistic and there is no way in 2 training sessions and a new tactic we can re-create what Van gaal did with MUFC. It seems to work the other way too, many players commented last year that training sessions under Moyes were snorefest and even in their first friendly against some weak team in middle-east they showed the negative effects of it (MUFC barely won 1-0 that game) Potential future feature in FM ? What do you guys think ?
  4. Faroe Islands - The Ultimate Challenge! What am I doing ? My inspiration is this thread which is my favorite. I intend to use the same format too http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/281975-San-Marino-The-Ultimate-Challenge! Another inspiration is that The regular San Marino is near impossible if not impossible. For a couple of years, I have been trying the regular San Marino challenge. Take club and country San Marino to glory. It was easier (still took a long time) to take the club to champions league etc. but the country development was always slow and painful. So I did a an experiment. Used the Editor to convert Juventus "based nation" to San Marino and simulated the game for 50 years. If others are interested I can show results from these "experiments". I think the only way to win this challenge is with the league like Makoto did. So here I am, playing the toughest challenge but to spruce things up with Faroe Islands Goals Take a team from Faroe Islands to win the European Champions Cup Will take 1 club to top then hop to 2nd club and compete with that first club and so on to improve the league reputation Take the National Team to the European Championships Take the National Team to the World Cup Win the World Cup & European Chamiponships Which version Sorry still FM 13 here. with very fast season updates (I will be concentrating on transfers, squad and financial management only. So will be vacationing the season to ensure i can get ~100 years or so of gameplay.) Team FC Suduroy Why Well, they just got promoted and media prediction is last. Game Setup: Database Size - Large - Custom (all Faroe islands players) Player count - 26000 Game start date - Faroe Islands - July 2011 Experience - Automatic FC Suduroy Background Facilities: Hope you guys will enjoy reading about this as much as I will enjoy playing it !
  5. The more I jotted down, the more I was able to see the trends. There is a method to all the madness.
  6. Blackburn using 4-2-4 After a few seasons in the Italian league, I was kind of missing the premier league as I follow the premier league every week on television. So I started playing with Blackburn and used the same tactic. Got them promoted to premier league but couldn't make much headway in the premier league for years. Blackburn Year 3 I was using a 4-2-4 and my top players were Jordan Rhodes, Ruben Rochina and a regen striker. The rest of the team was 4* and mostly from the depth chart above. However, I found Rochina as an IF was terrible. He is a 4.5* player but with shoots from distance ppm, decisions & teamwork < 10. He would waste all the chances the team created. Then someone mentioned in the stupid questions thread that the best way to use him is poacher. Poacher for Rochina made sense as that would put him up forward and hopefully in the box and decrease his requirement to make decisions or be a teamplayer. So I started using the 4-3-3, I had created in my freshman thread. However, this tactic is very weak on the wings as we all know. So, I thought... hey, maybe I can create a tactic that plays like 41221 when not in possession but as a 433 when in possession. Here's a chalkboard for it The small changes would be 1 CM pulled back to DM and the 3 strikers have 2 DLF(s) and 1 poacher. I would then specific man mark the opposition DR-DL. It played exactly like I expected, a 41221 off the ball and a 433 on the ball. I ended up mid-table with this tactic. Here are some match results (you will see slump and win-streak patterns again because the morale module was too annoying for me so I just used assistant for it) The 1 good thing was Rochina was top scorer with 20+ goals. However, I ended up rage-quitting and getting frustrated quite a few times. I couldn't figure out why I was winning matches against Liverpool and tottenham but throwing games against weaker opponents. It seemed all random. I started quite a few threads detailing my frustration on analyzing games "why doesn't the assistant provide better feedback" - I wanted him to tell me why I won/ lost a game. "why is reloading giving different results everytime" - it makes it impossible to analyze games "how to watch games" - I wanted to tweak my tactic. However, I did get them very solid financially. Players underestimate the importance of financial discipline but its critical for a long term save. I mean what is the point of buying all the top players and running the club to ground. This is using a depth chart technique that I use a lot since fm12. It has a first team XI, a backup team XI and then a youngster high potential regens team. I have only 1 player in each position and manage the demographic such that any young player goes from u18 team (16-18)--> backup team (19-22) --> first team (23-28) --> backup team/ sold (29+). Here's a Blackburn snapshot for year 1. I use stars from scout's opinion but not everyone likes stars. This has allowed me to have this financial status in 2016 A surplus of 100+ MM in 4 years. Blackburn Year 4 I'll admit, the randomness of results drove me off the game for a long time. I didn't touch fm13 for more than a month but every week I would watch the premier league games and think about these questions. I could never reconcile two observations. 