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  1. England it's coming home Looking back on when we first met I cannot escape and I cannot forget Southgate you’re the one You still turn me on Football’s coming home again
  2. Cheers for running it @Readingfanman just noticed it's gone into my paypal account yesterday.
  3. Nah I trust him, has been on the forums long enough & he's run sweepstakes before no problem.
  4. Winning i'll take that Take it, that it'll just go into my Paypal account that I paid from @Readingfanman ?
  5. Still gutted it's not us that 1 defensive slip cost us.
  6. France lots of cards for them in the Final now please (where they lose to England obviously) Denmark won the least goals conceded ? conceded 2 along with Iran & Peru but played an extra game.
  7. No negativity. England will be in the final this year
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