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  1. I went for Coming 2 America, nowhere near as good as the original but it was never going to be. Still a decent enough watch though raised a few smiles.
  2. Going back to Wreckfest after Dirt 5 is hard, the handling feels so heavy after playing Dirt which is so responsive.
  3. That's all of em for me, beginning to think FPS isn't my genre I die lots and way too slow to get anywhere near par.
  4. Good timing with the scoreboard @Rob1981 managed to finish 3rd season of The Shield last night, still loving it Completed :7 Cobra Kai Season 3: 8/10 Designated Survivor 3: 6/10 Mr Mercedes Season 1: 8/10 Snowpiercer season 1: 7/10 The Shield Season 1-3: 9/10
  5. Right playoff time, basing this on mm also saying he would have voted for Wreckfest. C&P your vote Spelunky Barry Cartman Ackter Wreckfest Merry Miller
  6. Had plus briefly but didn't get value for money from it, i'd have to subscribe to it if I have downloaded for Plus. Will check my GWG history but pretty sure I've not got it in my history
  7. Not missed not watching it then. Had planned to watch it first thing this morning when I got up but opened facebook and first thing I saw was Canelo v Saunders official so put me off watching it.
  8. Count his votes I'd say the more the merrier. (Not that i am biased because Wreckfest is on Gamepass but Spelunky isn't )
  9. Looks like i'll be having a shot at Doom as well then had £3.38 left in my Switch account.
  10. Junior Fa going from Killing in the name of to Don't worry be happy isn't two tracks I'd have ever thought go together
  11. DIdn't know that about DoTT item swapping might have another try tonight see if I can box it off.
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