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  1. Quick question....I've finally got round to starting my game and completly rearranged back room staff and brought afew players in. The problem is I dont seem for the life of me to defend set pieces especially corners. Have you set anything to defend them or is just a case of training on defending set pieces ? Cheers
  2. just looked and simply cd is now £21.99 and out of stock
  3. Finally the demo is out so i've got chance to play around with it before release. Out of interest how you all doing with the coaching side ? As in finding decent coaches for each category. Dont worry just http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/400131-FM15-Good-Staff seen this post
  4. I know its probably been asked a million times but any news on a demo release as the game is due next week ?
  5. Been good reading through all the posts. I've not pre-bought the game this year just waiting for the demo before i make my decision but its looking like its going to happen. Looks the usual mixed bag for utd so should be fun
  6. Quick question... Not played the game for awhile so a little rusty.....where do I find out how much longer a player needs to be out on loan at their feeder club to gain EU citizenship ? Cheers :o:confused:
  7. Season 8 Review Well after zooming through last season this one has taken alot longer to get through and on the whole has been very disappointing Minor Cups Community Shield - Beat Man City 1-0 and not really an exciting game. Capitial One Cup - Lost 2-1 aet to Liverpool (A) in 4th round, in all honesty had quite a strong team out for this so was'nt happy. WCC - Won 3-1 against Fluminense with a mixture of youth and reserves. League Again cruised this one with a very impressive goal difference Champions League Crusied the group stage with record goals then dispatched Valencia and Napoli. Semi-final against Bayern was a disaster. I lost first leg away 4-1 which is the heavist defeat in europe i've had in a long time. Return leg was very dramatic, took a very quick 2-0 lead only to conceed one to very poor defending. Scored 2 more before H/T to lead 4-1 and looking like getting through. Second half failed to take a couple chances and then they scored again due to very poor defending, managed to score again but alas could'nt get the goal to win. Won 5-2 to make it 6-6 on agg and went out to away goals. FA Cup Completely one sided and can't believe only won by so little. Transfers Bar Danilo the other were highly rated youngsters brought in (always cost so much), though Macchionehas played well when played. Squad Overall I'm happy with the squad with plenty of goals and youth coming through. The next season is going to be tough though as i have the mixture of experiance and also those that now have to be registered in the squad. As much as im always looking to sign players i think next season will be virtually trasnfer free and bring more youngsters through.
  8. Am currently in 2019/20 season and if you are after a good right back, have a look at this bloke. Well worth it, maybe one to pick up and train for later years.
  9. Season 7 Review League After a very dodgy start of drawing some and losing to Stoke I was 10 points!!!! behind Chelsea but after this went on a really good run and won the league with the most points I've ever have on 2013. Champions League Had abit of tough run in on this, lost away to Barca before beating them 8-0 in the return leg. Quater final beat Juventus at home 1-0 but away was losing 2-0 by half time, stern team talk and a couple of subs turned this around to win the game 3-2. Semi played Arsenal and disposed of them quite easily which was weird as struggled against them in the league. Also Zouma got new record as well FA Cup Quite easy this one Other Cups Capitial one - Lost in the 1/4 final to Arsenal, again with this cup made a couple to many changes. World CC - Reserve and fringe players won this one quite easily against some unkown team. Super Cup - Good result against Bayern. Squad & Transfers Very happy with the squad, have some promising youngsters who are now playing reguarlly in the first team. Major outs were LLorente & Kagawa. Really pleased to see the goals spread about and also defence so mean Please with Raul Hernandez having such a good season especially at 23. Darren Fletcher defied the years to put in some great games again especially in crucial top games. Future Not alot need really doing with this squad, letting Rooney go on a free as 34 now and hardly played him last season. Will look at a right back as Kyle walker declining quickly now as picked up afew injuries, might sign a MC as well. Looking to push another 1 or 2 players into the first team from my reserves as well.
  10. Well after losing 2-1 away with a dodgy penalty at the end Stitch that Barca
  11. Llorente is well worth it especailly on a free. I sold him in 2018/19 season as he was 33 to Stoke, he's scored 17 goals in 25 games and is joint 2nd goalscorer. Plus only defeat i've had this season was to stoke and he scored both !!
  12. I did on my previous save (before i deleted the wrong one) in the 3rd season but he cost £108m Forgot to metion, on mega wages as well
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