1) This game is a probability function or a game of margins just like in real life football 2) But good players can consistently get excellent results. So somehow, we need to figure out how to increase the margins in our favour enough so that we have a higher chance to win in majority of the games. But how to do that ? Now, veterans of these games have watched these games and know the match engine in and out to know what tactical changes to make. But for novice players, this is not obvious. Let me explain. When you want to win possession, Cleon suggests using 3 shouts - a) hassle opponents b) get stuck in c) push higher up. Now this is great if you know this but if you don't, you will be clueless. Maybe IRL a manager knows this but for a fan the simple thing he knows is - I want to Win back possession. But how to make the game do it ? This was a simple example but for every small tweak, this is not obvious. The only way to do this is to watch and analyze games. And I started analyzing matches with tackles, interceptions, heat maps and the usual things but also another trick. In the comprehensive highlights, I would jot down, a) how my team/ opposition was creating the chance b) how did it fall apart b) who lost possession. Example As you can see, some things kept repeating itself. It was obvious my tactic was weak in the wings and the opposition was attacking through wing-play. My main attack was through the supporting strikers. Now I wanted this so it was ok. But the STC and DM kept losing possession and few misses were through long shots. This was not what I wanted. So I needed to change it - either through role/ duty or shout or substitution. I started jotting down things that worked for me e.g. In fact, a website has already done a lot of hard work for you which I really liked. You will still have to figure which one of those work for your particular tactic. http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/match-day/adapting-tactics/match-stats Interestingly, the answer to another of my frustration (the first two questions above) why I won or lost was already in my question. The answer was Reloading. I know it sounds like a cheat but the base rule I used is that only the first result counts. If the result was not what I expected then I would treat it as a failed experiment, I would save game as a temp file and start replaying (experimenting) the game until I figured out the answer. Its true that for some losses, I played the game at least 50+ times (like wwfan did for FM05 or Cleon mentions in his blog he did initially) and Voila !. For every game, I could figure out a combination of tactical/ team talk/ selection of right players that would work at least 3 times. Its a game of margins but if you tweak the margins in your favour enough, you will win the same game again and again and again. It also answered another question, if I won just because I got lucky, the next 3 times I played I lost with the same settings. Hmm.. so that win was a fluke. So that's how I ended up tweaking my tactic 4123 tactic to this That is it. Just 3 simple tweaks from last season's tactic 1. didn't try to fix weakness on wings - strength through middle > wing play 2. DLF (s) changed to Treq. (so they can float freely to link up play better) 3. DM(D) --> DLP (D) (it allowed back passes to DLP and pull opposition out of their half or defensive shape. Also, my DM is like Bastian Sch. and aerially weak) And now I am comfortably cruising through the matches with the exact same mid-table expected team. Here's a typical heat map There's probably more things to try like a) can I move the WB in the WB position to push them up b) what if I make it asymmetric like AF + DLF + T roles The bottom line is small tweaks can change how your tactic behaves quite dramatically
  7. On Cleon and a few other posters suggestion, I'm compiling my three threads into 1 which chronicles my journey to developing a winning tactic well suited for my team. I started here but now I am here Background I have re-enrolled myself at the tactics university of this forum. And I am requesting your help to understand the TC, ME and AI. Hopefully all of us can learn from this thread as its about relegation battles, victories against all odds and building a small team into European giants. As a freshman and an underdog, my hope is I and hopefully others can learn on this journey and be a giant killer. The club is a small Italy serie C1 club called San Marino (San Marino challenge). Goal is to become UEFA champion and World cup champions for the small country of San Marino. I tried this challenge earlier in the year and failed miserably. I tried my hand at the usual LLM and edited clubs and failed miserably. I have again started the San marino challenge with the hope that 'professors' and other genius seniors on this forum will help me survive this time. I have finished the first 2 years of the game (lets call it high school) and its straightforward to get promoted to Serie B with San Marino club with reasonable loan signings. 