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  1. But why should you pick formation if you are not gonna be making tactics? The features you said could be implemented in a mode called football director/football chairman...But where is the gameplay then? whats the point of playing a manager sim if you are not managing anything...The entire game is centered around tactics and PLAYING football...Press statements are monotonous and boring..You should try fifa cos its much more fun and is definitely not a time sink like FM..
  2. The invincibles team had plenty of physical presence in the game full of tall players!! The average height of the players was 6 feet... So here's my idea for an invincibles team in FM anyway ----Vanpersie/bergkamp----Benzema/Henry---------- ---Pastore/Pires----Veira/Yaya toure--Gilberto silva/Sandro--Bryan ruiz/Ljunberg--- ---Cole/Baines------Campbell/Dede-------Kolo toure--------Sagna----- ------------------------------Szczesny------------------------------------------
  3. i think that might be the problem... My left winger is the best player in my team and he has to be forward all the time...Anyway heres the formation i use ^^ Any suggestions to improve defensively will be helpful as i cant seem to keep a clean sheet!!! The final score usually is 2-1 in most games.
  4. Holy crap...Thats some huge playtimes....I got the game in january, Got fed up with the game and because of availability of no match engine exploiting tactics, i ditched the game for a couple of months..Now my total playtime is around 70 hours!!
  5. I'm conceding too many goals in the second half(5 in first half, compared to 11 in the second). i don't tinker with my tactics during half-time..My pep talks are green but as you can see from the screen shot, Also, a lot of these goals are coming from the left flank(is it right flank-RB or LB)? Should i sell santon and buy a more defensive strong LB?Why am i conceding so many goals in second half with the same tactics?
  6. Can someone please tell me what does the wideplay instruction 'move into channels' do? I have enabled it on my winger and AMC...also, Which wideplay instruction is better for a lone striker "Normal/cut inside/ move into channels"?
  7. Hi...I'm using a similar tactic just like yours with newcastle and its working great for me... I would suggest you to read these articles... http://footballmanagerveteran.wordpress.com/2012/08/26/fm-exploiting-the-pocket/ http://footballmanagerfocus.wordpress.com/2012/11/09/fox-in-the-box/ These settings have worked great for me...
  8. these kind of stuff happens in real life football as well especially when u are playing vs defensive teams...remember chelsea last year CL win? barca and bayern had like 30 shots and struggled to score..
  9. Yes!!Score more goals...Thanks for the advice My question is about creating clear cut chances against these teams :-) Sorry i will post this thread in the right forums next time.. Thank you so much for the brilliant in-depth answer. So it should be mixed passing style, a high normal tempo and normal timewasting and a deeper D-Line (But not too deep!)...Ok thanks ! I will test and post the results.. Thanks for the suggestions.I have decent CB's..But is jumping a critical attribute for CB? My CB's have all the attributes you suggested except for jumping which is rated at 13...They are not tall either(184cm).. All the attributes you suggested my midfielders have ( Cabaye, Anita, Sissoko, Tiote, Ben arfa) But i will see if I can buy cristieg/Jack cork... Cisse is pretty good. I will try to buy another ST to implement a 3-4-1-2 . I am currently playing ben arfa as treqartista and cisse as goal poacher...With the tactics you suggested, I will test and change it a little bit to a 3-4-2-1..With another AMC(some one like michu?) acting as inside forward and making forward runs.. While playing wide width, Should passing be focused down both flanks/mixed/ through the middle...? thanks for suggestions..
  10. Teams that play contain tactics use a 4-4-2 and use longballs..With 2 dms and 2 defensive wingers.. Stokes formation is something like this... --RD--CD--CD--LD-- ------DM--DM-------- --LM(D)--------RM(D)-- -------ST---ST------- I have tried using maximum d-line, quick tempo,slow tempo, low time wasting...but nothing seems to break the wall..all the shots from inside the box gets blocked... I'm playing as newcastle utd..and playing a 4-2-3-1(2cm,wide players with "move into channels" instruction.) Any tips!! Does counter attack work against these type of teams??
  11. What are some of the FM-Fan based websites that discuss FM in great detail and also Football tactics and formations?? I found a website called fm-britain but that website is now out of date..
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