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  1. Is there anyone on here that could make a badge and a couple of kits for a team I have created? If so what info would you need from me?
  2. I’ve never used the touch or mobile version but am wondering if I buy the mobile version of fm, would that work on a tablet or vide Versa? Or are the completely different?
  3. I’m just updating drivers and I’ll give it a go with no graphics and see how it runs
  4. Thanks I’ll give it a try, I’ve put it back on the laptop and try it tomorrow
  5. Yes I had faces, badges and trophies downloaded
  6. I wouldn’t know how to do it, I have uninstalled a lot of stuff off the laptop , maybe I should try again and see what happens
  7. Yes, I’ve tried most things,, I like to play with graphics on too, plus have lots of photos and music on laptop too but doesn’t even take up a 5th of the hard drive space
  8. Also should state I’m not interested in the touch version as not as in depth as pc
  9. Shortly after fm19 was released I had a few issues with running the new game on my laptop, I have a hp envy dv7, i7-3610qm processor and a nvidia GeForce gt 635m graphics card. I noticed that bars were sticking when moving the mouse and gameplay (even on 2d mode) what felt quite a bit slower. Now I’m turning 35 next week and am wondering do I buy a new laptop for fm, old one works pretty well for everything else, or do I consider fm retirement? Any recommendations on laptops welcome as I’m not sure on what’s good to run, but ideally need to get more than two to three games an hour as a season would last forever. Any help appreciated, thanks for reading
  10. Would that affect the 2d match engine? I do have badges and face packs added too, if I removed them would that increase the speed? As well as shifting about 10gb of files off my laptop
  11. Thanks for the reply, i had no idea the tech was almost 7 years old, but I’ll definitely look for a bigger ghz rate on the processor, would you know anywhere decent for a new laptop as all I know is pc world?
  12. Thanks for replying, I think it’s just the general running of the game, I’d say it’s more during matches. I only use 2d and on key highlights. I don’t know if the new match engine generates more highlights which makes the games longer? It’s just the game itself feels slower. But that is why I put the spec of my laptop up as I wasn’t sure if maybe because it was a 4 or 5 year old machine that maybe it’s that slowing not the game. Another example could be during the team talk display when I’m moving the curser over which talk to give the bar doesn’t light up as i hover over it, there’s like a 2 or 3 second delay. On average I’m playing 2 maybe 3 games per hour, when I used to get more done on previous versions, but again I dm not sure if it’s because of the level of detail or a slow machine?
  13. Hi guys, I've noticed that fm19 is running slower than fm18, I have an intel i7 - 36100 @ 2.3ghz machine, 16bgb ram and nvidia GeForce 635m graphics card, but on fm19 i'm only getting to play maybe 2-3 games per hour, where as on fm18 I was getting 6-7 per hour. When in game, some times the graphics on the 2d match engine can stutter a bit, I usually play with 5 nations, but its the same whether I play with 1 nation or 7 nations running. Is this just down to fm19 having more detail in it? Has anyone else been having a similar problem? Its been recommended to get a ssd drive which could speed things up, or is it worth getting a new machine? But £1000 for a decent laptop is a bit steep at the moment and the laptop runs everything else fine, again its a little slow booting up and a little slow opening programmes. Have also done all the usual clean up programmes etc, which made a slight improvement. Just wondering if anyone can advise me or if anyone is having similar problems? Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. I’m just wondering has anyone else had problems with classen’s league mega pack since the winter update? Not all leagues work, saying there is more or less teams than required for the league. Is there a way to fix this?
  15. I have’nt tried Asia, I’m dubious about adding extra leagues as wouldn’t want the game to crash if I got really into it. Ive never actually tried an academy challenge, I’m not the best with youth players but could be something to research and give a go. I have been tempted with San Marino, I’ve tried doing a save in fm18 with a welsh team but got sacked after a disastrous second season. Thanks for the ideas though I’ve got a few to mull over and try.
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