1st year in Serie B (freshmen), we are in a world of hurt. - No money to sign good players or renew constracts... I already lost my striker because he is asking for 16,000 p/w (?????). Club wage total is 40k p/w. - Media Prediction is relegation battle - I tried vacationing and my assistant manager got me dead last and fired by March so even a AI manager is not able to save us. Goal is simple: Survive the freshmen years ! (or relegation in game terms) Lets start with the Orientation (twelve steps of wwfan): The Twelve Step Guide 1: Be prepared to admit you suck as a freshmen - I already did. 2: Unless you are 100% sure you know what each and every slider does and how they interact, abandon them. - Yes professor. Abandoned them 3: Become aware that the strategy names are more plastic than they seem. The defensive strategy still attacks on the counter, - Yes sir. I think I will attack on the counter. This is a good place to discuss Formations - I see three potential formations based on my team. -4-3-3 (Ideal) -3-4-3 -4-2-4 Here's my team Yes my midfield sucks. But I have fantastic strikers and defenders. If you don't recognize some of these players I typically go to u19 squads and look for free players to sign and all these guys have amazing potential but poor current ability. I am also only showing my first team. All subs have been moved to reserve team for better clarity. What do you guys suggest ? Which formation to use ? I am leaning towards 3-4-3 but by using my DR and DL at MR and ML positions. Here's my team. GK http://imageshack.us/a/img818/8827/alh6.jpg Defenders #1 defender http://imageshack.us/a/img835/2204/27y0.jpg Potential libero ? http://imageshack.us/a/img94/9780/ioyp.jpg Nice regen http://imageshack.us/a/img607/1892/dt4k.jpg Wingbacks http://imageshack.us/a/img585/8532/16tn.jpg http://imageshack.us/a/img844/6351/r9jh.jpg Central Midfielders Veteran is strong as DM but best as backup http://imageshack.us/a/img37/176/f51c.jpg Good potential BWM/ DLP but current ability sucks http://imageshack.us/a/img521/2175/mfom.jpg Good potential playmaker but current ability sucks http://imageshack.us/a/img855/3561/uz7q.jpg Wingers http://imageshack.us/a/img560/5346/vugy.jpg Older member probably best as backup http://imageshack.us/a/img824/8986/aeqf.jpg Strikers My #1 striker http://imageshack.us/a/img10/2351/4rga.jpg My target man http://imageshack.us/a/img850/5562/hm2t.jpg This regen is the reason I am going for 3 striker formations. He came last year as a complete surprise and he is looking fantastic. He is exactly like the Inside Forward - Alan Spencer guy that Cleon talks about (poor crossing, passing, creativity but great physical and finishing skills). Unfortunately, I don't know how to use him with my rest of the team. He is very poor at crossing so wings doesn't make sense. http://imageshack.us/a/img824/7031/8zff.jpg 4: Focus on roles and duties in the TC. Ok so to figure out the roles and duties I had this crazy idea while I was browsing Cleon's blog.. why not use a chalkboard. Lets start with a 3-4-3 Here's the chalkboard describing the space use. The red stars are opposition players in 4-4-2. Very quickly, the well-known problem with 3-4-3, which is the wingback overlapping the winger is clear. But the strength of 3 strikers vs 2 defenders is clear too. The midfield kind of cancel each other. http://imageshack.us/a/img4/869/p8i3.jpg The yellow big arrows show the major passing channels. Its quite clear that there are 3 main flow directions for passes. http://imageshack.us/a/img560/5731/0ydt.jpg Looking at their passes and positions, I decided to use the following roles and duties. Lets look at 4-3-3 Again the space use. The main weakness is being outnumbered in midfield but again the three strikers will ensure any possession is converted to chances. http://imageshack.us/a/img341/9364/8vc7.jpg The yellow arrows show a much nicer triangle flow of passes with many ways to work the ball around. The only concern I have is it seems better suited to slow possession based buildup.. not a counter direct passing style. http://imageshack.us/a/img46/3504/jtt4.jpg Here's what the roles and duties look like based on that chalkboard space and pass diagrams. Step 5: Look at the team comparison page to determine how strong / weak your team is to the divisional average. Use the tactical adjustments to take advantage of / cover for this (e.g. if you have a very slow or lazy team, stand off more, whereas if they are quick and hard-working, press more) Team comparison: Unfortunately, my team isn't very hardworking or aggressive. Overall passing is also very poor. Add to this a weak midfield and we are looking at a direct passing, counter play by getting ball forward quick. http://imageshack.us/a/img197/5659/rvcy.jpg Defense is easily good to survive relegation. http://imageshack.us/a/img822/4024/g2cr.jpg My midfield is really very bad. If others think I absolutely need to get a midfielder to survive i'll see if I can find one even if it send me in debt. http://imageshack.us/a/img811/8105/y204.jpg Some good news. My attackers are fantastic. The best in aerial abilities. http://imageshack.us/a/img547/5016/a7r1.jpg Actually, I am a big fan of 4-2-4 myself. I used it almost exclusively in fm 12. But for me, I choose tactics based on the team I have. I go and look at a real world example afterwards. Example for a 3-4-3, I was thinking it would look more like Bielsa's Chile, fast and counter. A 4-2-4 would be more like MU, with Rooney