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    25 year old Dutch bloke with a bunch of years of FM/CM experience. Still enjoying the game today. And secretly I'm hoping for a new go at FM Live in the future (please SI!?).

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  1. Summary: Every time FM2020 runs and is in focus, my screen starts flickering. Description of Issue: Issue is caused by Freesync on a G-Sync compatible monitor (MSI Optix MAG271CQR). My monitor's refresh rate is 144Hz and G-Sync is on, so it should always match the game's refresh rate. Whenever I turn G-Sync off, the flickering stops. It's not so much that the screen turns on and off or anything, it appears just to slightly change brightness with every frame update. Steps to Reproduce: Buy an MSI Optix MAG271CQR, hook it up to a desktop computer with an nVidia graphics card, turn on G-Sync and run Football Manager 2020. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Cannot capture this issue as it's only visible on my screen, screen recording programs would not show it.
  2. Chillex guys, gee.. Don't worry, be happy! The new season is about to start!
  3. I finally won a league in FM14, yeaahh Just won the Skrill Premier, yay! League 2 beware, Bury Town is on its way!
  4. Highest received for me was €550,000 Got him on a free transfer as 16yo and sold him at age 19. (Managing in Lower Leagues btw, so this is a pretty good deal for me, lol)
  5. @ JClarkes: this would probably require a complete overhaul of the game's mechanics + far more research which would make it all too costly. Plus that probably only a small portion of players would actually use it (I know I wouldn't).
  6. In case something does go wrong you'll be thankful.
  7. Same here. Before this season I sold 2 of my top players which not even earned me enough to not go into the red numbers again this season xD Besides the physical problems, moneywise it's a challenge too.
  8. In my current (first and only) FM14 save I've been sacked a bunch of times after horrible spells at certain teams. But I've learned a bit every time and now I've been with Bury Town for nearly 5 seasons and finally we're doing well (promoted to Skrill Premier last season and just finished 2nd in the league, so going for back-to-back promotion via playoff). Of course it's not the best feeling to get sacked in a game, not doing well and losing a lot of games. However you've got to set a bunch of goals for yourself as far as I'm concerned. When I started this save (current in April 2026) I told myself I wouldn't quit until I brought a club from the Skrill North/South to the Premier League. I'm well on my way now and still enjoying it even though it doesn't always go to plan (Bury Town is my 7th club since I started this save).
  9. For the info of the topic starter: in Holland relegation/promotion from/to our 2nd division (the Jupiler League) has only been possible since the 2012/'13 season. So considering all the rules it'd be impossible to complete it here. Though of course the bottom line was FC Oss, which actually is a Dutch team, but they'd been in the Jupiler League for years before
  10. Haha, well.. there's always a next season! Good luck
  11. Did you buy a full 16-year old first XI in the first season and just played them for their entire careers no matter what? OT: Best feeling for me is scoring a dramatic late winner, which of course gets even better when it wins you a league or cup. Best off-match experience for me (as a LLM kind of player) comes from finding that hidden gem, letting him blossom in your squad, then selling him for a big profit and seeing him do the same for a top league team.
  12. You'd better not let Miles hear that...
  13. Then you haven't been around long enough really xD (that being said don't point at my own join date, I've had another account to which I lost my login credentials, lol)
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