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  1. Cheers for running it @Readingfanman just noticed it's gone into my paypal account yesterday.
  2. Nah I trust him, has been on the forums long enough & he's run sweepstakes before no problem.
  3. Winning i'll take that Take it, that it'll just go into my Paypal account that I paid from @Readingfanman ?
  4. Still gutted it's not us that 1 defensive slip cost us.
  5. France lots of cards for them in the Final now please (where they lose to England obviously) Denmark won the least goals conceded ? conceded 2 along with Iran & Peru but played an extra game.
  6. No negativity. England will be in the final this year
  7. Don't suppose you can draw it before Monday can you @Readingfanman ? Just i go on holiday Monday so won't have access to see who i've drawn before it starts. No worries if not i'll just have to be patient.
  8. Hope you're not feeling too sore @Readingfanman just sent my tenner through paypal.
  9. Not sure the U makes that much difference tbf, my current laptop is an i5u with 8gb of ram & runs FM with no problems (not sure of how many leagues etc it is though as it's online i play)
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