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  1. Personally I think Phillips and Rice have been fine, only change i'd be looking to make is Mount out and Foden in, Mount hasn't impressed me at all this tourney.
  2. England it's coming home Looking back on when we first met I cannot escape and I cannot forget Southgate you’re the one You still turn me on Football’s coming home again
  3. @darren1983 gets my vote but i'll be honest if I hadn't missed the thread completely & nominations I'd have nominated @G-Man11 for services to league one and two for all those years or one of the Wednesday lot for having to suffer Wednesday's performance.
  4. @craigcwwe Gets the vote for me, mainly because I see more of him in the Wrestling thread than any of the others. @Gizzy was already fine so doesn't really need a most improved award.
  5. Bit of a default reason here but the US election post is the only one I actually saw out of them.
  6. Tough one to call between @Barry Cartman and @Confused Clarity but as I overlooked @Confused Clarity in favour of SCR in the lifetime achievement award he gets my vote. Honourable mention to Bliss as well though as he always has me in stitches.
  7. FF7 Remake gets my vote because it's one of the only two I've played out of the list (Ori being the other & I've only played that for about half an hour) I have actually got LoU part 2 unopened as I've not got round to that yet .
  8. @SouthCoastRed for me, gets my vote for the effort he puts in running the prediction league, as well as being a genuinely nice bloke. Gizzy & CC just miss out. Cheers to whoever nominated me though, much appreciated.
  9. Not sure the U makes that much difference tbf, my current laptop is an i5u with 8gb of ram & runs FM with no problems (not sure of how many leagues etc it is though as it's online i play)
  10. I've got the below reserved at Argos because i've knacked my current laptop. Looks to be a decent enough processor & memory, but it is onboard graphics rather than dedicated card, AO.com have got a Lenovo laptop with same spec for the same price as well. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/7498574
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