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  1. I didn't go into the second season with verision 4 as promised. Instead I tried version 1.1. Didn't do a downlaod but used the screen shot. I've already tried versions 3 and 2.2. Anyway here's my story with version 1.1: Won the Premiership in my first season.( First time I've done this since 2001) Won the FA cup beating Man Utd 6-1 in the Finals Lost 0-1 to Barcelona in the Champions League Final. All in my first season. Beat Chelsea 9-1 at the Bridge and Man Utd 6-0 at Old Trafford what a thrill. The average age for my squad was 24 because I signed four 16 year olds: Saviet, Sakho, Zeefull,Wijnaldum. I also had Ashavin,Modric,Emmanuelson, Appiah and Samassa. Sold Crouch,Riise,Lucas,Kuyt to raise money. My Conclusion: 1.1 deserves the title of being the best tactics and credit must go to you Kimz. FM will never be the same again. I've been playing this since 1998 and this is the best I've ever felt. THANK YOU!!!
  2. I was one of the original members when FM started back in the late 80's and I must tell you all that Kimz is a genius. I've always been Liverpool and I've never had such an explosive first season as I did with verion 4.0. I didnt win anything though but I felt good. Semi final of the League Cup, Qtr in the FA cup, did badly in the champions league and went into UEFA cup but got to the final. Finished 2nd to Arsenal by 1 point in the league. I am going into the second season and I'll see what happens. One problem I did have though.... Torres couldnt score enough goals (22) , is it because of his setting? Gerrard scored 41 goals from AMC. Do I need to change Torres's setting. For example his mentality is normal, shoulnt it be attacking?
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