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  1. Not sure if this type of idea has ever been suggested or tried and I have no time to read all the sign up post and what not, so I will just put it out there and see what yall think. I am currently awaiting my turn in the Wallace v Roberts sign up and the way it is being run hsa given me an idea for a larger challenge so to say. Here is the premise: Pick any league you want to run this in and get the required number of managers to sign up. Once all the teams in that league are assigned, the game can begin. The same save game file would be passed along from the first manager to the last (then back to the moderator/games master) and then a set amount of time would be run off and the process would start over again. The person running this (could be a participant as well) could then post necessary info and news items and again the file is passed from one manager to another to make moves and the like and over and over and over, thus giving a new way of running a league with other managers without everyone having to be able to be online at the same time. I envision a set period of days, say monday and friday or monday/tuesday and friday/saturday for moves and such and then off each turn goes. Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated. Just an idea Peace
  2. I personally think this is a great idea. This would make for interesting fodder for any debate about who is the best at this game we all love. Only suggestion/change I would make is extending it to three seasons per manager. Two years isnt quite enough to make a dent and if you get the next two seasons and the person before you really blew it, could be very hard on you to make a difference ovdr the next two years. I think I would allow managers to come back for more at the bottom of the list if they choose too. peace
  3. Would love to see all leagues that are unplayable be playable, especially the other league in North and Central/South America. Africa and Oceania would be great too. Think the lower leagues in England that can provide teams to the current system should also be playable. And of course, the ability to edit leagues from the start, create your own would be awesome too. peace
  4. I have been thinking of running a sign up game that could be the ultimate game. Premise would be loading every league in every country. My machine can handle it but it is kind of slow running, even with minimal, my league only detail level. Basically, the sign up would allow however many players sign up for any position they would like to play, wouldnt have to be a set number of each position. Deciding where each player starts could be done randomly or some other way but probably would limit the players to start on a team in the lower league or next one up. Object is to see who has the best carreer over the length of the game. Thoughts and ideas would be appreciated. peace
  5. any further word on the next update?
  6. I added this as a thread somewhere else but it was suggested that I add it here. Not sure if this has been asked/suggested before and I really dont have the time to read this whole thread but here goes. There is a need for SI to develope a way to make up your own leagues in the editor or in the game itself so that it is easier to make super leagues and what not. Here is where I am coming from. I am from Ohio and being from the states, before I got cable, was only able to fullow footy online and or some ESPN shows. I was, therefore a serious baseball fan and at one time, I owed the other SI game, OOTP Baseball. Now I have read a lot of the things over te past few years about why things are done hardcoded and what not but the reason I mentioned the above is this. The MLBPA is as strict as FIFA or any other Football governing board and with OOTP, there is a way to, within the main game, design and redo the baseball league setup so that you can alter it to whatever you want, within limits. You can run your league as is in real life or go retro and play with any number of teams you want. You can move them from one league to another and, with the Baseball Encyclopedia, downloadable from its own site, you can even import great teams from past years to make your ulitmate baseball experience. Now, I know that SI developed this for OOTP or at least it was there back when I owned the game a few years ago and I am wondering, why has this not been added to FM. A simple thing really, that could allow you to alter the teams in any league by simply swapping them out. League rules could even be allowed to be altered and you could set things up anyway you want. FM would be sold like it normally is but once you own it, you could be allowed to alter things the way you want them. I only ask this as I have not the time to go through all the detailed changes that the editor requires to make a 'super league' and although I am not really interested in a start from scratch league editor, just a way to say, using the English leagues for example, to swap out teams from nonplayable leagues and just loading the english leagues for use and then you could put teams in and let the competition go. I do understand that it could cause problems with nonleague comps, but that might not be so hard to fix???? Just an idea I dont think has been brought up and something I would love to see added. Also, as in the explanation, does anyone know of anything like the Baseball Encyclopedia for Soocer/Football and if there is one out there, could be be also possibly looked into making a similar interface so great teams could be imported to FM's editor to add in to leagues? Sorry if asked before but just really curious about these things. Peace
  7. Great concept and once you get the next update up, I will probably take this. On a side note, would it not be possible, if you already have the other update, to just do the international eligibility yourself?, if you want that, I myself will probably do that so that we could see what this will do to the curent squads. Peace
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