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  1. I thought you could just set the tactics for a striker to make him into a second striker ( like rooney ) </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I don't seem to get this to work, only by using a back arrow. But i think it has a totally different effect opposed to when i would put him behind the other striker. Well, let's say i would love to have more positions, maybe even not pre-placed-tactical-slots, but just a grid-less placing of players. (with zones determining what kind of position it is, or setting it as an tactical instruction). A bit like the positioning system of Pro Evolution Soccer, if you catch my drift.
  2. no you can't. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> This is actually against the rules, in Leeds' relegation year Spurs wanted to buy Robinson in January then loan him back to Leeds for their relegation fight. The move was blocked by The Premier League and they had to call off the transfer until the Summer. You can loan them to another club for the season of course, thats fine </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Why don't just select the option 'transfer date-->end of season' And I would love some more interaction of fans. I remember the days 'the fans crowded up at the stadium to have <manager X> sacked' after a disaster game. And some riot things would be nice, these days there are more and more, from a single bottle thrown on the field, via chants to complete runovers by fans on the field. Not 3 times a week, but ones a season (not in all leagues of course, but if it happens no matter where, get a news report).
  3. My addition to what i've already seen mentioned (therefor not repeating it): More positions in tactic screen. I really would love to have a more specific midfield; I now intend to put let's say...Rooney and let's say...Riquelme on the same spot (AMC) as that's both the 'behind the striker' as the 'in front of midfield' position, but they actually are two totally different players. One extra line of midfielders/attackers would solve this. You can tell Rooney to play just behind the strikers (not next to them) and still have Riquelme playing in front of the midfield without him being the 3rd attacker.
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