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  1. (1) Better animations( especially players look more different ie height build colour etc), Better stadium, crowd animations. (2) Trophy room (3) On 'classic mode' more options for scouting eg only show players with current or potential ability of 3 stars and above. this would get rid of alot sh*t with reports. (4) Better animations for high-level player (4 star and above), again same for 4.5 and best for 5 star.. rare coz they're not many of said players. (5) More options on stadium develpment and custom view seeing stadium. (6) create an academy options! more invested.. more promising players turn up!! (7) dont limit stadium to 100,000 maybe 140,000. (8) lots more stadium options.. i love a big beautiful stadi (9) players AI with personality, same moans come up all the time. (10) Better UI for news it's hard to keep track
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