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  1. Poor Terk. That´s going to take quite a bit of time
  2. So many new people. And so many faces disappeared. I haven't been around since the old CMS forums when was when I did all my writing (and I see they are all missing ) and it's a pity some of the old great Raptor stories are missing not to mention PM7s Bradford Park Avenue legendary story. Nice to see you are still going strong. I'll see if I can find the time to get through some stories. Oh and to the old timers who were there for the Torquay and Groningen meet-ups.... Hi
  3. Well, this may seem simple compared to the other requests. Also, I'm still learning the game and my manual is in a language I don't really understand as I'm living abroad (well, from my normal country), so I hope it is not already included and just hiding from me Every season when the game updates and creates new players and such, I'd like to be given the option to either activate or deactivate leagues. Take my current game. For some reason I forgot to switch on lower English leagues. I'd like to get them made active so I can manage there as well. Alternatively, if the game is slow, then people could deactivate some leagues and continue their current game at a higher speed. I think that'd be quite useful.
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