dropping deeper and acting like a AMC-ST hybrid and with advanced wingers like Nani. The other reasons I like 4-2-4 is because a) it is a hybrid between 4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1, allowing you to change between the two if needed without getting new players. b) Its extremely easy to get players for that formation. usually, I have a tougher time finding traditional wide midefielders MR/ ML. AMR/ ST or AMRL is easy to find. So bottomline is, if I can make it work then I would like a 4-2-4. Here's what the chalkboard looks like. (the paint pictures looked crappy so here's a google diagram) http://imageshack.us/a/img692/4484/g02p.jpg I really like how this formation pulls a 4-4-2 opposition out of shape. In defense its a little weak especially with an opposition AMC. Hence, the DLP defend duty will be critical. He can cover for the attacking fullback and/ or an AMC. The left side will be more defensive by using support instead of attacking duties. http://imageshack.us/a/img41/3584/sei8.jpg The passing patterns show the crossing strength (lighter blue). It relies heavily on it. The midfield provides another outlet. Here's how I am imagining the roles and duties Here's my final league table position. And my match results http://imageshack.us/a/img59/4263/ilag.jpg I can't seem to get other stats as this is the previous season and I don't have an old save. As you can see I barely survived. I was annoyed a lot. San Marino - Year 2 in Serie B. I struggled heavily my first season. My tactic has a lot of holes but its not too bad. Going against wwfan's advice, I still opted for my favorite 4-2-2-2 (or 4-2-4) tactic as I wanted to play my super regen striker/ IF Bellemo along with my two towering strikers (with plenty of crosses). I went crazy in team talks for this year. I used aggressive --> I expect better for half-time or full time talks anytime I got losses. I used assertive --> fans at start of match. Best I can describe is Di Canio style. This is based on Morale management discussion earlier Interestingly, I was able to break the pattern of slumps with this technique. However, I couldn't get a winning streak going either. Also my team of youngsters was a little more mature so they played better too. Combined together we ended up mid-table. Here's a snapshot of match results. As you can see, my match results were dramatically different from year before. Year-end league table. As you can see, I was in the top 3 in the league for goals scored but also bottom 3 for goals conceded. Lots of goals came from crosses as expected
  8. The bottomline is you buy youth cheap, nurture them, move them gradually to your first team. Always have them on long contracts and if they don't realize their potential sell them. The depth chart allows you to do this and control your squad size, age balance, wages. When you first start managing a club you will realize some badly run clubs are bloated in many positions but weak in others. Eg some managers will come in and do total overhaul selling all first team players and getting superstars. Superstars are expensive. You might get instant jump in standing with a huge debt. This will also limit opportunities for youngsters in your backup team. I always buy them young and turn them into superstars. It also helps keep a tight squad size. No more 5 strikers on 100k salaries. You have 2 and if they have a slump your youngsters are always willing to take opportunities. I did not buy a single player over 2M. And superstars like joshua king who didn't make my first team were happily sold for 12M+. In 4 yrs, I have a fantastic team at a solid wage level..
  9. I agree. I was worried it would become unwieldy and impossible to digest. But in hindsight probably better yes, so if there is a way to combine them, sure.
  10. too late I got it to work :o. It acts more like the Napoli's 3-4-3 tactic now but it works quite beautifully now as I will show in part 3 of this thread.
  11. What do you guys think of my journey till here. I would like to hear thoughts on this 4123 tactic before I post in my part 3 thread, how I tweaked this tactic to get amazing results with exactly the same team.
  12. Shouts that work great with this tactic If opposition is playing high pressing game a) Hassle opponents b) push higher up c) get stuck in If opposition goes more offensive a) Control strategy If opposition sits back (a) Control strategy (b) pass in space In general (a) exploit middle (b) play wider That's it. Hopefully, I will gain fresher insights as I go keep playing.
  13. So that's how I ended up tweaking my tactic 4123 tactic to this That is it. Just 3 simple tweaks from last season's tactic 1. didn't try to fix weakness on wings - strength through middle > wing play 2. DLF (s) changed to Treq. (so they can float freely to link up play better) 3. DM(D) --> DLP (D) (it allowed back passes to DLP and pull opposition out of their half or defensive shape. Also, my DM is like Bastian Sch. and aerially weak) And now I am comfortably cruising through the matches with the exact same mid-table expected team. Here's a typical heat map There's probably more things to try like a) can I move the WB in the WB position to push them up b) what if I make it asymmetric like AF + DLF + T roles The bottom line is small tweaks can change how your tactic behaves quite dramatically
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