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  1. although the media is quite good, i think it still needs variation and the commentary just hasnt changed since Fm 2007 at all as faras ive notcied
  2. i forgot 1 there are loads of 'upsets' in the Premeir LEague (eg. Derby beating arsenal) but none in the Cups. I've given up hoping a team below League 2 get to the 3rd round of the FA Cup as it only happens once every 3-4 seasons then they lose 7-0 at home to some LEague 1/2 side who got a red card in the 1st mintue. Where are Havant and Waterloovile?
  3. 1) Transfer fees are completely out of proportion. Xabi alonso is not worth £41m, however good he is (i'm a liverpool fan btw) Teams spend £7m+ on average players. THis is probably because the AI managers can't be bothered to negotiate but i still think it's a bit ridiculous. This also means that real life no-hopers like Derby stay up for at least a season. 2) IRL once someone reaches 33 they are usually near retiring (except keepers), in FM, world class players stats never get worse, meaning players like Lampard, Terry, Gerrard, Carragher etc. don't retire until they are 38 or 39. This is because their stats are ridiculously high so they stay with the top teams till they retire instead of dropping down a division. 3) Not enough board takeovers to reflect how much football is now a very much comercial sport. Techinical directors should probably have profile screns as this would To make the game more real. 4) Also agents have to have a bigger role to make the finances more realistic. 5) i'm not trying to be a killjoy, but the big 4 is very easy to break into, especially liverpool and less so arsenal. 6) although managers have personalities, i think the team transfer policy and style of play should be more like real life (eg. arsenal just don't buy players like Goran Pandev, it would be better if they bought young players and developed them like they have IRL) 7)Managers are sacked after 2 months if they are not winning every game, even by real life standrads this is very quick 8) Is it just me, or is jose morinho never picked up by a single team?
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