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  1. Right. I got a team promoted from the Championship using V0.4.B, winning the league with 106 points, scoring 113, conceding 53. For my first game in the Premier League, having signed much better players, I thought I'd give Marcelo's tactic a go in the second half as I was 3 - 1 down. Brought it back to 3 - 3, immediately conceded. Lost 4 - 3, two own goals. Not sure which I want to use to be honest. Will keep you posted...
  2. Have had great success with 0.3 so I'm intrigued by what 0.4 has to offer. Thanks FuSS, hope you find time to enjoy the game now!
  3. Playing as IFK Goteborg. First choice fullbacks are Erlend Hanstveit (Stamina 13, Natural Fitness 12) and Adam Johansson (Stamina 15, Natural Fitness 15). I've also used Fedric Jonson (Stamina 12, Natural Fitness 12). Just retained the title but lost all but one game in the Champions League group stages. Got some very good players in now though, the money from Europe means I can offer £7,500 as a maximum wage rather than £2,500!
  4. My fullbacks always finish a game less than 50% fit - I've never seen that before apart from players carrying injuries. Anyone else noticed this? It's a real problem.
  5. I've got a real problem with consistency and team meetings aren't helping anymore. Any advice?
  6. There you go, just made it exactly 100 voters! First season with Gothenborg we won the title by three points. I'm now midway through the second season and my record is: P13, W10, D2, L1, F39, A15. Bit of a blip at the moment though. Lost 1 - 0 due to an own goal, drew 2 - 2 (having been two down at half time) to lower league opposition in the cup, but won on penalties, then drew 1 - 1 against ten men which didn't impress me. I had a similar thing happen last season - I believe someone mentioned that it occurs when the game updates reputations etc at a certain point? Makes sense, the rest of Europe has just set itself up for the new season, we've just had our month long break in Sweden and we're suddenly struggling. I've just held a team meeting though and they usually help to get it going again, so we'll see.
  7. Thanks - tried them, not sure if it made a difference. I'm going to start afresh as I did one or two things wrong. I'll report back after I finish a season having followed the instructions properly. One other question, are you using any training schedules in particular or do you have any advice? I'm having trouble fathoming them this year. Well done on your successes, very impressed with your work with Norwich.
  8. This is now frustrating the hell out of me. I've got good strikers but they miss the easiest chances. Six clear cut chances in one game and my striker has missed every single one - it's not a problem with composure, finishing, concentration, his motivation or complacency. I'm so sick of it. Despite that, it's a great tactic FuSS. If you've got any more thoughts on how I turn these idiots up front into assassins, please let me know!
  9. I'm finding that my strikers rarely get any goals or have much involvement in the game at all to be honest. I'm managing IFK Goteborg in the Allsvenskan - the quality isn't great, so I've looked for strikers with at least 10 in all the key attributes that were outlined in the OP, but not much joy I'm afraid. Far too inconsistent - beating a difficult opponent no problem then drawing 0 - 0 with a team I once beat 6 - 2 with another tactic. I've tried the changes you recommended FuSS, it's still not made an awful lot of difference. Clean sheets are also hard to come by - again, I've looked for defenders with 10s or 12s in all the must-have attributes. I've got a top keeper too. Any suggestions? I do like the tactic though - I was sceptical about the always aggressive team talks but they do get a reaction I suppose.
  10. I had great success with MAGiCK_FOOTBALL's 4-3-3 on FM11 and to begin with on FM12. I won everything with Wimbledon and managed two successive promotions with Berwick Rangers. The method I used just involved adjusting the time wasting slider depending on the time of the game and the score. However, I've started managing abroad and neither the original tactic nor Barkermush's tactic seem to be working, it's something I've noticed since 12.0.4 was released. Anyone else having similar problems? I'm playing as Sarpsborg, tipped to finish bottom of the Norwegian top flight, who don't have a bad team by all accounts, but I'm getting screwed by everyone.
  11. Programme notes. In a similar way to the media asking you what you think the upcoming game will be like, how about you pick an option to be printed in the matchday programme under the manager's comments and the fans react? Fanzines would be good, with fans giving their opinions on particular players, how they are played in terms of what position they are given, that kind of thing. Favoured personnel, if you can pick your favourite club then surely you should be able to pick 2 or 3 of your favourite people in football to be under favoured personnel on your profile?
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