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  1. Its based on my past experiences and reading the "valid" issues coming up. I don't appreciate you trying to diminish my point of view on the issue with saying that my opinion is very subjective and that I'm giving poor advice because I haven't played the beta. It's in incredibly poor taste that you decided to attack my comment when all I'm doing is giving my opinion on what this person should do. I have been playing this game a long time and have seen the same issues time and time again. I offered my advice to Danny because those are the things I have personally come up against and I can't di
  2. I haven't gotten the game yet and I don't think I will right off the bat. I read through the beta issues and it's literally the same things year after year. Injuries, keepers not playing to their potential, long shot issues again, players unhappy for strange strange reasons, I mean the list kind of goes on. I understand that this is a beta, but these are issues that were in 2016 and previous FM's and still seem to crop up every year. I feel it takes a patch or two to get them sorted so I'm just going to wait for first patch and see if things get better. I would honestly tell others to do the s
  3. Jeff Hendrick from Derby is a good signing and great alternative to Dele Alli if he is out or needs a rest. Play the identical same way. Great pickup. Can't stress enough how well Milos Velijokic has played while I had an unexpected injury to Eric Dier and others. He has slotted into the Anchor man role really well. adult image
  4. Really enjoying playing with us this year. Milo Veijoska (spelled it wrong) has been amazing in the Dier role of Anchor Man. Dier was hurt in preseason for a while and I had no other option, but to try him out and he has been truly inspiring. Had a lot of injuries and also had to play Cameron Carter Vickers at the back in a couple league games and European games as Jan and Wimmer were hurt as well as Dier. He was really good as well. We are in 5th before Jan Window and I really like the squad I have. I got: Gabriel Barbosa, Young Serbian winger, and McDermott signed the Birmingham City wing
  5. In my save I'm Tottenham and Arsenal finished 4th and Chelsea finished 5th. Chelsea won the Champions League, but now there are 5 teams going into the Champions League. Doesn't one team get dropped like Arsenal who are in 4th? That is what happened to Tottenham when they finished 4th a couple years back and Chelsea won the CL. Can anyone elaborate?
  6. Amazing player who can play in the hole, on the left wing and right I think and he is a wonderful striker. Picked him up for cheap in my Tottenham save. Amazing amazing player. Gels really well with the team.
  7. Has anyone tried to do this? For FM 16 I was going to convert him into that position to be competition for Eric Dier. Has anyone tried this before and had any success?
  8. So does that mean that faces are not allowed to be added? I feel that isn't a licensing issue. Maybe portraying the team names and certain competitions, but surely they can put in the faces. It's not just the premier league it's many leagues from around the world.
  9. The one feature I would love them to add would be current pictures for managers, coaches, physios, and players. This needs to happen. I understand it might be a licensing issue, but there really is no reason this shouldn't be in the game or hasn't been for the past years. It really bothers me that SI do not take the time to sort this out. The game price has come up and I think with that we deserve to see the players faces without having to get them put in ourselves. Also proper emblems of teams and competition names is a must from here on out. That is the only feature I feel has got to be pu
  10. So for FM 15 I made a thread describing my idea for giving physios a bigger part to play in the game. Since injuries will be covered more in depth and be "... determined during matches.", I felt this would give me the time to bring this up. I would love to see a feature in which if a player is injured during a match or training the physio directly interacting with me in a more detailed fashion. I don't have a good example of how it should be for a training injury, but for an injury in a match I would like more detail at the precise moment my player is reached by my physios. This is done all th
  11. Started a brand new save and bought Depay with the money I sold Vertonghan to Man U with and right when he arrives BOOM!! Out 3 months with injury that he got in training. On a more alarming note is anyone else finding that it is incredibly frustrating and quite simply silly that Ryan Mason gets hurt a lot!? In my saves he just can't get a good run of games because he is always hurt and I find it quite silly really.
  12. So people can edit the injuries altogether. Glad to know that. Hopefully someone on a seperate website will release a data release that will address injuries.
  13. Just wondering if you all at SI are thinking of releasing a small update to resolve the sliding bug animation and some other things that causing people some grief. I know that the devs think some things are good as is, but many on the forums are having a lot of issues having a playthrough. Thanks in advance.
  14. Spurs do in real life and have a heavy training regime and so I have to say they don't have as many injuries as I do. Ryan Mason has been hurt for pretty much the whole season. Going to have to sell him as I can't play him.
  15. Well I think you could. I mean the picture above shows Non competitive, League, Cup, International, and Continental games. I was hoping they would list all a players achievements and how many games a player has been in overall. That would be great. As it stands I can only see those things after 2014 not anywhere before that. Also I wished form would stay up for multiple seasons as it would make it easier to see how a player did against big competition. There just needs to be more in depth stuff in the game to get immersed into this series.
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