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  1. Will the digital download be available for non-EU countries? For example in Russia digital download via STEAM isn't available.
  2. Nice to see another brilliant article. May be mod's can move this thread to tactics/trainings forum?
  3. Can I take part in beta discussion of wizard? Unfortunately there aren't nothing about it in fm09 beta forums.
  4. I think that it will be best if we can use wizard not only with some preset options. Look at this section, now there aren't single tactics, there are a lot of tactic' sets. People will be able to modify settings and upload their own preferences for this wizard. Or the TTF is the one and only successful tactic ideology?)
  5. Sorry, but I can't agree. ME will never be free from bugs, and if will delete all that can exploit it... I told about this in our russian podcasts when we discuss arrows... There will be only one button in final) "Do you want a good tactic for your team" - "yes" )))) We can see basics of these in wizard system. Please, understand. The FML system IS NOT the FM system. Yes, in FML we need to reduce number of supertactics and make matches and game process more funny. Fm is offline game... And a lot of people want to tune tactic before every match during hours, watch match in full detail, and you can't reject their point of you, choosing FML's "for fun" style... IAC there will be some exploit tricks in FM, because it's human psyhology. Do you remeber your and leroy heated discussion about cheating AI? That's why people will always try to find some easy way to win - because they don't want to be defeated by AI. And this is not only FM's problem - Isaak Asimov wrote about this a lot of works - remember "I, robot"))) A bud free ME is so pipe dream, so "the expoit-steady ME" is... We removed Diablo (with realicitic arrows!), but people used unrealistic arrows... We removed arrows. but people use corner cheat... What's next? Excuse my English once again..
  6. So, i can see 4 directions of the game development now in this thread - 1. Reducing of chance to create the supertatic (because it is unrealistic) 2. UI and creating tactic' process must be more user friendly (because it will help to sell the game) 3. In-match tactic changes must be more important then creating single very succesfull tactic (because the match is the main part of the game, and it is weird when the user create single supertactic and don't "play" FM during the matches) 4. Make ME so realistic, as it possible, remove bugs (because it is the most important part of the game) As i think we must add at least one another direction 5. Extending the tactic settings and make it more real, give the users ability to create their own tactic based on real football tactics (again and again - lateral movement? various settings of setting pieces? in-depth individual instructions?) In reallife it is impossible to limit manager freedom in creating tactics, because his opponent can't create so succesfull tactic, or because there are pressing bug, or corner bug, or stupid fullback's bug) When there will be a lot of tactic settings (which can be tuned manually - for advanced users - or using the wizard - for newbies), and this settings will be limited by the match engine based on common sence (arrows - conditios - positioning correlation) it will be very and very nice.
  7. After strange decisions about arrows and seeing still a lot of very successful tactics... When SI don't keep their words about control of lateral movement... After no reply in my suggestions about tactics development in beta forums... I think, I understand, what's happening with our lovely game) When i read Miles' interview in 2007 when he said, that the main idea is to make Fm more friendly for newbies, I became alerted)) But now we can see that it is really the main idea - to make all more easy... Is it bad? No, if there will be also some things for those people who love to tune their tactics during many hours... for people who choose Fm because of freedom which cm and fm give us, freedom to create our own tactics... Even if this wizard will be added as option, and we still be able to make tactic without this wizard - it will be slap in the eye for many fans. When the developers decide that adding new features in tactic is not so important than make this tactic easy to understand, it seems for us like somebody attempt on our freedom (yeah, illusory, but freedom!)... It is psyhology problem... I don't want to start another battle (something like "the realism or without the arrows"). Just want to rise one important point - if there will be nothing new in tactic, which gives us more abilities to control our team at the field - this will be Rubicon for the series. A lot of old fans will left these game because the game will change priority.. If you want this new function will be accept by all fans, SI, wwfan, Millie - you need to add something new for the old fans, who like to play with tactic, to tune it witout TTF and other manuals, who like to play full match, to find their own way in tactic building. We dont' wanna any "tactic bible". Is there any tactic bible in real life? Are Hidding, Ferguson, Wenger and others use any wizard?) I (and others) don't want to see that Fm will be "the casual arcade game". I (and others) want them to be simulator of footbal management. That's why any step in "make game more easy" direction is like stroke in heart for us.... Plase, understand this, and you will understand why there are so much agression. When you love your girl not only for appearanceŠ± but for their intellect too, you will be very dissapointed, when somebody make it more nice, but and more stupid) Excuse my English. Hope it helps. Thanks in advance.
  8. FM Cache Cleaner

    This utility can automatically: - clean cache folders - reset preferences - Tick "Reload skin on confirm" - Untick "Use skin cache" Excuse my English, please)
  9. 9.3.0 Coach Formula

    Thanks mate, really useful post.
  10. FM Cache Cleaner

    Small and useful utility for cache cleaning. This utility will help you with xml errors and graphics installing. Download: FM Cache Cleaner
  11. Football Manager Wiki

    jod, can you add multilingual support? i can translate articles in russian
  12. Football Manager Wiki

    May be it's problems of translations. I mean that it will be good if there will be link on this wiki on http://www.footballmanager.net/. It will be greate for all newbies of the series. (and easy to find wiki, because now link on wiki is only in forums) Also it will be very nice if there will be article like this: "We have very good news for all fans of football manager series - we've start new project, FMWiki, where you can find a lot of useful articles about basic concepts and in-depths articles about all aspects of the game" Excuse my English please.
  13. Football Manager Wiki

    + news on the main page (and permanent link) about wiki will be very useful
  14. Football Manager Wiki

    m8, can you send me psd files? Really like the third logo, and want to re-do it for our wiki in russian language:thup: