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  1. I found the same problem a few days ago with my Deportivo la Coruna save and also found a post on this forum from the 27th of March, where the devs say that it is beeing looked into, so im pretty sure the devs are aware of this problem, i did asked for a status update since it is very very annoying not beeing able to hire any staff for the B and u19 Team, but i havent gotten a reply yet
  2. I was about to make a new post but thought i wanted to search for an existing one and found this post. Im playing as Deportivo de la Coruna and its pretty frustrating not being able to hire any coaches for my B / u19 Team, every single coach asks for excactly 3.1k/pw no matter who they are and how good they are (really good coaches can ask for abit more) and my board will only allow 1.6k/pw. Is there any news on this bug?
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