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  1. If you have not checked out the original experiment I highly recommend you do. Still the greatest thread ever posted on these boards. Oh and this one is the only one that could challenge it's dominance
  2. McLean is playing for the Sheriffs, unless i am mistaken.
  3. The jan transfers should be pretty interesting. Will the Sherriffs become the stronger team or can the Bandits hold on to there starlets. Only time will (hopefully soon) tell.
  4. Things are getting exciting. Looking very much forward to see how this plays out.
  5. Rooney red card after "kicking" Ronaldo.
  6. Man I really hope the Idiots CA will rise this time around. Elsewise i hope that when all the starlets have left the Bandits we Sheriffs will crush them with our superior transfer system skills. One can hope right?
  7. How goes things on the international front? Could we get a little teaser on that?
  8. This is intense. How is the Icelandic bandit doing? Who has been playing the best in the two teams? Could we see the top scorer-s lists and those things?
  9. Yay! I think i like the Sherriffs more this time around, Again. What can i say the drama keeps me entertained. How long till our beloved teams face off?
  10. Dug out my old account for this Have we seen the team jerseys yet? That's going to be the deciding factor for which team i support.
  11. So i am a little late to the "party" but i got a feeling to check out this board after months and months of not doing so. So yay "They're back" Anyways i vote C and not letting us know which batch of Bandits are which until they retire.