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  1. Have you had yours yet? I'm still waiting. Is this even legal what is happening? Getting really fed up and even considering not bothering at all now.
  2. I don't get it... How can some people be getting their main game keys sent and others not after buying from the same company. Sent yet another email to CJS asking when it will be available. This is getting ridiculous and I'm getting very angry about it. On their product description it clearly states: So where is my key? Looks like I need to ask for a refund, wish me luck
  3. So still no main game key in my AutoKey area on CJS. Anyone bought FM14 from them and actually recieved a main game key? Not had a reply from Sega either. Was hoping to be playing FM tonight but that looks unlikely now.
  4. Update on my issue with CJS CD Keys... received an email from them late last night saying the main game code will be there shortly, tried this morning, nothing. Nada, Nil. Sigh!!! Wouldn't mind if they just said what the delay was.
  5. I suppose paid with debit card not paypal wrong that it's not described as the full game when you view the product details. Never buying online again. Only buy the physical copy.
  6. Had a reply from CJS CD keys.. Suggest I go to the autokey, which is exactly where i went for the key the first time and it's for the beta. Not based in UK me thinks.
  7. Hmmmm.... doesn't bode well for me then. In UK but still no activation key or reply from company or Sega
  8. I'm not having at go at SI or the mods on here (great work guys keeping us customers up to date and all) but this really is a total cok up if you ask me. I know it's done to prevent piracy etc... but I paid my money and expect to play the game straight away not have to wait for the inbox to pop with an activation code. Long for the days of going to the shop, buying a disc and manual, going home, installing and playing it...
  9. Bought FM14 for the first time online earlier tonight from CJS CD Keys. Never again. Signed up and then went through long complicated process to buy, had email will code, activated code inside steam, downloaded game then find out it the preorder-beta version. FM shows version 14.1.1 and there's no update. No activation code for the full version. Emailed CJS, no reply. Fuming!!! No mention whatsoever on the site that it was the beta version I have just spent £23.99 on. Anyone else had this? Can't access some sections of the game. Next time, I'm going retro, walking in the rain to the local shop and buying it on a disc. How can they be allowed to charge money for a beta version anyways?
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