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  1. Not only are you being damn rude to the other poster on here, you are completely wrong. Nothing wrong with being wrong, but don't be so rude about it and actually listen to what he is saying, because he is spot on.
  2. Depends on the country and depends on the profit levels as to how often you have to make corporation tax payment. Over a certain level (which profit making football clubs will be) you will be making instalment payments for corporation tax throughout the year. Also, corporation tax has nothing to do with income/turnover, it is based on you taxable profit throughout the year.
  3. If they are the same as the symbols from the pre-match screen then I think it means it's that players debut. If you hover over it I think it says.
  4. Just read the FAQs, most of which I had read when the game first came out, although it did help with some things. So am I right in thinking that if I'm in the conference and I want to job lot scout a load of players based in England that it won't cost me anything as it will be within my scouting range? If so I can pretty much continue how I used to scout, which doesn't sound right because then I don't understand why I would have struggled so much when I first tried to play it. Sorry if I'm completely missing something.
  5. Any general tips on how to go about it with the new system. With top teams I used to have my scouts out on assignments all over the world and then look through all of the 'known' players star ratings and pick out a bunch to specifically scout further and gradually keep narrowing the list down to a shortlist. With lower league team I used to do the above (Obviously a lot more players on the initial list as not trying to improve on already world class players) and also used to go around scouting Prem and Championship youth teams whose contracts were expiring. My understanding of the new system (from memory and limited use) was that scouting individual players like both scenarios above would cost a fortune and basically isn't do-able anymore. I'm all for change and making the game more realistic (and therefore harder) but I just couldn't figure out a way of actually getting meaningful scouting information without spending getting out of control. P.s. sorry if this information is already out there in other threads.
  6. Just looking for some general feedback and feeling about the new scouting system on FM18. As every year, I bought the new FM in November looking to get stuck in straight away. I was quite excited about the new scouting system as the main enjoyment I get out of a game is transfers and building a team. I've never really enjoyed the tactics (although I think my real world knowledge of tactics is pretty good) and try to get away with the bare minimum, which seems to be getting harder, but that's another point. Once I got started with FM18 I just couldn't get in to it and the main reason was the new scouting, I can't remember exactly what it was about it but I just didn't like it. Liked the idea but it didn't feel like it worked well enough and seemed like it might be one of those features that takes a year to get right. That alongside having my first child born in September, therefore massively restricting my game time, lead to me going back to FM17, which I have never done with a version of FM before. Have people got used to the scouting now, do I just need to give it more of a chance and get to understand it or is it likely to be something to get a lot better next year. Cheers in advance.
  7. Great updates as always. Ryan Price finishing with 12 assists in 13 games is just ridiculous, surely someone will take notice of him soon. Crazy move for Josh Scowen, York to Marseille. Slightly worried he may spend a lot of time in the reserves but only time will tell.
  8. Not sure I could have hoped for a better start for my two lads. Surprised Price didn't get an u20 call-up but I'm sure it won't be long.
  9. Great start for Ryan Price over in Sweden. He looks like a decent player as well. Hopefully Josh Scowen can start getting game time soon enough as well.
  10. Name: Ryan Price Position: AMR Starting Nation: Sweden Country - Gibraltar Name: Josh Scowen Position: LB Starting Nation: England Country - Gibraltar
  11. My impact seems to be really slowing down at Stoke, possibly needs a move but all the big teams have too many of our players already. Also, hoping the above move doesn't hinder my playing time.
  12. Very happy that my guy has stayed at Stoke and is benefitting from no striker teammates. Hopefully will continue to climb!
  13. I'll take 15 goals. If I'd known how good we were going start, CA-wise, I probably would have started at a bigger club. I was concentrating on getting game time, lets hope being at Stoke won't hinder me.
  14. Can't wait for this, loved the Sheriffs and Bandits experiments and have always thought about doing something like this myself.
  15. Name: Steve Kemp Date of birth (will be 17 at game start): 10/12 Nationality & place of birth: English, Eastbourne Starting Club (17-18 EPL only): Stoke 2 high technical attributes: Finishing and Penalties 2 high mental attributes: Composure and Off the Ball 2 high physical attributes: Acceleration and Jumping Up to 1 PPM: Favoured club: Tottenham (and Stoke) DIsliked club: Arsenal and West Ham Favoured personnel (and why): Ledley King (Idol) DIsliked personnel: Arsene Wenger
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