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  1. Matuidis PPMs are Dive into tackles and get into opossition area do you suggest changing his role? And yes the goals come from 2v1 situations. about the 2 DPLs a Close down more Insturction can help?
  2. Im playing a 442 narrow diamond formation with PSG and having Serious problems in my wing play in defensive manner. most of goals scored against me was from wing play and corners,my centeral defence is quite strong. Here is my tactic and analysis screen shots.
  3. A while ago ive read a thread that shows how to base your tactics on your team strengths and weaknesses. Can somone help me with finding this info? Tried the search and didnt find it.
  4. I'm a big fan of Jose Mourinho and I hope I will be able to stimulate his system with your help to the game ME. I have tried to create a "Jose System" based on my Game understanding and in some areas i got into Issues. i think that Mourinhos team main attack is "Counter Attacking" but when its impossible to counter his team retain possesion and trying to pass ther way forward. i used a 4-3-3 with DM and Counter Mentality,Shorter passing and retains possesion shouts,This kinda worked but not the same as Mourinho teams. Still i have no idea about "Team shape" and many more instructions. i noticed that he got the most out of individual players like,Drogba/lampard/makalele in the old chelsea,Fabregas and Costa in this era and Sneijder+milito in Inter. His teams defend as a team but attack as individuals,fix me if im worng. So here are some methods i need your help on to try and stimulate Jose system into the game: -Defend as a team and attack as individual (If possible in ME) -Defend system? (Press/Stand off etc) -Team Shape?
  5. Thanks Cleon,just a question. in your tactic you used shorter and patient passing,is it possible to use direct and fast passing in that system?
  6. Hello Guys. i didnt find any posts/threads on how to be/create Defensive tactical systems. I want to play defensive system with my teams but i dont really know how to do it perfectly.
  7. any suggestions on how to be a successful defensive manager?
  8. Your right but i choose Counter since his game is focused on fast swtich from defense to attack.
  9. Well i was thinking more about Balanced Counter. Any suggestions?
  10. Well i was thinking on lower mentality from control to counter.
  11. Im playing with Arsenal and i use a possesion game,everything is going well untill i meet teams that have aggresive and good reading midfilders. I won twice against Juve in the CL Group stage but my team were struggling to move the ball around the pitch especially in the middile of the pitch. Same happend against Man U they were very aggresive and Prevented my possesion game my team barely got the ball to the other half of the pitch. Im playing with a 4231 Asymmetric formation my midfilders have good mental and technical rates but it looks like its not enough. If some more info is needed just tell me.
  12. I always used downloaded tactics but But it would be more fun if I create my own tactics and have Success with them. After reading some guides i went to team comparison and start with the Defense to suit the with team instructions. In pace we are 3rd in the league but with Acceleration we are 11th that means playing with high defense line will be risky. in other hand in Heading we are 13 th means we are Vulnerable to crossing into the box that means playing with Deep line will be risky to. And here im stuck and i dont know how to se up my defensive line. My team have good Team work,Decisions,Creativty,passing and work rate so it will be the best to play a fluid expressive possesion game.
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