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  1. Sorry if it has been mentioned already but I searched a bit and only found two unofficial sources saying that it's coming out one week before the full release and a couple of days before release.I haven't bought it yet and I would like to try it out before I buy it.
  2. Just a morale booster when you can't say that their form is good or bad.I use it and it doesn't ever fail except if you told the player the same thing a few days ago.
  3. I think the club philosophy only affects the board's confidence on you and not how much they focus on having good youngsters and stuff like that.I wouldn't really care about the small bit of extra confidence if you're doing well since you'd already have above 60%.
  4. I'll start doing this from season 2 and onward but only for important matches.
  5. I agree with you,I've seen some of the big clubs getting relegated and most of their stars were unhappy and wanted to leave.
  6. End of 14/15 Competitions Football League South Two draws,both against Kallithea didn't let us have a "perfect" season.We went a bit better than I expected and dominated the league by a 21 points margin so I don't care for the 2 draws.Panachaiki which finished 2nd in real life and but failed to be promoted was actually 2nd from the bottom and was relegated. Football League North North Group favourites Iraklis secured the league 9 points clear off Lamia. Promotion Playoff Rotated a lot and lost a few points but we dominated anyway. Note:We started with 8 points,Iraklis with 6 and Lamia with 1.I don't know the exact formula but the winner of each group gets a number of points(I think 6) and you get a few more depending on your points difference to the 2nd team. Relegation Playoff Apollon,a decent to good Football League side was relegated despite finish 3rd in the South Group IRL and reaching the promotion playoffs. Superleague Pretty normal stuff except that Platanias qualified for the European Playoff but PAOK got the Europa League position anyway by winning the cup. Note:Niki Volou was taken to court for failing to pay their squad for several months and as a result lost all of its players.This happened in real life and FM updated the team to have no players in the winter update. European Places Playoff Asteras Tripolis managed to get a Champions League place even though they started with no points. Cup Asteras Tripolis managed to knock out Olympiacos to play against me and then lose against PAOK,pretty normal otherwise. Important Note:The Greek football had a change of structure for the season 15/16 reducing the teams in both the 1st and the 2nd division.This is the reason you're seeing so many relegations and only a few promotions Fixtures League & Playoff Damn you Kallithea Cup Pulled off an upset against Panathinaikos and knocked them out of the group and then got sweet revenge against Veroia which qualified as 1st through the cup group. Other Competitions Champions League Man.City advanced due to away goals twice and won it on penalties... Europa League PAOK reached the 32 and was knocked out by Gladbach 4-2 on aggregate and Olympiacos went through Sporting on penalties to be knocked out by runner-up Dynamo Kiev 5-2 on aggregate. Finally,the big 5 leagues for anyone interested End of Season Squad This one is full-sized so you can see the stats.My AM's being the most valuable players as it turned out(Mantalos,Platellas,Barbosa) but Bakakis,Hancox,Cordero,Anakoglou,Chrisantus and Aravidis were pretty good as well.Don't forget my GK,Anestis and my CB's Kolovetsios,Sarris and Labropoulos.Finally,Johansson had really good passing and tackling rates despite falling short on average rating.What the squad really needs is some depth as many of my 2nd choices aren't good enough for the Superleague.
  7. Scout player from that position and then see if there are any bargains.Don't just try to sign a few targets you have.
  8. The game probably doesn't recognise my graphics card then,it's listed a R9 200 series anyway.If it runs fine I don't care.
  9. Thanks a lot,good to see someone is interested.I don't reply much myself to be honest but I just wanted to see if anyone is interested in what I'm doing.I'm enjoying it so far and think I will enjoy it even more once I'm playing at top level.
  10. Hi guys,I'm new to posting career updates and wanted to know if my thread is any good and what I can do to improve it.Thanks for your time!
  11. Is this thread dead?Anyway,I started my first FMCU and would like to hear your opinions on it and maybe feature it under your "Career Saves in Europe" if you want.Thanks for your time! Here it is:http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/430958-FM-15-AEK-Athens-Back-to-the-top-and-beyond
  12. I'm running the game on full details on a R9 280 with a high and steady framerate although its graphical capabilities are rated at 3.5/5.You should be more than fine with a R9 290.
  13. 1st Half of 14/15 Transfers I only needed a DL but loaned one instead of signing since I'll be able to attract better players when I'm promoted.Loaned out youngster Grontis to get some playing time as he was not needed and my 3rd goalkeeper as he wasn't needed either.Sold 2 players I didn't need at all and were a bit old as well.Rovas at 30 and D'Acol at 27.I also like signing players on whose contracts run out so I kept money to do just that. League Fixtures We did even better than I thought we would to be honest.Really happy with our performance.Unfortunately,I forgot to take a screenshot of the league table at that stage and I've played a few more matches since then. It was disappointing to lose to Veroia at that point but we turned it around with a really nice win against one of the top sides in Greece,Panathinaikos.All in all a good run so far considering we went through our group with 3 Superleague sides. Extra To my surprise David Silva won the Ballon D'or P.S. Please reply if you want to see more of this.
  14. Background I saw there aren't many(if any) Greek campaigns going on here so I guessed I'd give it a go with the team I support,AEK.Let's get straight to it.I loaded the top leagues from the 13 biggest nations of Europe(Spain,England,Germany,Italy,Portugal,France,Russia,Ukraine,Holland,Belgium,Turkey,Greece,Switzerland) with a large database plus the 2nd level of Greece obviously since I am going to be managing there.I'm already half a season into the game so the first update will be almost immediate. The Club Club Profile Club History - Obviously a club with a lot of history,we were relegated to the 2nd division in 12/13 but we chose to be relegated to amateur football(3rd level) instead to get rid of our debt. Competitions Facilities - Currently renting a stadium,due to move to our own in 2016. Finances - Greek multi-millionaire Dimitris Melissanidis bought the club in 2013 and our finances have been good since then. The Manager - Went with the recommended qualifications for AEK and tweaked the attributes to my preferences. Key Players Helder Barbosa Petros Mantalos Jakob Johansson Miguel Angel Cordero Michalis Bakakis My Goals 1st Season Winning the league Good cup run(quarter-final at least) 2nd Season Qualifying for European Football Cup Semi-Final Long-Term Realistic Making AEK into the best team in Greece by winning leagues and cups Reaching the knockout rounds of the Champions League or Quarter-Final of the Europa League Less Realistic The best a Greek team has ever done continentally is reaching the final of the Champions League(Panathinaikos in 70-71),I'd like to repeat that or even win it although I know this may not be possible. Closing notes First time I've ever done something like this so please give me tips but don't be too harsh on me.If you'd like links to the logos,kits or whatever else just ask me. Thanks for your time!
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