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  1. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Not sure the U makes that much difference tbf, my current laptop is an i5u with 8gb of ram & runs FM with no problems (not sure of how many leagues etc it is though as it's online i play)
  2. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    I've got the below reserved at Argos because i've knacked my current laptop. Looks to be a decent enough processor & memory, but it is onboard graphics rather than dedicated card, AO.com have got a Lenovo laptop with same spec for the same price as well. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/7498574
  3. Took me ages to get a sandwich from the little burger shack near the Lyon ground, couldn't believe how little there was around it. The Albanian women were all gorgeous as well. Completely agree with you on Marseille we were there for Iceland v Hungary, couldn't believe it when we were driving in, there was literally hundreds of people just sat on the streets selling anything they could get their hands on, looked like they had just raided local tip & dumped some **** on the floor for sale. Port area was nicer but still a bit dodgy, they even had a bouncer on the door at the Mcdonalds.
  4. Got back from Nice last night (despite French Air Traffic control being on strike.) Never actually used the shuttle buses but it was miles away from the stadium yeah, after the Northern Ireland v Poland game we were walking for ages trying to find a taxi & ended up past where the shuttle buses were. Uber was a life saver for us in Nice with our villa being up in the mountains - must have spent so much on Uber over the 11 days. six games in 11 days & a day trip to Monaco as well not a bad haul over 11 days though we didn't go into the fan parks at all. Atmosphere in Nice for England v Wales game was brilliant best night out I've had in years.
  5. Euro 2016 Sweepstake

    Spain Not a bad two sweepstakes I've done - got Germany in the one at work. Might as well pay out the winnings to Bliss now though.
  6. Euro 2016 Sweepstake

    I'm in, just sent my tenner
  7. Got to France v Italy @ Euro 2008 but it was literally go to the game, back to the airport & sleep in the airport for a few hours before getting flight back. This is first one I've been able to go for 10 days & get a few games in, can't wait. World cup next on the wish list but don't really fancy Qatar or Russia so hoping one of them gets the plug pulled on em.
  8. Euro Memories

    Gazza's goal at Euro 96 is probably the first European moment I remember. Can't remember anything from Euro 92 though I can remember Italia 90 stuff.
  9. Prohibition at the Euros

    They've done it for all the Lens games haven't they ? not just England v Wales
  10. I don't, I'm just paying my money & tagging along I'll just go with the flow. Not just lads tbf though, a few of them are bringing their missus which is why we've got a few down days. Lad who's organising it is used to doing all the organising though as he runs coaches to all the away games for us. Just looking at that list above though & i've missed a game out, we've got tickets for Belgium v Sweden on the 22nd in Nice as well so I can dare to Zlatan
  11. Flying to Nice on the 12th of June got a 7 bedroom Villa booked where 17 of us are staying. Have got tickets for Poland v Northern Ireland on the 12th as well. 17th of June we've got tickets for Spain vs Turkey 18th of June 9 of us are going on a 3 day road trip starting with Iceland v Hungary in Marseille, 19th of June it's over to Lyon for Romania v Albania 20th of June it's over to St Etienne for Slovakia v England Back to Nice on the 21st for a couple of days at the Villa before flying back home on the 23rd of June.
  12. Euro 2016 ticket applications

    I have tickets
  13. Euro 2016 ticket applications

    several times
  14. Euro 2016 ticket applications

    More tickets being released tomorrow if anyone's still struggling/looking for more (they are releasing restricted view tickets.)
  15. Presume you all know there's more tickets on sale today ? Currently showing tickets available for Wales v Slovakia & Northern Ireland v Ukraine out of the home nations.